BJ & Jamie: New boss has no clue who Bj an Jamie are 10/26

Thursday, October 26th

Jamie tries to talk and make friends with a corporate suit. BJ thought the corporate suit (D.U.G.) like the show when he hasn’t even heard a single show.


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Vijay and Jamie legends of the deal we might have been hearing. Brief talk alike not seen corporate did to get here and out. Right the big guy yeah yeah at the VP yet where do you deep yet know if these don't go so. Think he's like one of us like it like an intercom that like you know fun and I'll do it he has stared at me yesterday it eat it in the all right god it was horrible just some I haven't they make and that personalizing this. Yours. Dvd that'll be up until that night. I would tell you the sky that now it he'd be great love Obama. At what he's stares at his computer like he's too busy for me I think it is. Oh my god. This is Annie doesn't what did you get trapped underneath as a that I tell the story and I'm like you know me I. Off the rails right and he literally is the suit. Die die here's what he did yesterday I saw it yesterday to your dead. We have a new VT guy big guy is like a total suits are here to building its over the region and record so he's from another city but doubling in jest just took over the region. Endesa has been your past just a week or so I don't work well listen it's no you don't know you don't you don't but yesterday. I guess you put in some suggestion for somebody out with a higher whenever right. I think so everything you do have you know Greg Biffle was put it on anyway OK so I go in. And I see the guy later brought in the go check out this note here about this guy up. Coral but the but Carl let it that that Cheney suggest I had some guided car Eddie does it like that crack. Accept got a car it and I said DG. I don't know that isn't carpet she's gonna to be a good time it but I don't think they call. Don't think it has a piece of paper does he have the right down the information write what you say good now but we to a British are now. Because oh I thought it was Carlyle. Doesn't really matter. Like keeps. Well he felt like he threw away car hook. I don't like that they're dead get this could get as I I like the guy work with the black and I'd like a malignant I don't okay illicit lesson. Linda looks at G. There aren't immediate care to grab just kidding I know that even though I didn't know the minute you didn't in the mud that was car. Black Karl this is so so gifted talent this last week. And I don't look at. It worked with the many years ago had nobody was coming didn't even realize it took her to date and amok all. Those who so he and I we we we need each other and that we finally realized we know each other a hug your eye shape huh. Love you yeah yeah yeah yeah this was the last he rolled right does that mean yeah this was last week so all along every time is intact over the past week. I just assumed that the guy loves loves loves harsh just loves this. That was by us up at Enron sold yesterday he. I just said BUGUSAD. Huge ice it what do you think this. Which. Alina I should be change and our shot on that Saudi Herat LL. Because. I've never hurt. It looks like somebody hits me with a base hit it. At 80 you've never heard had a that there's no radios in this room. This was not a threat to their heels though he has got years and put him right now I guess a former person did have a radio hit Eagles are still radio here. There's a DJ that hit that we screen but at. Oh. That day you there's still breezy as you've never heard our show. There are a bit under the assumption that we love love and I'm just a lot of it'd be candidate David and I can't do any. With a number one great yeah I check this out you wanna go back to your home city it tell those boarding shows how could you and they need to elucidate it. Get some tips tip if he'd never made it Eva and the current us. I that kind of respect that we didn't get into this building. Have a brother yeah adult you know tomorrow might be Garland who aren't on. What Jerry loves lacquered stadium at. They you know. That is absolutely hit two solo flight that is what happened yesterday I walked out in your blood. All this guy is all this done. Oh god every break we were doing on the airlines and we were doing a pretty I hit the net and then why did I am tickled my hip months ago and that's what I gonna round out the eight ball we killed and yeah. Even though I may not care about uploading influence he's got a little bit he never ever even heard Michelle and have a I helped get dizzy just basically let me out of his office yesterday I swear it's got some got a car. From Washington and I saw the US and 66 Carl why should it. That's the a bagpipe eBay. And I. Like India and MIA oh. There was it was Derek yeah. He did say he would say well it's my team got the thing is that you guys a couple times but you guys talked to. A oh lord yeah. Really well and very little I am definitely not governed yeah grant. The price we are not nearly a lump it. That's the that's the respect we get together and change. More on Alex.