BJ & Jamie: New Imaging for the Morning show that are family friendly. 10/18

Wednesday, October 18th

BJ said he got a memo about some of the drops he has been using on the show. Whit all the stuff in the news over sexual harassment some of the drops are insensitive to that and so the powers that be want BJ & Jamie to be a bit more friendly and family show. So Sean make us some more family friendly imaging for the show.


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Vijay and Jamie found a couple more of these IDs for our show that I am I don't know I need your opinion if they cross a line you seem a little upset about the memo well I am I'm at because you know I wanna be compliant with you know corporate America with that big leagues in town. Yes I don't want to buck the system. Though I hate this game is it. Here's what's happened OK so everybody reacts to. It won't we wouldn't be sensitive and I get a and I get what they're saying is that they have because of the Harvey Weinstein you know when Janet Jackson to got a bit but it sure did admit it change media forever and in a weird way we all had. But not to rate and so now with Harvey Weinstein things as sexual innuendoes sexual anything is funny if it comes to harassment or. And blue humor I guess they call it it's not OK anymore we captain. Take a doll out so we've replaced a lot of them. And here's one that I played just a few minutes ago just give you an idea that Islam might be considered offensive could. James Jamie. And aren't they saying Q now. Analyst yeah so that's not going to be in the system anymore. Out all our. I feel like it might feel like you know it a bit like you cited reason to play a no no not at all. Neither does timing going against. And that you're finding a reason to play like what it's sad thing is not I don't know of zero or not. Absolutely not happened people there isn't gonna get isn't a huge double BJ she's trying to be complicated checked out just what I am not only adds this is good I got to distance applied. Or. I'm every issue that cost here is that maybe a dollar hit their best there was talk. Alice morneau and now I'm OZ owner of the LA clippers it's time remember that guy that might or girl who the Kaiser group revise or girl yet. This reminds you how much of the pig you guys act but I got one more one more. Is DJ in Cheney we're gonna ask car outlet armed. I'm Alice. And me and the sale. Again I feel like you're reading these guys I mean playing these things are ready. A Philly playing these that just because you're just trying to get away with that last time they join I I don't see the other two in the system here. So listen up there a greeting we're doing is that. Corporate America are telling all of media to be sensitive to do because it's the hash tag need to. And everybody's doing it and so that's stuff that we display doesn't work with the hash tag me to anymore so we need to be more family friendly more. I don't know aware of what's going on in the world right insensitivity. Has never been our thing known. So now we're being forced to be you know sensitive with things like this in your we've kind of failed ever since it went in the new right island not this is one of the doomed from twenty minutes ago. Blue room. We've seen mornings on Alex I see no good can go round today and they love and then majority of the puppy. It's not assist somebody. Kenya's play have been there apparently it would a couple of complaints here or will we get a second it when he had immediately we are going to. Yeah. So does that. Hobbies are effigy is calling the Jesus went okay. It's easy and. I'm bed. Out with her like. You can't get in trouble without although somebody said that what they'd be laugh. Is is offensive to couples campaign. In line. It's context metal in it so we may have to just go with a only Jesus wait some latest round the puppy offends me because I'm allergic to dogs. And all on. Directly with the butterflies. I can do butterflies. Flights can offend anybody no doubt about it ready I'm ready go. Yeah yeah. But the red carpet block thank you don't Michelle ever sneak into the important. And Alex I.