BJ & Jamie: Obama portraits look very odd. 2/13

Tuesday, February 13th

The Obama portraits are very strange.. The one of Barack has him sitting in a bed of leaves and flowers. The Painting of Michelle Obama looks like a cartoon and she has on a huge dress.


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Vijay and if you go to our FaceBook page you can see the photo there were about talk about when this up portrait. That was painted of the former presidents. Barack Obama. And Michelle Obama. And here a little. Bit up the X even look like a. Yeah. And then and announcing something else happened within the pictures. What are we. Well now there's a finger issue with with Obama yeah yeah I'm I'm looking at the finger to his a ring finger is on his middle finger. But then there's an extra fingers so it's really is drinking yeah I didn't really east CF tried to count the fingers of he's he's got I didn't see the sixth he yet because his thumb would be hit the way it is so I'm on the New York Times write down exactly so this legit I'm on the New York Times website and down his thumb would be. Tucked it what you got to see it it's annoying appear on the on the in the car wreck anyway so yes an extra finger. Hard these artists took a look what you've got the former presidents he's sitting in the chair thing. And these like surround about bush. Who just believes all over the place as well. I don't I don't why are there and why they're ruled that and then bush is Oliver's feet and then the one that Michelle Obama hey it doesn't look like her. And me. They're saying it's way too much stress. A bit in the painting yeah I think it's two separate artist these are. Up portraits that are done for the National Portrait Gallery her gallery. Which is a Washington DC all the president's first ladies all their portraits are in there. In this these are the pictures that are gonna go there now they said they wanted something different that's what Barack Obama's. He wanted to be a little bit to I don't know if you look at this different though six fingers but it hit an alien here he we have. It's the best we're at it that Lucille Ball statue in the bronze remembered delegating like her right for doubt they have to redo it has certainly yes I. I mean that's by and they introduced him and they stood by him and they then I guess it must like because they stood violence and here we are. People on social media are saying praise they don't pay the artists of the not worth the money and practice calendar redo it or fire them and get a new artists terra terra these portraits get rid of them I mean there with. It's an outcry and some people are saying that's my number. If somebody says at should paint by number band back in the day event at. Then that's a big idea and. Another says quote it's like it's been sketched out by a six grader who did this well I mean there that they are ahead though aren't they. They're really not that that didn't. I've seen friends of mine do a better job so I her. And this person go their overpaid when you're there or would they did the and the early yesterday. I had I saw that I. I think acting it's like when your kid brings some something and you have to say only not so good and in. I love playing it. You don't have a choice do you know you got to present first ladies there and they've got these big drapes that are over yellow curtain like thing that's covering the portrait. And then on the count of three you know they they pull it doubt and it reveals the portrait. And you're there will all these dignitaries all these people there are in the audience the artistic standing right there beside duke. Did this guy this artist for Barack Obama does any of like a back. Let's get details in the controversy I guess he's known for Salomon's art where it shows. African American women and dressed beautifully and holding a white woman's head in there and as severed white woman said he would do and Ernie and Retief on this guy hits it on credit last. Like we're the background of this guy PC seven are you Sam I've been like yeah gonna go and you you because we don't like the fact that you didn't. You know African American women holding a severed white woman's head. We can hardly go check it out of this area to get. In. More on Alex I.