BJ & Jamie: New Super Bowl but Song Who Really Wrote it. 1/31

Wednesday, January 31st

Super Bowl Weekend this weekend and no one really cares about the game. So Sean put together a new SB song.   But Richard did write all the lyrics and do all the production on the song!  


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Vijay and Jamie as you know the Super Bowl is coming up this Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday and and many people are really into the game. It seems like in light. Of Bogota via finally got an anti yeah I can go wrong again. Whoa wait a minute you world says he didn't have an invite to a party I added I'd rather you just aren't here and they hit the plan. You just want the feeling of being loved and then when averaged nine. I mean I'm excited I'm gonna go I do the same way when I get concert tickets for example yes I'm all excited because I'm gonna see this show alum Bob buck. Then when the day of the show comes in nice. But I really and don't really like their music like. This are safe they kind of stuff you know to myself yeah. To yourself yeah to myself why don't love the Mariah Carrey may. Now coming up on Sunday being Super Bowl nobody in Denver Colorado cares early Cecily short and felt about it let loving really did you know he's not drop. And I know that and a lot of people largest we've learned a lot of people are doing other stuff and then. They want to bring awareness to it I think yeah. I think self instead of the patriots on its that he treats and we all hate to think it rights of states. No show on board yeah latest. Yeah he did say this morning that it was collaboration between you and Richard Murphy yes. I don't think Richard got a bit of props on feels like he said. Why is production is amazing eye I then I know and that fear life. When we played it's it is great he gets gray world. In brown didn't NATO blew up yeah Cheney takes you know. You've read the text data the idea ads so. I'll turn it. Got a question. They ask you a question real quick. Ocean chart you know politics date. There were kind sports. So great challenge not right Alia and you wrote an omelet at banks and guarantee that she's a scrapbook. Did you attach rich Murphy's name when you responded to any of those texts. All that but I just sit thank you. I mean even me if he had in my well you did say thank you got the text in my file has been going. And I did that really got new glasses all schools you know that when that can tuna fish yeah because I usually. And then now I never mentioned Richards I never oh my god Richard Murphy you are rock star. All our short didn't come back in say a good JD you can put all look like Sunday. Richard Murphy some credit yet he never said that's a good very well that Richard noticed. Pritchard noted yes he's a little bet he would out. I'm here few minutes ago it in he gave us the scoop on what percentage you actually. We worked on. But in the solid together yeah only game he actually yet again I as a percentage yeah I was there are cynics you know I mean he gave himself the percent papers will. Right now it did not even close. I 3% I can help but all he's brilliant ideas. I I say Joseph Johns has just finished third according to him you had no ideas and then he walked in and said the U at a little piece of paper. I was expecting a full song from you so he it but instead you walked it would one mud. Yeah well but ER is a patriot you re bribes of them like. Hot dad and hot dog Cynthia like you to where I rhyme better than that he's. I don't know if he's right it was hot tub but I don't. Let down and I. Began as it yeah I guess he would ask you to come to table with like Linux yeah happen. Oh I came with full sheets of Idaho now lyrical ideas no I mean I wrote. I know my calendar you I don't know. No free hole this idea come to the table you'd won lies you get older that you back pocket it's all you worked on it. He did everything. That he didn't mean you've sucked up I just wanna took all the credit that was all my idea patriots. That was army agent pay it all mean. Art that's patriots. Into it's got it. Hatred I just so you know. Richard just IMAP pop up here's what I think for ground aren't I guess do that from now on we have to do. This is like win releasing. The we have to give Richard Murphy cracking. It was really root of the asks you especially. Liked it all that work. To not give kudos where kudos or do. Did you when you bring to the table and BJ's as it was his idea given I am waiting and I never happen I noticed that. That's number. Have a great Europe and saying well if that did happen. I would understand. I'm a big guys. Suspect in the present your I think it's totally at all those houses underlings though that's not the right word for those of us behind the scenes yes alarm sometimes still was Richard you're behind the scenes guy. Richard is that the ultimate. Harm Obama and how well behind that front. How old songs via another son Richard C murky featuring John it's actually Ukraine so I'll go ahead intro it. Patriots with a big Super Bowl coming up everybody hates the papers ladies and gentlemen here don't they Richard Murphy Chris does. Rain is some guy named Jones won as. Season news oh good now. What do little. It's time. Austin team and this Steve and the nuggets on clay. In a client then this is a very. There's a lot of stuff to. Fill out this loan she asked. The guys. Yeah. It's. He's there. In weekday mornings. Now it's nice night.