BJ & Jamie: Parrot helps send murderer to jail. 7/21

Friday, July 21st

An African Gray Parrot was used in a trial to convict a woman of murder. The Bird was used as a witness because the bird kept repeating “NO Don’t F’n Shoot”  and he was saying it in the voice of the victim and kept saying over and over. Bird people are gross.

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Well the birds on the stand. You had the burden is on the stool and see this or Katie know this whole crazy story it can happen while bad but yesterday she was definitely fifteen. But yes the woman was charged with first degree murder in the shooting death. She was actually convicted not discharged and she was charged and played fifteen because that parents said don't shoot. An African great allegedly repeated the words a man may have sent before it was killed. Don't shoot but said according to ex wife of the man who was shot and killed the berg reportedly started in the voice of the victim. And now a Michigan woman has been found guilty of murdering her husband. You use. The bird turned out yet so that story even thickens clock. Because I know you guys think it like well a Burgess said don't shoot I bet it didn't say I like hey. Daryn don't shoot in the that would Sarah Morton Sarah don't shoot built racquet with a trip to the knows you just shot the rights that they repeat and so it was repeating what the man's head right when he was getting shot it but it the pair never mentioned a name like. To me because that would have been instant connection right Jared allegedly stared at Jimmy. If the pair with a said that but all of the arts and was don't shoot however here's where gets tricky Dicky hate okay. Since she tried to hide parent. He tried to take out the parachutes. Are we eating now handing out you know like and I I witness yeah so you wanna live and see exactly that the parents name was but. And he kept repeating don't shoot but it's at a bad we're down F and shoot you know and don't have been chewed and so then she took ownership of the bird. And people were like where's where's the ten under. Yeah it is downstairs and feed them. Like where's the Burt where's but and so are her neighbors were like we haven't seen that Burton risen burglar she was trying to hide the bird because she knew it had evidence. Valmont. Audit rate TV show this would. Isn't isn't all this is great so she took the bird yes yes and he died I wonder why you know it's only a murdered why didn't she is Gooden. Pop the murdered. You don't say insists there's not a seeker from Gordon they have. She could have killed two birds he should pick people were Cuban and the bird because when the neighbors like that Bergman said. It's those so everybody is keep an eye and the burden it wears you know he's sticking. Incident. She should have invited the neighbors Overton had. But for the and a pair it. Parents do or something else. We're they can actually convict her based on a hair it's my friends in Tampa had one of those African grace. Those birds are that eats birds are paid I could see would conducting somebody that means they could. You know that's my list of minute what day hurt people now. I am owns Albert agree on the bird I will not date yeah it was really weird to me like why do you have a bird house you're yucky. Stupid they're both what isn't it just the bird that being nasty just growls at the bird out the Shiites. This bird that this guy had he kept in his office does is why put muddy and keep it at home that same reason for the because everywhere that this ain't they throw there scenes in they're they're. Who they. Throw everything out of the TH and it's everywhere. Being killed by a pirate their players that the parent. And that by the Harry and buy a pair and I get have been killed ideally I think and they kill. These killers I am I think they can take your eyes now I don't. Know a little Becker Alia. There's. It's great talents of loose Packers were yes. Her. Hair and looking at right now I think that you know we'd overly either with the president because look at the top story. You did it because it's. We use those birds stair climbing they they're being an army and cut your. Career. The room. Yes this bird was a liability if this guy because he would be in a hallway and if if that bird saw somebody other into the hallway it would fly down there could tackle. Wow listen as it says. When I train his parent to go over to the neighbors and tech is Ed. It's pet patent should I care executive. V as the neighbor real end. The news again and I'll. Byrd to go to his neighbors thousand text editor tunneling neighbors I'd like to know him right in commitment to fly eyes yeah. And. He's in for parent militant. Group of air I'll still look good Google hit a good job there should look at. In. More on Alex.