BJ & Jamie: No one cares about the Super Bowl Brady loves his dad. 2/1

Wednesday, February 1st

We are not at all invested in the Super Bowl this year we don’t even really know when the kickoff is.. There is a list of the top 10 football towns and Denver is not on the list and we don’t understand it at all. Bj is offended. Experts are saying that The Tom Brady diet that he sold his book about is not good for you. BJ loves Tom Brady now because he loves his dad.

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Vijay and juniper. Siri crews could. Searing who's gonna win the Super Bowl. Apparently he odds favor the patriots over the couches actually points. Supposed to give a prediction. I see tip the end here prediction to hear what she's saying let that odds are and soft sand and the odds of a but I feel like there's not a lot of hype for the Super Bowl this year that nobody really cares. I think you praise remember we saw that says surveyed 27% of the people out there don't even want the patriots to win picture crazy I can't wait for that resentment they're playing the Atlanta Falcons can't. It way short. You can win gym now when you Sunday Sunday for them through what's in it until he therefore I don't I think it's raffle forty proceed we. This all. The other four were added I know there are simple I see it starts around 445 or 515 shots I'm not really sure. But it is the suitable two reports starting at 430. We're there for thirty OpenId. Are awry you know I think I'm gonna watch it watch back to back Super Bowl coverage I'm Brenda kick off still that analysis happy and. I don't know I just don't I don't buy that I teach Ebert determined fake news. Young heard the term I think you're going to a fake party. I don't I am wearing jeans I Wear my Brady Jersey. Jamie what you will not pay attention to what's going on between the patriots no foul I. I'm wearing my Brian Kennedy. Usually you'll get. You're gonna have a blast up didn't kick off the other watched that whole National Anthem I think it's that Brian Wright are. I love him yeah. Nobody let's just say he's also harder you'll you'll watch that immediately all all goes well they'll shake off the ball and you just split. Dispersed you guys will just go from room to room and drink and drink and drink it and then come back and watch car. And groom to root did drink was that nobody elected teaching and chicken winning and then come back. When I don't think I gonna have chicken wings is that what I was the living dead that I don't think the mood swings. Will you please says that this is saying just listen to what I'm say they end. You'll you'll be backing gauge when you win the Super Bowl halftime happen to see Lady Gaga. Insulin with boy you're going to be a fun party hypocrite sexy. Actually go to your party. Did this. Actually really irritated me it's as well have checked out 244. Cities. With at least one college or professional team to determine the best places for football pants. We make this is a crock. You make a list for best football player. LA and number one was Green Day which I believe number two is Pittsburgh New York Dallas Boston Seattle whatever we think of the not about to around them. Team performance data caches fan engagement and more then they looked at college which college my elbows back in just a bit okay. Because in lots. Different parts of the country. College is bigger than it is here are CNET brigadier just shy yet. I couldn't certain parts of the country but what doesn't make since Jimmy white back to your argument her group. Seattle. How does college kept them. Number six Seattle they could win number six debate team in six. Of their cities on the air that we should be well ahead of I've never lived in a more passionate NFL city in Denver Colorado I. I can't really see you ever. I just was something that you. And then the other one I would every Gmail fashion reverend Tom Brady last year came out when this super special diet any sold. Diet books they were limited addition there are like 15100 dollars. Any sign them and it was a super secret way to be healthy. And scientists now are saying his diet is. Their courage. They're crazy carried the team you know they're really cute but I don't believe that scientists say New England Patriots quarterback cook what about them. Tom Brady's outlined diet does not work at all. He needs 80% vegetables whole grains and 20% fish and lean meats I don't like to work right. And certain cuts of steak and he doesn't touch any sugar in all. He doesn't eat any white flour. Okay and he doesn't he night shade fruits and vegetables which include tomatoes peppers potatoes and certain mayor it's month. They say that the diet doesn't work and him saying that Adam that it's not now client will not. Change the PH of your blood in any way at all says some fat guy sitting behind a desk eating a doughnut. But that just as Africa they weren't tools that apple alkaline of your body at that ranked look at Tom Brady. Folks he's a picture of health and look at this guys in the sky he's thirty Latin nine years old he's out there on a football field NFL. The guy EGC let's press coverage I didn't watch our team looked awesome yeah. Saying it doesn't work just kidding about these scientist at him saying those are trying to slow stuff doesn't mean that's actually what he's. I filling in Lyon in I mean we don't see him go and eat sugar or flour. They'll be so hard. Oh my god and how you possibly not eat sugar everything as sugar and it. And every single thing it seems like it and says he doesn't tournament I don't know clamp Gary. Not a glass of milk you know he had stickers. One by the G didn't need flowers you know we need some flour you know I. Sometimes I'm actually I had never liked Brady it and he really is good enough. Air a year then after yesterday anger slowly deflates is all set to hear the sadness and then back down. After yesterday's press conference in the way he feels about his dad. And here the idea that I would as well as dad I didn't know of an idea of the audio. Indeed I did half of Indian I didn't really hear listen the sentimental. Sentimental and what's sinful man and told it would prefer the simple bit of all of the Tom Brady and help the media people press conference to Super Bowl Siri who will. Sounds a lot like you so yeah it's scary number. My dad. Goodness I'm talking politics and world but it was a zero this is great audio. It's a great question. Well I think my dad is my hero because he's someone that I looked up to. Every day and injuries crying. My dad grew up there. That is needed to do and you're planning your own ads that yeah yeah now. The root for the job he's doing. And he really and it helped and it will you stop complaining he did she first guy is crying. What's on our right. I get the at quarterback for the falcons lets his dad to. Well. Snip it is dead insulin but it doesn't mean he didn't love me exactly it could still have more love for him. In the living dead. Vincent. I'm just saying and that was sweet if there was Ellis Island the first part actually yeah he sympathy up. I had zero he gotta cut like that I'll come look at each and I really. Not yet I don't think it. Changed everything and more on Alex I.