BJ & Jamie: New App tells you what to cook out of your fridge. 1/12

Friday, January 12th

There was a new app coming out of the CES show in Las Vegas. It is an app that you can take a picture of the food that is in your refrigerator and the app will put together a recipe for you using the food in there.


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Vijay in June I saw something yesterday I was explaining to you all the year I don't know how it does it and I think it's a real I really. There was an app that was so. That was a revealed yesterday at the CES. The consumer electronics and yet Consumer Electronics Show ultimately lost power I thought that was hysterical it's crazy it's the biggest show on the planet for all the new electronics aisle than it got gadgets and they lost power and that is how technologically advanced we are treating people like lights on the outside the places that their conventions that are in Las Vegas it's like the world's largest city it's got all the new gadgets for the future blow for the next few months they'll come out. Will they showed an app yesterday. That you literally walk over to your refrigerator you hold the app and it's basically a camera. It's taking a picture everything your for rich and on the screen it will tell you what ingredient to having your fridge. That you can prep your next meal. Are you still can that in part you get what I'm saying here it will recognize everything in there and didn't calculate on its own what you have. It supply that you can prepare as a meat. All the ingredients is that crazy. It's crazy in so many ways because I had questions. And are at a lot of my shorts looking it up and make sure I'm not crazy and I think you are crazy because it's a brilliant I. I loved it I think how many times he's suited brother refrigerator door open going. I could make this or could. All right let me ask questions they does it now let's am making mustard lemon pepper bad chicken azimuth and yeah I think so maybe I'm making how much mustard I have. The key it it's easy to see inside my mustard mustard yellow you there yelled after he and a I don't know I mean. Crazy. No the wait and and stuff of the things I have lower now you're in India so that part islanders they joint. I'd I'll I'm finding is that the Samsung Smart fridge. Looks at what food you have it and take a look at news but that's the one double the app and it was that this show yesterday oh here it is OK okay I don't. Diana I read it out I just want to make sure that crazy. I'd go and are the days of staring into a refrigerator like you mentioned. Flu student thinking I have nothing to eat. Young lady has unveiled a new app at CES. Thickened skin items in your refrigerator and recommend recipes. Based on what you had. And even take your preferences dietary restrictions in or out. It's as the app will walk its users step by step through a meal making process after you should the picture of everything that's in your fridge. Was. Choice. I that's it called hammer drill on the tenth floor. They've they've been hammered drew little weak but he's hammered shrill or let's avoid all yeah I can go fight it if you'd like that it's it's them. Oh. That's annoying as hell yeah. It at each ace Scott classic stopped as it were not Eric asked to hear the not passer or is it today's pride in this first day we heard it again in use your things that they're all week I've been here and all week of surprises first and we've heard congressman Miller around the building. I've not been able to hear it for me in here getting closer but it's a big. Yeah Kevin likes working his way yeah yeah aren't well. Back to the F a kick it. I am a crazy it well yes why. No I know I don't know I do about this now how. I'd go on to say it isn't that really is true. Hail marks that's really the apple lock users are present in Jamaica as so you take a picture of your food you. Take a picture of your food is cited years friends and it it looks value. You have Jake you have butter you have this here's what you should make it will take you step by step through the meal it went you to make. Preheat the oven for you if you get the whirlpool applicant yeah. You know you can sign my idol and and again and you'll set. This is now that's a lot with me it's crazy I'd love. Love that because how many times have you stood they're just you know what to do it because I don't know but got this I don't know this you know it's gonna say to me boy. There is nothing you can do Atlanta bowls event and I guess I'm a. Mustard and let's say this is gonna flash bad mom yeah at imam at the at bat evolved it into the immortal.