BJ & Jamie - Parrot Involved In Murder Suicide 6/28

Tuesday, June 28th

BJ & Jamie discuss the story regarding a parrot as a possible witness in a murder suicide.

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Vijay and Jamie thank you. Thank you very much I'm so sad about this teacher feel like it's really taken off yeah I did kill how a lot of people asking about it requesting you know I was submitting stories to me yeah and then some us like Bynum. Right right hand right it's big it's Vegas and we'll have a sponsor and sure. But I aren't appears to a story not that you can't explain itself replaying the audio because it's almost a minute long have you heard about the Perry. That's now part of the murder trial yes ball away well what happened. The Perry is the eyewitness to a murder suicide. Now I know this happened like it went down last week. But they actually now today have agreed that they will use apparent as eyewitness. Now it seems little weird to me with them because a parent I only know loose. But apparently he yours yeah. Now can a parent actually sees something going on in the describe it back. Nor did Harry and zoo seeing him make. You hear it in the Friday night you know here we have given it a bizarre twist in a sand lake murder a witness that will never take a stance. The family of Martin Durham says that his pet bird but that was home when he was killed. And that the parent can't stop talking about it better picks up anything and everything has got to the LP is on the ground. And. The bird they say mimicked bull Durham and his wife Leno who was listed as a suspect in her husband's death yeah. Durham Stanley says they took this video mud. Several weeks after Martin Durham was shot. It starts which sounds like an argument with a birdie GG voices. In Austin in this in this game hundred hurt small. And I personally think he was there and he remembers that Hussein. I. Says Donald essence view or edit that she didn't look that that's one thing right of. That would emerge say don't appreciate it on and a dirty little bird and it's good players and they say and that guy is employees and then they'll. The other person he says that his boys right in team yeah. So there's so it is now as evidence to in the third wild and. The birds not describing what actually happened at the scene you just mimicking all the words said it Cecilia is an anchor. Connie. So therefore now is the birds gotta deal wit this or not the audio is. The audio had they not up to the burdens the end I want them hurt jobless. Not a big question rough and had to raid and nobody knows under. Yeah. That Kris. I had a friend that I worked with a encampment he had a bird in that was seen lean is the nasty is thing I've ever seen in my life. This seeing he kept it in his office because his wife wouldn't let me bring you know. Has the burden would attack his wife the very possessive. Love the other fallen out and in heat this bird fell in love with him. And hated his wife in whenever the bird would get out of the teach you would attack his wife. Literally a pack Kirk so he would keep it at the radio station in it was a nest this thing would attack people left and right. Anything that you can't potty train I don't want I didn't I didn't understand cheapened and when you get a bird like this his was McCaw. And when you get a bird like this they outlive you Leah. Law kits aren't a hundred years I. And then sometimes they get away and then there in your neighborhood. One lead. We had one of those damn birds in our neighborhood you know and they got away I guess what will we don't know if it was just sit there and popped. In the shrubs yeah well. I don't the I'd want one now. I mean I think it's bizarre to an animal actually say what these birds can say it's fascinating but I don't know if I'd walk when every day. When he had to do each job aren't high desert so squash he. Improving in that everybody. That has won it in if you know anyone that's got oil at the bird discusses. Well only few casts don't understand that's the thing when you own one is to teach it to cut so I guess that's what they did. That is the thing when you own a birdies to teach it to test the more foul mouth that is the more they love. Yeah I don't trust anybody that's going to see the movie ghost buster youth I don't says bird owners need I don't either Jamie why tell. We yield battery and I. And I say that about snake owners too but you'll emerge and some. Now and let me hear your I have a really good good friend that's a bird owner they'll great guys name's Patrick ES five birds is. Oh no no my line along I've known in my whole life recommend never met Patrick you're imagining different bets. It's weird if you don't bring him around because he's a burden man these are mainly 88 and he's not weird team huh. As is where children don't headline that we are definitely gotta love the birds the birds fall in love with the guy now though do we acting as he does have this one in the area where does he lives loves and listening to it. Any idea med pack never mean never even her primary and that are not your infringe well I think there is Patrick I think he's just finishing the pound into this conversation because he's weird bird that is birds now he does. I wouldn't Sallie Mae is Dayton lie right exactly same thing Jamie completely you don't bring it up in tolls a conversation like disk comes up big he can brag about your bird owner friend and and it I. I love but you and I every throw it all we realize that Patrick so we're up Patrick hoop. Well. All of hello. Well I won't be that we personally I don't go away all the salt and now he's Simpson over him now it's upset children. Joining video. Birds and you guys. Whenever I. Anyway. Leon. In his semi anyway the parent the parent I guess he is not going to be on this team which I would like to sing I wanna see this carrot on the stick. I think it's Larry you log in as little as little the what is that thing this thing and it tally. And all that but to. I found this where good. But they have just did and they it was story time. Mimicking of the story. And come out and I'm not into my heart and into lax. And found. I think it is gonna canceled. I. No they. Well that's a better now get a handle all the. You give them an off day a new story time you get. I think so I think you're allowed water to it doesn't and then you play that her mind there is a good joke on the station. There is. Each in each weekday mornings on Alice I.