BJ & Jamie: The number one reason women file for divorce. 6/13

Wednesday, June 13th

We asked Textnado to tell us what they think is the number one reason that women file for divorce is..  A man who can’t hold a steady job! There was a lot of Text about husbands who have ED, smelly feet, snorers, cheating and not paying attention.

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Vijay and Jeannie and Alice what do because June Wagoner gases particularly. I believe coming limited because there has got that they'd leave them. Yeah that seems to via again digging answer was shall all a big and I I'm telling you from text data from the question a lot of sex marriages. I'm so yeah. All that. Haven't exception dozens okay ED pops up a lot here or doesn't follow them and yeah it does decent run in but you know I mean to sound right on the Rangers. He's just out now and the question was Vijay and gave is the number one reason for divorce brand women. And I. I again I look type of feel like a lot of you are very frustrated and you may get married just because you're not just saying might gases like. He's eight but the. End it we assume that your husband's life could be a but because you're saying that actually show you unit in all cap it all exclamation points don't want to get it but yeah getting out. The number one reason women filed for divorce according to a study that came out yesterday ias. A man that can't hold a job. That seems to just not be able to work on a consistent basis whatsoever yet because I don't know for whatever reason just not qualified enough. A team keep. It can't. IT doesn't bring the money just can't keep you know. Any consistency to his employment whatsoever. Doubts around trying something new trying this trying that that didn't work out so let's do what made you do this for a career. Those guys those guys get on your nerves more than anybody. More and eat it. Who put it. Mark yeah than the storing it. They misled people what does he would rather have a guy who's Weiner doesn't jump up did attention here then that is not make and then not do you Biden is he do you think that this is I don't have a banner turns active. Ayman Batman mask back because I'm jaded about this when I go to your house and here in China sell lotion to people. That crap remember yeah. It was like to hear me and gave him and he got like a big chunk of lotion and he punted until little. Little lotions that you tried to sell to people it's like it was it was a wrinkle cream and your man. And you're telling me that your salary poultry and that's your wounds and I really don't leave that how huge yes you know. And that's my profession that's what I do and then you go and then you start like not gonna south stream anywhere I'm gonna sell insurance. Leeway to. We went. That's what happens in the news is slow for a while. The other the other together and start a clothing line wait let me lately it would need to get a. Right right what Indianapolis album by a mole or haven't start our audience yes it's my mr. lay in your neck goes under within 30 yeah three months or so it's over done you didn't figure you know up. A winter happens. Yes it's or I'm gonna go bit land keeps. Him. With I was gonna say build my ex all right I've got to get food chicken of this. Well Norton and Ali yeah yeah if you'd like to start product you are wet wet and you really aren't your world. I'm sure solid land again as you are that I've always been out yet how do you like it and yet you guys Taliban ever. Your dad it. I deal I mean he's perfect. For this scenario is he here as he starts freaky he's always jump from one little kind of deal to the next and it's always some with sales. By a bunch of stuff from China trying to sell it off whether it's from a car major helicopters or whether. I would actually would the 1% I was like you expected to bring our lake. I'm I'm trying to act a few minutes like singling him really and we literally at our house get a phone call from a scam person and as. I knew I miss it at this web site you can sell that. You know weight loss that any be like here's her credit card I'll buy into and it's been really on my PC that's it's it's kind of a dead beat. Yeah that is being professional media or just maintain a jump up. That's what my parents got divorced my dad can not keep a job at Maine my mom crazy. Week holiday deadbeat husband I've gone a loser husband. Locked now says a lot about that person he just can't grow up yes government thing to them in their thing. And the worst part is I dated some late it's a they were only trump the Newark off the ball. Had I am a big way and again Ryan and a philanthropist. And gonna Gaza monitor is a Clinton Obama up not a danger world yeah. Don't try you need these guys yeah yeah have a job as you're gonna be okay yeah are not tops the list right so that's good. I actually looked like also the snoring thing and I mentioned this before it can make you pay some money. May you RI and IT there are so many things that could be on that listens snoring is definitely wanna have. And I tell I preach it tell my friends who complain and other husbands might be did not that mask but to go. While masking a seat that this that and deceit that and you swear by it. Oh yeah absolutely because it really is historic is not going to be a dead happy human being either yeah. That granted you don't look sexy lay there in bed with the with the hot hot hot hot I. And got a hold coming from the nose but let me just what I see our it's not male friend and his wife hates him blank. Any student okay I get that BJ's lay in there but TJ doesn't care for you don't get and I got it. I do not when you guys money you know doing it right. Mean it's it's not you don't contain him early on I think it changes of mood would somebody walks in the room and you looked like your life support. I'm. But I don't know why but to lose to Cincinnati. And evaporate. I mean right out of the wrong. There's no better if you reach over hit the button that the mask it doesn't matter if you've already said the president looks like you're about that. And they said it looks like you're like yeah guys but it works. In helping my case you're dominant and I got the spokesperson for you and that that's seeping out. Because I tell all of them and I know how it changed your life it does yeah. Yes it does it it it just you get better rest he gets it works and does work and I preach and they're all like they're all afraid that. Well that the mood of James and a lot of people can't use it though they just can't use it because he just can not that he not get over the fact of that book. Are really good though that's been a bit to do is he would use it they just they just like okay I'm not gonna lie lay there and sleep with a mascot with a host. To miss a beat I'd like to sleep on my son I can easily buyers are absolutely via d'antoni you know you can do at all it. Did you know long enough Jamie yeah. I think Yasser Wrighster commissions act and call about the link the hose yeah you get in any position you why. Yeah it worked out. You need about a twenty foot hodes at that point right now say OK. And we see more on Alex I.