BJ & Jamie: Olive Garden Explosion kills no one 10/19

Thursday, October 19th

Olive Garden blows up in Maryland with 70 people inside and no one was hurt. Jamie is nervous about things that cannot be controlled. Jamie’s son has started to call her Tammy.


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Vijay and Jeanne would that olive garden looking idea at the pool only nobody was killed he is set people inside the restaurant and they said you guys this olive garden against the electrical panel blew up in an olive garden wasn't here though thankfully. But I how nobody died I don't know it blew out all the equipment onto the parking lot. I mean I have the oh here it is here it is the utility room of an olive garden restaurant in Maryland. It exploded blasted debris all across the parking lot as roughly 770. Diners sat inside. Yeah all of the hard not to write a storm blasted open the book restaurant equipment all out of parking lot at the rear of the building severely damaged. So that was an electrical panel that just exploded. That's crazy thing about that you never know like I mean you know I was Tanya was freed down off the air to. About my an airline delegates because they say the prices is saying is that their ligament still in more airplanes again and I hate things and that when I tell you what. Steffi cannot play cannot know like play on having my unlimited bread sticks in my limited Dallas and think I displays gonna blow up the electrical Graham. There are times in ice this is true. There are times I'm sitting at home in those thoughts happened in my own house. Is there something with the gas or something could go wrong. That something like this could happen I know I'm not often I don't think of it doesn't you know consume me. Maybe when it happens to me it's when click click click click click click Dino and under and click click click click click click click click click duties in a click click click click click click you know what that is it freaks me out every time the clicking. So it's win and I stove when enlightened aghast you and some reason after darting left and still collect. Doesn't that like an explosion going to happen should after the gases RD earnings right and on the stove but then it still clinics like it's start and a night but it sorry ignited and it. Mines close the same thing. Mine is like my eight heating system for some reason pure radically wolf not a moment eats too so the house gets a little cooler it eventually will get caught. But with posters cooled down and I know it's not in the regular rotation. A weight the weight shoots fire something you know. Via is building gardener house in any minute now it could be come. Olive garden the fireplace in my bedroom is on a switch there. Sometimes I worry like when a push to switch. And could have now. And that's just like olive garden's getter is this crazy seventy people sitting inside of an olive garden restaurant and room. I mean even the doors blown out on ads pictures. It's insanity that this stuff everywhere and how nobody died I don't know that's a miracle that is amazing is crazy talent. Well well somewhat in someone's just a Twitter video yet and the door to the building is across the parking lot like over in the media. I blew that 63. Is next. Sunday in your house chili thing is gonna make you explode. I worry about my barbecue grill yeah that that's old old enemy doesn't have any nighter in north not to turn on the gas and throw a match and it goes yeah. Yeah I think and I I enjoy that the day and it freaks me out because once I did it have burned out. So here's what I do with my fire pit. This is crazy is so I have a fire that you know you've seen it and I'm terrified the goods to the day so what you do is take paper tells you roll real tight. And he'd roll and their role in the role of all went over to the other I added that many light like a wreck. You turn on that propane and by the time it brings out of me as a big explosion Google halfway around the corner. This is an added I'm popular or well actually I'm so that's gonna catch on fire and down in my room. Like that scares me it's it's pretty crazy and then an electrical panel that's something else don't worry about tackling him because you and I all three of us when we mentioned the danger in her house of what enters our minds it's gas it's always guest but now. Now we have a story of an electrical panel that some out back cross wired and exploded. And now that every time my bread sticks against you this because of my son is and Tammy patrol. My son is on Tammy patrol what exactly is that well so it's simple because mom's got a fanatical we damning. Law all the things that stick with food with your son is calling you Tammy my name's Tim. And so when I eighty is Tammy a it's a big heavy name against her yet he's called me tea and though. So a he's trying to help the kids in the highly insulting right hit it it. So any time may mom what's the Eads on things like Tammy T really need that. And so I'll put the big day and night. You know I really don't go this letter reminds me and I go to olive garden as to look at all the guys should he he hits at the phone does steamy really mean olive garden route to. Well. And is speed lab. I only it's a huge hit or where the car and unlike the olive garden regularly there on county line is right Afghani and likely to go tell us some good. That is Tammy rich. Eagle technically you think his team and we really need Allen Garnett and the kids are taken over that house it. It really is he's sorry Disney kind of right to beat him I really think he's olive garden of five she's CD did Jimmy really need the vibes she's the day no he's got an answer that. I'm not that stupid are not answering that they need it I don't. I don't know dead and it didn't have a debit to go to olive garden where she was I don't care and I did a. This podium we didn't need it prayer. Each inch and more on Alex I.