BJ & Jamie: OH Hail!!! So many broken windows. 6/20

Wednesday, June 20th

lots of broken windows in town now and it will take months to get all the cars fixed. There was a huge tornado again yesterday and there was a lot of storm chasers out getting video.        

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Vijay and Jamie Allison beat Jay and Jimmy morning show here on this Wednesday morning beautiful beautiful the aftermath of the big storms over the past couple days looks nice out there. Adds beautiful today yeah man I just so bad for all of these apples in your. Windshield then I am eager sun rose and all that it is Sheila people with tarps on the Concord trying to get it's gonna take forever I mean there are fat. How thousands and thousands of people have the damage it's gonna take forever to get it off next. Yeah you gotta get line Kia because also you couldn't you're gonna drive around town with a TARP fly for a while yeah. You can it would suck do feud over driver because of the Jeddah this is for the most part right. Well yeah he wanted to get a passengers in the dark red with that your son black or your you know unless busted out. It's that's what you do that sure I'll livelihood little boy. I just so bad because you know went to get your son of busted out then your car fills up with hale you packed up all mankind so get some of the hale was in yeah I mean it looked like. I can't even makes it look like I'm putting just coming down if you did it was such a wallet halo was just like so thick it is like putting ice. Think of all the pictures. In some of the reports I didn't see a lot of the report simply because I I was out. But of the reports I suck it looked at Fort Collins is the one really got hammered. Yeah I mean when I compared all the pictures because the one in Fort Collins the video I saw that you could leave it seek. You couldn't see anything that's not what I did it look like rocks coming out of the sky. And plus for the most part. There is scary and Fred they got it. And Fort Collins and them yeah that was like north east move all that Diana crazy what you got really. Kind of north of DIA. But it was that one is right here that that started right here and I was like oh no no no and you even say decided they had to stop planned reduction because sold out here. Radio station. They had to stop they pretty much played music when -- currency Ron a year and also my son who works here. He said he had to stop recording because the pounding on the roof was so much that we're on eleven forward on the top floor. It was so hard in in so much noise you could recorded anything. It's gonna open up the microphone because you caught the heal damaged media people know what he's on the microphone. So I watched that sell as well that just went right over our roar and just tell you guys in Aurora as well so they got a pretty good chance. Or was bragging yesterday now he and we have made me. With this independently but where where did in Iraq that you don't sit usually keep. It in China. Not yet you don't do that and then I was watching my little cell on the on the radar guns like. Real wild one at it I went to be parting you guys with the drama and tell us that. Let's just that one to shoot pictures of like. And the destruction in my yard I'd when he raindrops yeah. As it grew despite what could be part of the drama. I did it or maybe eight X a day Benedict and there are a lot of people this morning that did not want to be done. I don't know I don't know they don't wanna be in the one posting read that I felt pretty good about exempt as both my cars in the garage you know I just allegedly show back home. You were prepared and I was right. I feel sorry for everybody that was on the highways there's nothing you can do now you're seeing this storm comes out of nowhere in a year you're driving down the freeway Arab Backstreet or whatever you're aren't. It in there's doing. Now and then they start denouncing rabbis backing up because it's distant. Threaten cars went to be under the overpass do you how and then they weren't moving right to select and you look for you don't car wash anything ducky until somebody's already very you're stuck. Yeah and I guess our friend. Our box and leaner. Old Michael bust he drove that car right over Samaria and they're acting and I know they were all packed abundant that don't tell thing. Any shelter you can find it a Greek key evidentiary it would work well the break is we're coming off until the elite. And yet figured you dared not just won't Trace you have some of the off a year ago. Are these people legal out and chase he sinks. Oh yeah that's pretty wacky BK is they were out in the field and channels to us and they route the field and they did a piano ramming challenge shots of all in the field all these Storm Chasers and they storm chasing cars some had like it like N I don't know. A Sierra and they weren't really yeah quipped but some of mad. My intent on their cars I don't know Antony Sorgi Susan Conrad is the fault I'm. Don't know just sit around waiting on the storms to come in a part time job to me what I had sponsors on his car yeah so. It's a wild yeah I would Vieira didn't you hit. Yeah I mean he's a rookie being he's trying it for the first time but even if you put all that lightning does not. I don't get elect I love a good storm go get rog if I know if I know in my mind that web site. That's what I like it I don't I don't mind it at all but to go and chase avenue headed toward Nader yesterday. Open Weld County that looked vicious. Death that staying out thankfully didn't residential area to see who's up the middle field somewhere. But this thing was years. I mean it was like Armon since Cleveland was a bad looking store. You got people out there chasing this soccer I think we had two tornadoes yesterday while it was crazy actually said. My group with that movie in the south land and they said they can even hear the movie. Because the hail. That what an unbelievable and then somebody else and I was stuck on I 25 an actually had to put my truck into the four wheel drive to get to all the way up. There's there's been at. Well there are so many stories straight all throughout the city this morning because of how many people were affected by this (%expletive) yeah and they before. Let's not forget that the day before it was just his bad. Yet whereas. His nest do you know how much our insurance rates are gonna go up. Do you recall what. And really noticed that the last time you ask me I don't like in the year two ago would we had the really did what to think it was a year ago yet it and I don't remember I don't remember mind being jacked up that. And then this year I was listened to the guy that does Tripoli or whatever he's like he's. Moved. Not gonna offer windchill insurance anymore. And it seems like that they have the right pressure indictments. Have been aegis and be prepared communities she threw the reform. Well. Great it is a great all the good news this morning. It does and that's the triple injured guys and just be prepared get these things and she through the roof tonight I enter now. Yeah I was just go insurance free yes just take your chance it's normal because yesterday insurance free though. Here's an idea to pay for yourself yeah. Not especially like the car dealerships. Yeah imagine though I like today I have a feeling it will be an asset to us not them. Right because you're here to heel area this part of the country mile of it knew it Colorado is one of the worse when it comes he'll. That other relived it and in these cars are sitting in these Carlo it's going to order. They're Jess opened argued. You know I wonder who did survive would it. These notes that and I also heard this an overture and I'll have to look at them. That will county has the most tornadoes or maybe second. We have a lot of tornadoes and I'm a gold number one you know and that in the country like I say this they support Oklahoma maybe. Kansas. Oklahoma gas yeah they they they get a lot of news comes off of these mountains zillion. But Weld County they think it'll lot Al look at you and look at equipment again. Muscular stance right but for it. In the mornings on Alex I.