BJ & Jamie - Orlando Victims Go Fund Me Page 6/16

Thursday, June 16th

The Go Fund Me campaign for the Orlando shooting victims is discussed.


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Vijay and Jamie did you know them Aaron. The Mega Millions 300 in ten million dollars tomorrow night Ollie. Okay that's funny you said that because LA into the seven elevenths or who can know where Elena. As the one by my house. And I went to get a big old drink yeah and everybody was in the and there are like quick big and they arsenal that weird for an English dialects and mega OI know but you know how to do stuff they. Yeah quick peck or in the power play you're gonna show you whatever it's called the two things you realize that I can't do is order daily double digit. I can't order a lottery ticket I don't know I do that very well because I was like I don't know under and the neck and a lot pay grind day in Starbucks Starbucks crap I'd alluded to things that make me nervous. Mega Millions at 310. Million dollars so only now really speaking of money spigot of money and I was. And I should've pulled so a good all right but have you seen. The Orlando. Victims. Go for me page alcohol no. Bowl oh my goodness people are unbelievable. They aren't donating so much art. This paid for the shooting. This page from her for the shooting happened on Sunday at the gay bar got our little legit that are collect oh yeah it's called equity. The show and you can look at it's called Aqua bank. Echoed a can of Orlando Florida it's a bank are today that actually set it up some of their employees time. Are they started out on Sunday with a goal and I don't have to pull up your summer and it just throw some numbers say chip that I've kinda remember they started out with a goal of 100000. Dollars to help the victims of the shooting rank okay. They had 100000 dollars in spite twelve minutes really twelve minutes guys only did they set a goal and a quarter million dollars. They had that within 45 minutes. Did they set the goal and a half a million dollars. Day and a half million dollars before Sunday was finished. Payment now they're over they're run it by. Billion dollars now Kelly that's so it's amazing what is that what what is John fall four point 7590. Thought is that crazy here's a go out taste it started at 100000. Dollars as the goal. Another five million they're saying is quite. They're seeing this page could could hit close to ten million. Yeah because so partially I didn't know about it so so heartily 100000 people that and that donated. In four days and did you imagine. If it weren't for FaceBook where this is being shared nobody's really heard about it. It's not been on the news it's not been like you know the NBC nightly news and I am here's how to help the go funding page so so it's been kind of threw the the Internet. But they're there had million almost similar. And assert their legitimate in the good the family gets called Aqua banker equity equality Florida it's the largest LG BT rights group in the state of floor and floor started you go funny pants and hours of arguments in the Stanley you know yeah I mean yeah. I guess just no way to really I hate ice so our dollar. Well listen listen as so you know go find me has feeds right they take it up percentage that's why they exist. They take like 5% or whatever they've waived their feast. For this yet. Good to them yet. I hear that's correct I saw somebody from that equity or Aqua man eight ankle whatever. On and doing an interview yesterday it was quite legit. There are the days and cool and it must be because I'll tell you what it's not only has go find me essentially waived college transaction fees. But it donated a 100000 dollars. And they would know if it's Lydia donated a 100000 dollars that's does it get tremendous I found the outpouring of that I'm gonna fix anything but I do. Love it for the families to know that their loved it and. An enemy and you've got a hundred families here. You don't just over that because you had 49 people that where there were killed. And then you've got 53 in the hospital he got medical bills and are going to be you know look at eight outrageous. And all this money can can obviously be used and I think this thing's gonna go to ten million dollars. By the way here's what will do will go input. So you go to our FaceBook page and our BJ Jimmy Page and Alison 059 dot com. He can get the information there and if you'd like to be a part of this outpouring. Mentally to go to wouldn't know any details yet just because you know I feel like and so they feel like you can't do anything anything you. Even if it's twenty bucks even if it's forty but whatever you can't hit at all of them. We've seen more on Alex I.