BJ & Jamie: NFL New National Anthem Policy (5/24)

Thursday, May 24th


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PG endgame and the NFL crack the whip yesterday. They said hey guys from now on you're gonna stay and for the National Anthem that's what they said didn't act. I believe they did this little shocked I I until it does we talk all day yesterday remember we talked about the fifteen yard. Penalty and people like oh my god they can't do that and it was a rumor and now they just hammered out in in within 24 hours we went from this whole thing this penalty thing which was due for us it wasn't gonna work. It's like okay we'll see even sort of make a ruling India within 24 hours and heroic. They say look guys. This is a nationally at the U gonna stay if you don't like the official statement yet right here this this is Roger Goodell hole. We made modifications Torre Hanson policy after a great deal of discussion. Yesterday again this morning clearly our objective as a league. And to all 32 clubs which was unanimous senate we want people to be respectful to nationally as we want people to stand. And make sure that they treat this for a moment in a respectful fashion that's something we think we go. We've been very sensitive and make sure that we you know give players choices of greed. Do you believe that that moment is an important moment. What do you take. You agree or disagree. 51059. Lot of people have a comment on this is what I think and it doesn't matter what I think if you've ever stood next to salmon that's been in the military. During and after ballgame and they play the anthem and you see silly you know Neil. It's really uncomfortable because you feel so bad personally stand right next year that spot for your country and there's this guy does Megan millions of dollars. They've taken and me because I'm like yeah I'm sorry if you change the military again I'm really sorry that's happening after themselves are. I agree with a rule OK I guess it's it's the. NFL as a company or corporation. And whatever rules they make it got up all the ropes that's been the rules all along is east into the National Anthem. In an in it's not a political stance it's not any of that. This is a couple deep it's made a ruling and if you wanna be a part of our company you play by the rules it's that suitable. President John I guess this morning just weighed in on that FOX & Friends. He said you have to stand proudly for the National Anthem. Or you shouldn't be playing the game. Maybe you shouldn't even be in the country. Well. Approve it well well okay. That's what that's what it's comet as it could go play football at the Philippines Atrix or the yeah in lingers up and daddy that was his statement this morning and also he said he completely sports and now. I did see a report. Out this morning we're several players. For the Denver Broncos. Have spoken out. Every player that I've seen or heard audio Awad has agreed they've agreed and a good battery not to into your essay not. They have all agree he didn't. Would the rule I've yet to see wide. That said no now now now this is bad bad you don't kid ice. I think that football game is an escape for all of less everybody get together and you know watching the game to finish it and then when they taken any it. It's not escape anywhere you like we have a trend there's some crap going on in the country isn't there. Beer and it does make you think about that all of whom I don't think we want to think that would. Again the NFL's corporation man they they are a business in that they saw that there. Their viewership last year with this whole controversy fell off by like 10%. The Super Bowl was down another 10% they were losing audience they had to react in some way there are a business they're out to grow and make money. And that's what we condemn the Raleigh they they were pressured to. There it's in the tax to five and a 59 you guys sound so why am privileged. That's just sad for the National Anthem. I didn't even think it was a white thing at thunder need our best programs in America than those all of us and an American you. Am an escape really Jamie kids' diets go because people that I think we need guns. Where dad talking and talking and need to raise awareness and epiphany Elizabeth and I didn't bit got nothing to do a school I didn't Anthony was no schooling no but I think your run about. In the you know started with a whole different yeah Oprah John Moody yeah can't predict via C a will. Yeah I'm Angela I think people have some of these issues can you. Just. Am I can't read in more than a sorry there ego they have films made a ruling and why call. People are split over this they really are. But I am shocked that is as I didn't look at the total players are back ended up they must be exhausted from a do. Now to bring out is are they white about. As a black some complex. The ones I saw this morning or black folks think yes sorry to. I think for the majority to be honest with the N if you look back on whom. Took a knee and who didn't. The majority of people their plane NFL these athletes the majority believe we should stand. There there's no question to that. It's it's a few it's a few in the league. That want to make the stance okay and whatever I mean if that's the way you feel this so we feel but the majority of players in the NFL stands for the National Anthem that's a fact that is an absolute fact. So I think the you've got a handful of people that are upset about it and are gonna make waves like the players union whatever you got some fans that don't agree if the I'm not injure your fans that are. Our text that you don't agree but nevertheless the rulings debate OK here's the east imposition of them. If you don't want us to implement National Anthem stay in the locker room that you can come out with a chemical we know you're doing. Yes we know it's 100 yards of the shenanigans and go or not but how accurate it. If players do neo and it's on the field the National Anthem. They will be flying the teen will be fine not a player that the team will be five and already the New York Jets. Her owner has set out of the and noble at. Okay how. Don't know you guys I mean atlas of does that to some bucks a year I don't know what the right anti is far though apartment owner. Before I say that I'll pay the fine. Back to know what thought he could it's like a million dollars to Mallon backtrack and like a billion yeah. Billion dollar owners. That was any it's still weird and I say you know if you stand next a military prison he sees somebody on healing you feel really bad that military guy. Our girl in your item is our eye on the other hand. You know what makes us so great an amazing is that we are allowed to protest yes some torn about that went to Obama but you're not allowed the protest UN are not allowed to protest in the studio yeah I could mean in that really yeah I remember about tracking you and it's only showed up yet you can do that for awhile until they told you pack your bags and get the hell I disagree with fracking most people going to work is. Most people want to work right now figure it out loud protest that your work our. I don't. You don't you are forced to stand for the nationally at the neither work. No but I'm just saying that's what's happening in the end of the changes yet. They're being forced to stand for the national and not their job they're being forced to follow the rules of the company they work for imagine being forced to stand for the national rat. But I say don't see it comes down to the bottom line of the company requires this. In you must do this to be a part. Come on site IINS can't respecting our country I get but I also see the other side which is they are being forced. To stand for the national of them and it. He's extremely controversial can't we just played football kick it off and let's just play the. To me please. Yeah. Immortal son Alex I.