BJ & Jamie - Olympic Soccer 8/04

Thursday, August 4th

BJ watched soccer all night last night.

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Vijay and Jamie. Even. Sorry I've still likable little hoarse today yet. You know our. Throat a bit of horsepower my throat is gone now let's go Don Imus chanting with the TV glass to you at. Yeah I was watching the Olympics Liu Wear you out and you don't have the search and are. Ole and it plays soccer I hear liked soccer. It was really catchy last night chill out as you know it's down in Rio. And the USA soccer team the girls all I'm sorry the women than that remember got yelled at for saying girls and it was sexist. And the women the women were playing soccer last night did beat New Zealand Italy to to the home where every dot Hope Solo new hope this. Now I do I've heard the name she see a very attractive goal keeper we have. For the soccer team. That's what to say. I think she's okay but you know in saint. She's liked very hot in she's like a big game on the team because of that I think grant ran because goalkeepers don't really you know if we need. Well and I think that's why she's. So popular or let goalkeeper can maker by the team that slot for important the people in Rio we're changing because she went on social media before she went to Rio and post it all these pictures. Of all her flee I didn't mosquito repellent well yeah and and she even had a natter will face like beekeepers yeah pac. It she says she's ready for Rio you know so the people Rio took in just a little bit personal when they did chant now is joining Wong last wireless. It. Utilities say. Wow Michael Jordan right here at school. It's catchy tune now yeah therms in their idea of sketchy it is catchy that's struggles scratchy and I smoked at fifth through extra cents take do you think that's a good idea you're not well here's your highest now here's your chance on commodity you're gonna get a chance he could not what the your heart started to god and not act yet. They seek a chance to see it. She she was on the field last night big chance to this you'd hired Todd Nash yeah. But every time she touched the ball remember what Kobe Bryant used got the doubted they would boo him every time he touched the ball every time she touched the ball they would yell out. God. On people who are local. Uh huh who died on me you really will want anything yeah. It seemed yeah it's this team. Actually. Yeah. Why did you get into girls' soccer. Away I would just look we just threatening even the doctor I'd I. I have to admit I have to admit to that not only did I get caught up in the USA they want to did nothing. I stuck around I stuck around to watch France kicked ass to create killed Columbia with a look at your. Yeah what. Okay. That's what we did yeah. The chance yeah. We're human friend even. Yeah. We're liars. There's balance the US and yeah. Dealing or would you run for more instantly knew I Columbia I'd like three games. He there Ford could clubhouse before. You started at four. And I think France finished like and all in all sorts soccer soccer's Borg yes and it's a yes and I. The ball a lot but it's lonely yeah. There's a lot of high point game this book as a caller is Ed student a new theory you do nothing to another idea I had that I even got three and. If you only has way too much actually get used to write to me now to do nailed a hill. You guys laugh and that would you like it feels that I do like about to end of the girls over the guys do where they always act like her. There are often do it yeah. And art and it only goes all to the ground there's no marks. 01 girl one girl she got tripped and she did get tripped the boy when she at ground she flopped like a fish like this this girl flop for good fifteen seconds after she fell. I guess what they're trying to get a sense on a penalty against him a game called I guess the rough three I don't know that much about soccer but the referee runs up and throws his big red card your face right to be any damage they could write your face like up your nostrils. Like somebody you don't get so. I. Rats our hearts aren't happy now leads approached. Because. The Olympics kick off Friday to. The Olympics officially kick off tomorrow with the opening game. So is this going to be like our week next week Monday Tuesday when you do recap of like. Fainting and that it. Boy it couldn't get fencing up Daytona today I am I doing doing a Dayton. Okay I've probably do the rowing 0000. Much I might because you see I watch the soccer last night and I wouldn't have noted as he could cheat you know what the played alone but had not watched like I OK Brian Goldman the audio aren't. In the Rowling who know. Knows when and or hits a dead body I almost said that I would want to be watching a lot of does that happens right. Back at her. I got to pollution. The sludge in the water who knows what's gonna come up on those awards. You are watching the Olympics for all the wrong reasons with a bit. I love the Olympics and this summer games guy I feel like you're watching Saturday's he would like the stadium collapses. You know if the turf all of these bulls are. I am looking for mayhem you know those commercials for the guy with the mayhem yeah selected drill holes on the back to pick up on fire. That's what look at I know about other mayhem guy I. I know that's led to you know you like Wal-Mart my brother and I feel like you're not laxative for the right reasons it is a well they aptly view you are right about back. You are I am looking for a little bit of the you know drama out some drama. And I kinda got it last night I never expected to seek achieved what no nor did. I was I was morning and yeah. Yeah it's an end. We'll be right back quick play. Indy week day mornings on Ellis. The ice tonight.