BJ & Jamie - NFL Kickoff Party, Woman Burns Car She Thought Was Ex's 9/06

Tuesday, September 6th

NFL Kickoff Village is in Civic Center Park tomorrow and Thursday.  A woman was arrested for buring a car that she thought was her ex's, but it wasn't.

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Vijay and Jamie I'm. Got us a little something here yeah I wanna know few of them if you're aware of this yes are you aware of the big celebration civic park. You tomorrow and Thursday to her on Thursday. I mean a blowout worldwide. Then now than I guess I'm not one Republican concert. If I'm not understand how. Answer that I don't remember what it was what if I don't think most people are aware of now I'm a football fan. And I wasn't even aware that critics shut down for Broncos street whenever well. It's the kickoff of the NFL. In the first game of the season is Thursday night which is only two nights I mean we're we're already and Tuesday. The first game is between. The Broncos in the Carolina Panthers last year Super Bowl replay dried and the kick off this year in Denver for the entire world for the NFL. And it's happening Thursday starting at 3 o'clock in the afternoon and I. And filming yet like for the big timely it's going to be a whole new what's hype. And I thought they were doing like filming you no no no knowledge lack. Live broadcast. From city park park all around the world men and that's exciting news BJ you're. I don't think people realize. You think that's a big deal. The engine known unknown unknown don't stop football it's a big part. But it's and it's pregame it's a above party at one Republican concerts because I can't sir. It's a big deal. Of the people there like football I am. It. I don't I don't most people in this town are yet but if you wanted to down and watched people speak about football and talk about football related topics and I mean that's to see you see ultimately you've got to like blues. No no no you missing the point it's not going I'm not and we took about. Saying that you're excited because your albeit people passion about different things and yes I agree I know it doesn't ever end cameras and yes they yards a huge football town don't get me wrong. Ever and cranky today. I'm saying you missy we are. And my point is. That the Denver metro area will be show peace around the world. And I don't think most people realize that's coming up on Thursday. Now that is very cool that is huge I mean not a bad part of it is neat that we're gonna get spotlight you know we're needs. I mean you got to really be in the sports could go to they're what take a picture with the troll the York. Gated digitized hall of fame bust. What's what is act. It's no to body well not so I did tag is. Same must literary it this is some of the stuff that's going to be up to kick off village opens at 3 PM tomorrow it's your chance to take a photo with Vince Lombardi Trophy. Get a digitized hall of fame bust. Seated on a draft. You're really gonna wanna crash on buses. Go into his head superimposed on the bus bus is in his head superimposed. Yeah where it should be a what do our holster and thus it I know it a bust it is I'm assuming it is heading to Bruno's to digitize biased that you take a picture whip it's not the act. Actual bus from Molly maybe like his arms around or is becoming nasty you know those like if you you know those so like usual small. He shot in the mall and you got those cutouts of like we'll. At least we get that's not I don't think all my question is it's easy standing by the bust. Or indeed the. Right he's the bus and you take your picture with the I cannot answer yes but via the but you know that's I think that's what would be the ones what's gonna be like when you get to sit in on a draft. At the what does that mean. In the year really cold that's beard and your touch not to let her on it will it will go look at what. It surely I have a big deal to put that first. Hour. Especially if you love Dirks Bentley. And your show on there and you don't O'Donnell later publicly at. I would go with one republic on sort of thing to have to be pretty big to dance badly there these things country. And there's a lot going on concerns seriously and you gotta be a football fan yeah. You got infinitely huge I'm I'm just now. He you know I am one of those football fans I care about it win it becomes exciting. Again you don't it is. I'm not a freed the ball pretty. May tenth. When they call it what web that way where whether I'm a fair weather for. I am of them I am together and just when things are good yeah like it when things are bad you don't really care exactly the other night and. And supermodel I'm a fan embassy that super ride. And then at the end when this season. Is ramat McBride should shut you kind of surprised though because up delicate turned the corner when he came to being a bronco fan but it doesn't appear that he and I. Helps but I don't I don't find any interest in going down there in watching all that. The football stuff yeah. Like watching the games. The other net that's that's all yeah. I don't I don't wanna be abuzz style and really the only you don't get an autograph from other players you don't want autograph I could barely even name players it and yeah I know and anywhere they happen but I haven't turned the corner that far being. It rpm. I know. Now then I would have been Iraqis may ask can I get dragged million debit and so. What was kickoff starts tomorrow tomorrow actually 3 o'clock in the afternoon then they go Thursday also if you do an ago I went you know quickly got together to put. Just life in general. Just happens when. You go to the Cilic and let you down. And I not at all that I am not excited that's not enough other like these people down I let you select list be part of the mix. I don't really care publishing interfaces half boards and I don't ugly orange didn't know. I'm home I think that they have that covered up there. And he would just be like follow the leader at that point out of christianity at those guys and it looked like shakers. They care if the who put this shake your you've shakers and the shakers to cheerleader or you that they lost most of the whole body is shakers. Those guys. The bigger guys yes two days. Now I've got a story here of a woman do you goes Psycho down in Florida she burns her ex is car or at least she thinks it's her ex yeah. I saw Lister and Mamie laugh at it reminds me and me. Yeah it is not that partly the dues as part. Well I gotta be honest gonna solve the story I thought you. Well there's Capone can come on now on come on fit. And listen to this. The woman that you see right here are setting fire to a Clearwater man car you see her doing if there is a 5000 dollar reward if you can help. Only ABC action news reporter camera Paula spoke with the victim. Cream he has this exclusive story on the. Comes to guys cause it was. Now why you hear Jenny says roommate woke him up Saturday morning to the chaos begin running in the house down in my car on fire. So we immediately ran out there he had a bottle water just trying to get to go out and it just was it was too much. Jennings quickly check the security cameras surrounding his home and saw this a young. Then making her way to Jennings understood she set the wrong car on fire bird it. Argentines. Cheat it was racks is. Yeah and that's a bummer for yeah. Yeah who destroying peace I just don't get the property destruction. I don't get that. As a payback to somebody I would never okay let's say that Lisa and I got this huge fight let's say that something really bad happen. I would never think of attacking her car. You're just do it. In it whenever. It just so it's not so Larry I'm keen is garlic or re tired tired. Member that doesn't make him a bit like it right well I know when it's a better pop in the past them so yeah. You NASCAR. Let me and he destroyed. And he did the Iron Man and maiming and grabbed. You know when you very little truck Eddie apnea. I'm never disheartening thing Obama would meet mr. And what are you destroy the latest in just to see you doing one thing you perverts I've never destroyed in when no I don't think none of these guys I know the geysers to much into that I think guys look to value what cart sitting out there and we think to yourself you know they've been really dumb to be to torture car. And really what I can barely die hard towards seeing I'm seeing how easy it Ki of car breaking out a window but they carry into. You and I being born eighteen know someone. That had a car destroyed. Oh yeah remember. But that was then and now. Now it's the same accident or not the edge she its site are. After a little more. Bad chemical and used I'm just saying he gets well there's. This lady here so I. Aren't fighting got a pretty she was on something you don't remembered that TLC member the half Sheikh Ali is close well he I guess he bought our budget issues after. He cheated on her behalf took all the shoes and she threw in the bathtub and LaMont by air. Burn the house and acid in his mansion this thing was like a ten million Holler about maybe four million Atlanta in Atlanta and didn't the woman was left side. As she died left died burning incident Diana house G Burton valves to Doug and I know four million dollar mansion hunting. They'll blame her but I wouldn't think you are deep but now a days and I you know if the defense some porcelain. He toured. You think okay finish it's going to be behind burn up in the air. Right. Wing you know I can always turn to water on. It firearm you know I get ahead I'll turn on the shower but I'm birdie right here in the top safe place to do it the burden on the mansion yeah it's. I saw the documentary and then she ran out in the woods naked photographer double our fiftieth. And she was real cold than the other girls came a giver coat and then if you like that did it in the NC I guess that not the match. Right. Yeah she. The I don't know I don't know if you didn't press charges or why am I guess it was nobody hurt so it's their property it's like okay. You can reach her cell. I doubt it says. Are within your girl from burned out down here I don't know me and I just don't know fight I would ever and you know go upstairs and set all leases stuff on talk pager or or beat up car with a bowl ad or something I. I just wouldn't think that way I guess put. We will snap. And then comment and let the game room and but just one. I know about you foolish to goldfish I know about that no I did that flash he'll question. Though he put him in the cards post let's and they are kissing. Inman. And they weren't Attkisson what that's not a fun I play him. The essence of nine point I have to but let me there but the rock student oh boy and then make him mad that he she put agreed to dole yeah. I went downstairs and those two. And that port and the guy is old and and that's yeah. I hid eyes math and practice their rock mechanic ash you man hunt and help and a. At about now about the got it comes outside your cars on fire you have no idea well. It's not right it's just what you want to outside ego holy. Up our yeah and then the. Oh currently. Estrogen punished and she didn't and didn't like her wig out car buyer who's I have a. The acts yeah I because now he has cars fine she's going to jail he gets out great. And now that he's happy I think. Yeah. In week day mornings on Alex.