BJ & Jamie: No more paper ticket for the Denver Broncos. 8/10

Friday, August 10th

The Denver Broncos are saying that if you are holding a paper ticket for the Bronco game it is a scam. There Are NO paper tickets for the Denver Broncos anymore.  

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Vijay and Jamie. That's because we have a public service announcement. How could you let let's run the Broncos have issued a statement saying it here hanging on to a yeah there's no paper tickets are on Tess damn. So somebody's trying to sell you a ticket in his paper no no no no no vote. There you go after the older people we made. I think of bad people like my dad for example he didn't have a cellphone. I great you know that's that's killing proud I I agree we got out of this this morning or maybe it was last night but but but. 80000 people and there are a lot of people that have had tickets with the Broncos since what 1962. Rank you know yeah. And they may not even know how to use. Oh phone to get into the game. That's lives at my dad doesn't have a cellphone broke today in Iowa mailer that may well they'll pull what do you do what those people I don't know who had its very odd to me. A that and then all they can because I don't even get a ticket up for airplane on my phone because I don't trust my phone just do that I don't trust me. Yeah you know I notre front as far as like a blip I lose my boat blew what it is not charged. When does not charge will they set up all these charging stations did you see that around this stadium outside it yet but the and she doesn't even charge your phone just in Guizhou tickets on it just seems like get a big constantly. Have me to like that. And I'm what do you like I think there are people that have been going game for many many years and and this is really inconvenient for them because you don't know what to. Do at this point I guess they found that is a lot of people are selling their entire season tickets. And this eliminates that now you can't and they would do it where they would electronically trance where it. And you can print out like so I can print out ticket or send it to you that Lincoln and you can print it off you know and go in my place while now I guess you can't do that must give you my whole phone I guess not it's great. So Lou let me ask this because I don't know what the answers I've I I've been a bronco game I think went to one last year and it's a really expensive to be honest with the and so I don't have season tickets or anything like that but if you all have a ticket in your computer. Can you print out the ticket and take it a piece of paper and think so. I thought they sit all paper is gone it's gone that's Wednesday night is I don't think an idol to be an expert because I don't really know. But I think that you can't. Because they don't like season ticket holders and wanna stop insulting was season ticket holders given their tickets available but if and I wanna it's my tickets might take I think for Carly you got lol yeah. Or let it might my son if he's older him and his body go and I have season to maybe I don't know maybe I don't know yeah our human and real. I I couldn't tell by the way they were saying it may be somebody else knows who on texting or whatever that that. The way I took it was that the way they used to printed tickets those beautiful glossy tickets that's golf. But electronically you can probably download it on your computer printed out and take it to the game but I don't know that for sure. So when does say son you can't do you can't transform. You can out. A guy they're going to be digital obviously if you don't have an apple or android device you can log in through the browser and in that app you can view transfer or resell your tickets okay but I can't find anything that says what happens if you don't have a mobile device. But I Kazaa I heard a rumor they're gonna give him like a card like a credit card that would have the tickets on it but I don't know. It's confusing in its you know because I heard this do that in order to exercise your tickets you had to download. The Broncos 360 app you'll hear of that now been I guess just 360 happened I think I know. I did because they're tracking you. Yeah yeah that's what people are upset about his or tracking ES. I did I saw that different to implement them now your adding an app to the phone right that you have to go through a lot of people that may not know how to navigate data that. Sort know what they're. They have there is unity of this and you know let's go on Jerry does a good thing got me Jerry you saving our lives. Hey I read it's kind of funny guys agents accused in this last night. Arm I will not. The people that sit next to us the mic to game oust it and I was told him 81 site tickets shall. And not only games and so last night earn I got together. And you can't dance or. You have to give your our. Our poll numbers and you can't do it you'll all emails actress. Did you transfer Mulder and you're done. But they won another one attracting that sees transferring GO. Our one source. All we know it's well known and I can't Broncos organization. I don't know I mean it's it was neat you know there's two yeah. Any news or you don't cancel. I don't know if that button our geographic a lot of older because the goal of the games it's like being there and there are gonna know what to do. And Jerry. I'm old school. Aren't you had to argue freaking out tickets on your computer or your trainer and you are gonna take paper. Not a more nominee won't fan on the phone. Like Jeanine. What do you can't take. Yeah. I doubt his Jerry's bugs this tickets now and in in the air at least that's bunt hitting hard yeah Jerry might make your script book just a little bit more valuable mount another. That. They didn't fit it in or some. If you know it's actually I mean we're joking maybe you might be okay thanks dairy easy to enjoy it again. Arco's vikings tomorrow night for you know and that's like I'm passports some of the places don't do stance anymore. Yeah but I'd. Just look at your passport yeah they re going also been designed to stand and step up at the unemployment line rent. Eight rookie here Vijay up got 00. Here guys you're right. Into the importance on Alex I.