BJ & Jamie: New Intern Ben we now call Bob is here for his first day. 3/21

Wednesday, March 21st

New Intern Ben or Bob is learning a lot today.


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PGA NG game today here on the shelves this hasn't happened in a couple of years now because I don't know I think I think kids come out of the brought Q school here in town I think they just stay away from us for summaries I don't know what the problem as. But finally. In interview happened yesterday and we have a new inter. I. Yes and from the Idaho school broadcasting here in town and I entered bet you there Yemen which we introduce you earlier you know. And it's going green and learn a lot in recent board is crap none and it's so exciting it yet familiarly. Had a tough time and at this early and we both had a couple of text say India bitchy earlier that he worked at the mall. Yes if your mall cop or something yet popular you know. Eight summit that you go out there yet so lower my coworkers gaming that nickname and that's used in different yet. Bob them. It hit from his bunker yet no idea why there's no story behind it just came to work one day and Bob some locker. Room for yeah. It's. In the other part the stories of the year terrified of thirteen year old you know it's is what it boils down to is a lot of our job. Time is it just consists of kicking well we don't juvenile. By a bunch of kids off the property and it's is a difficult thing to do some times because kids wanna poll who. Hope you're having run ins with the thirteen year old -- the ball well it's one of those things where you feel little awkward. You know get big with them something you know mark and intimidating and is that it's children. And children and handing out Austrians. Yeah exactly so I try to reason with them but that doesn't always work CE CD that you pull that thing it shocks them yet yet but I've eaten many in above I'm sure it happens all the time though that you see some kids that. That you need to tell him to either back it down a notch or whatever. It looks like you know it's still good and probably straight a student get overtook me he uses the F word every other words if I have some clips you'll I would like most of the kids at their due now look like straight day it honestly they look like Europe. Not paid that's my job I have to assume that everybody is and who collect. Bob yeah a lot of new kid and lied Bob and I have rubbed the spot but we'll look at the and you still have no idea get the name Bobby in the unit has been no honest to god this is the guy or work with Tom move. An arm and. It's against the everybody in games and auto Lola. I don't what are you so far this morning well you know I'm still kind of caught up on this royalty thing. Let me tell everybody what you learned about the right okay I'm more for starters and in others royal wedding. Well like you had no idea I'm I just living a different world but you live in a mall world net. You do not make him Merkel now known that mark Cohen is not where. You geared no heinous act. It's more call you understand what I'm doing you know I don't. But I keep telling you that it's not a burden is zucker is that I improved actually a name I'm getting worried how the. Do you remember the flavor of the week it was announced this morning big breaking news on our show there was the deal royal PH of the flavor has been announced as of this morning. He added that women elder flower yeah step in and Bob but it's now what is an elder flower and I guess when over the but I didn't. It would be your job as a producer is you would have looked up elder flower. Figured it out there and. I'm sure the crack EF producer this city market besides you look to them to show what is it telling. And elder flowers are the flowers from the elder Berry bush yen and Erica Hillary did a lot of area of the country show how their indigenous to Europe and the surrounding area. Is that everywhere. You you're in the surrounding area and it's equities are good ship. And that the what you we have reduced our like that Bob yeah. We think of writing I'd and shenanigans and I love ego. Sitting here thinking about this. But you know how you can sometimes that the police department will let you go low enough arrived at ride alongs and that you can actually go out one night do. My daughter right along to the mall we should. Maybe Bob May admit it but maybe go to other right along I confront these kids is out there and morally walk along. You just block around the mall and doing my stepson. Does it in the red light we see on TV now we know it's like. Makes. A big Bob who entered Bob. And it's bad bad Internet they don't make it. Into the importance on Alex.