BJ & Jamie: Obese Lady gets Towed 01/10

Tuesday, January 10th

A Kansas City pastor is feeling some heat this morning due to a video that he posted on his facebook page.

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Vijay and Jamie Harris I was just telling Jamie about the story out of Kansas City, Missouri and I guess your right because the Gaza passer. He's the one who's catching a lot of heat from different people pastors are supposed to be compassionate and against. There's a guy in pastor church got in. Kansas City. He videotaped from the weekend is you know is very cold it was very cold and I'd seen Kansas City a lot of the country over the weekend. A lady who's about a 600 pounds lady looks like she could be on the TV show them my six and about life yet she could be she's in a wheelchair. And I guess because the weather condition she's kind of stranded. And so if he comes upon the scene where someone has put her her wheelchair with her it would a rope to look under. Tola of Toyota Tundra truck it is pulling her down the streets. And he videotapes it with a cell phone and puts it on FaceBook in May and is he catching heat. I know we get the thing I am the reason why is because he's a pastor say should have pulled up to the track and send Palin since. It's probably not the safest thing you guys are doing pulling as to attend a pound woman in tundra. Is probably shouldn't rolled up their intent. But could part of the people that are criticizing this pastor. They're putting words in his mouth because here's what he said on his post. He says only in Kansas City are only in Kansas City deal see what I'm seeing right here that's what he sets. And there's any sketchy because this woman so big but he doesn't say look at this beatable are going yeah. And I'm told by truck that would be that she'd been right yes yes but I. We'll wrap friends yeah. Yeah there really does bulletin on yeah. All that feedback to tundra police tell the harder. Do we know why did the contenders pulling a 600 pound woman behind this Easter the flip or. Does that mean I guess that she's out in the whether it looks like she's out in the weather. And you don't icy conditions or whatever and a little motorized scooter. Age is kinda stuff it's not go anywhere either that or the battery we don't really know outcome but the person who's helping out takes a rope or chain or something actually really see when it's attached to it. But he pulls up this tundra which by the way it's hundreds and great truck the tundra pulls up hoax or up to it out the hard. If I had seen this I would have taken it. I would have video of this I would put on FaceBook I. I feel like I have put it in my viral video I have a new question Torre. Let's say you saw a 600 pound person can and there are little grass golden little scooter has Stults and installed and they were waving at you and it lets pretend you have a demo. And that maybe rent and the like. The weighted. I just so happened I have a rope hung in the back of the truck uh huh I would and I have a broom to have for the snow. So you can to bounce so so what do gone over to the 600 pound lady I would take my broom and swept her off because the snow together to honor. I would just let her I would've take it. Kinda like and I'm part does somebody yeah. Yeah that was cut her off and then what do hook up my rope to her in her their chair because here's the problem. And I'm not make you thought of the lady I'm just avenue the the schematic here okay. This lady is so big that. Shaped set up a I don't know I think I was descending into upward I don't know exactly who this lady is so old big and she wears she knows she hit so. I op. Up my your thing that you are seeing Yahoo! and I figured I did speak at this place a bet that many. I couldn't lift your I couldn't putter in my tundra you don't hide is put somebody open tundra IE yeah now. I couldn't roller into the bed of the tundra I couldn't get around it check out the only way you're gonna get around the condition just don't look wrote to her and puller. I think you're 100 sticker act now watch in the video it's it's there's just no other way then I know well yes he called the fire department. Ali I you can do that all come on what's funny is that they get all the fun I was their fire truck. I. Well I think to bring important. And I'm keeping an eye. I play lady the F you've ever shot scenes. My 600 pound life they have special eight ambulances that are like heavy duty ambulance area and they can lift up the lady in Coburn. Get her insight. Look at this guy made a call on his own piano tundra he ever wrote tapped it she's stirring and so he hoaxes a truck up to her knees Poulter doubt that both the a roadway. And this pastor just so happens come upon and he says hole like cattle look at let me take this idiot puts it on FaceBook. Yeah I got no problem I don't either item by Tony got there luckily pretty yeah. Alina let's track. Being yanked by truck. And wouldn't. You don't see anything wrong with the and pound woman on a scooter Indian cold blood you've got. See this video go to our FaceBook page I show was good to see up there but he got us in this field this lady there she is she easy why are exposed these wider than the dropped. She's put in that area yeah and she's being pulled down the reckoning it is sad if that was your life and your being towed by a truck. Well the one good part about the story is that this lady does not have a FaceBook so she didn't even see in the media. And it was somewhat yeah. Two terms so somebody doesn't see it it's a guy out right hand command. Of this term I cannot believe that you guys think that's okay. And could play I'll be honest with you when I watch the video I thought well what else could you do I honestly thought to see if I. I would never thought to call nine and I'm I'm I'm honestly via I. I watched the video and I thought to myself. Oh that seems completely logical to me that's the only way to the battery dead. You can't push it I don't know if this would qualify in my mind to vacuum up on this I don't know if that would qualify in my mind is an extremely or emergency you I think I could figure league and meat or. Yeah you know what I think. A house and I'd say he would oppose. Their forwards instead of backwards. Whom we know I don't know what is it that you haven't tipped over you'd run over with a drop no beef he was till later backwards from behind the I have been set up a veteran can't closure and terror on Pakistan and how much bubble up gobbled up a I don't know if speed bump landed just a dead stop. And stuff. You just don't. Let a guy went up. In the grammar balanced this speech into the importance on now I.