BJ & Jamie: The Ocean is full of straws and BJ dosen't know why. 3/20

Tuesday, March 20th

How do Straws end up in the Ocean? In California if a restaurant server gives a person a straw and they did not ask for it they could be fined.      


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Vijay in June I'm sorry distract me crazy to run though and I just get these. It's dry out. This okay is not the title isn't it a little Selena Gomez right. And a lovely day I'm headphones on. Sinaloa option and I am saying in an out and say hey. Literally. It's dropped it into the ocean. Act take off my headphones in my singing and my happiness and Mike went. We're going to net and she hates it when a walk over their snapper headphones might pull one bag go back. Got a question sorry I didn't. She hates. That is going to have that be the same old loves dog bit and I was so sick of it anyway let. There's the. This. Mall I guess that's going into effect I think it's in California good idea organ to a thing. But they want a flying a establishments restaurants. Fast foods. Whomever if you can't if they catch you giving a strong. To a custom re gonna sign the waiters and waitress when no straw our rule made and they wanna find people now. I don't know where skin on that. It sounds ridiculous to me but. One of the arguments they have is that too many of these straws because we go through so many every day billions yes. So many end up in the notion. And that's where he can it. I. Now boys does like an excuse. I act I don't understand how does up above Lotus draws. Make it to the ocean. What you slowly but it in the ocean. When a man loves a woman. The coach tubular in the land. Okay well. That's a great question because there's a little islands plastic. Stuff get Leo she broke out. Trash gets into the ocean I do understand Latin but I don't know why the law is just don't destroy all over. Strong I want jugs and big and so we've put our studs in the trash let's say add the restaurant. Okay at faster definitely put that they take infield over billed. Over the yet landfill. And they they put all of that and then they can't squish it and try compose some of it or whatever then how does it travel for not until a a via. Into this how does it get from that landfill ballpark to the what are you trek down instead of making a law where you find people for handing out a straw ought to go with mice a team. Did you find the person to stick in the straw in the ocean did say it's. They get there. Apple well because I was just at the beach three weeks ago you know and the bar is right on the beach and make all those cocktails a strong us. I think that's the. We'll bring you wouldn't have a law against plastic cups you have a law against lip can see there's a lot of things that are at the restaurant why would pick up the straw I just say they priced at about the captain to pick up and that they easily. Extra. Of the dumbest thing you've ever heard what you do a fine for a draw straws are killing our sea life. Okay how they get there. Will people throw their trash away the stock the straws and up on the ground to get washed in by Rainey goes through the storm cellar. Real storm drain the storm drains and take it and it goes into our lakes them are into our streams they make their way all the way down to the ocean ocean schools are just dropping Shaw's everywhere Alia people are dropping him everywhere. When you walk round so mistakes over and look around you doozies. And on the road I know I don't know. Welcome. You don't wild they should take. I scared you take your cell phone right now good idea you don't adhere to this parking lot in telling you to tell me at least draws you've got. Look at the red cell phones get out where the IEC east that every public eye all the time every everywhere I want to go take and walk. You should come out a Jack let you know dead yen. Right up there and I'll ghost let's at least I can't get our market it's a great idea I love this excellent art not a little turtle noses. Thereby didn't. He's watching video where the pulling strong maternal and. At tolerable at. Okay go ahead and eat eat it get your stuff together and it is James started to us yet he has Andre. Or you want James. I was anti Islam election in years. Regal wider and you know this new law horror as new clients because Californians Ludwick plastic or older each and good Ole Ole. You walk down street go everywhere. And plastic kitchen is security now recycling unit to not do any of the while way to try to control it is I am now. This law diet and establishment offered distraught to. Customers than they can you find not the waiter or waitress. Establishment has to be axed by the customers or. To change James saved if they're having a problem with trash. Why did you singling out a straw. Well it's just one way California patrols on all the. I'm gonna make a design restaurants is so great Jamaican designer struck you just open it up like your sunglass case when you pull out your Gucci stop. And then you're back in nearly Oguchi case we think you know what you think I actually have that as chopsticks. Personal. Who have print only I think it and I think that. I'd thank you James who have per that would end stakes as B and the other states is JU. And you carry your first place topics in directly in the in the have a case like glass yeah like for glasses. And and on the outside it's got to a plaque that says BJ. Why do you have to. Didn't. That one time I went to a restaurant and the guy that oh did he gave me sushi blocker who. Yeah we went a sushi locker and you kept your chopsticks and there. And then when I left town I went by there was one incident commitment jab sticks from the locker and he gave in to have you ever used I mean really all you. And when you go to sushi you. Opening of the. And. Every time been a really nice and yeah clay is not like to show off. A similar. Replaced. Do you want me to do you want me to bring them in each that you wanted your take him. No I mean. And leave it no no no if you want me to recommend you pick up. I believe they what are you in the parking lot the restaurant. And don't know what do you mean you realize that your busted an artist draws out there were seeking you out the year Martina why do you let him sit and stare. Who would you talk about Islam and name a strong. Sometimes but not not not a. In the immortal. Ellis nice nice.