BJ & Jamie: People mad at fake Twerknig Turkey. 9/22

Friday, September 22nd

People on Facebook are upset with the way this Turkey is twerking and they seem to think that it is Jamie's fault.


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TJ and Jamie's. Anything we. Loyal loyal boy people are angry on her. Okay yeah yeah you guys are right so there's a bilateral working Turkey first and I'll just saying that his ridiculous. I what do you think about that and the Turkey. Is a Turkey that's prepared for the other. This is not a bird it's got its feathers sports they had hordes of these. He hit eight Turkey ready for the other is a naked thirteenth and they can donate and ended animated much to me. Adds even more or to the fact that it's fake stupid okay we'll. Turkey's don't get their feet can't dance but for the it it it it we don't know that. Don't they can park though Bacon's work this Turkey is a good work and did during the border where they got the video to you don't working in there that's amazing and a district can move like this boy he can dance. Well I posted to our page it goes crazy because everybody loves it's ridiculous it's kind of disturbing bit and so it real looking it's so it's pretty funny. So did I shared it with the Dallas 1059 page I don't know if you noticed but we have FaceBook page. As well and called Alice when a five point nine OK and so you know there's line and friend that page since it. Seriously this is not funny. Guess what it. Turkey is a living creatures and they're dead bodies are not something to be joked about. If you participate in the annual manslaughter we called Thanksgiving or Turkey day at the very least be respectful. That settling down IV on your plate yeah. Obviously this that the death. Compassion. Have to start somewhere. And sometimes it's good actually think about how we live our lives and who suffers so we can stuff ourselves our be entertained and another living being losing expanded. She is suffering funny TU. Perhaps you are not aware that 450. Million turkeys are killed annually for Thanksgiving alone. This is working turn on the. Got the audio. It's that you know people. Have to get upset any talk about how animals are being ordered the turkeys are killed for Thanksgiving is CS. A joke. Late in that a lot of people went with and a Larry I'm just can't say hello I totally agree with you and that it's not funny at all and other file of the watch and somebody else wrote I never listening to Alice again they support killing. Turkey isn't flattering turkeys and then I write. Then it's not a real Turkey it was just supposed to be silly. And then and Emory round. Sorry it's not silly doll. As honest as to why anyone would waste their time producing a posting something so idiotic and offensive and lacking in social value. And it's a Turkey it's hideous of Turkey that molded to Italy Turkey prepared to be okay yeah I didn't realize so many people are anti things are getting I had no idea. He is sickening I am now turning off your radio station and your news feed forever. Look if you don't wanna listen to our show because I eat Turkey were well that's fine with me but this time of the day I like Turkey Turkey's good to Turkey is gay. I love Turkey probably took a couple of weeks and well don't get because it doesn't Belgium will go on sale. And she. Let me ask you this if that bothers you the video online occasional fake yeah. A person like that that that I am a marine area loom ever put this doesn't walk through that section of a grocery store. I don't know what it angered them when they walk through the meat section. I don't know as their only a begin storing go to I don't know and that's that's my point is say if this video bothers you so bad and he seemed. You know fifteen frozen turkeys and a yeah. They're singularly at all it's got driving down the I don't know right on down. I am a bit they didn't want to age the rotisserie chickens although rare. He's got to figure they were put the lives are. To this event to us if they weren't sure they look. I don't know there's no reason to get upset and there's no reason first of all is an animated video this completely fake it's not a real Turkey is a. And Turkey. OKC is working and we need to be respectful of that tricky as I understand how we need to be respectful of that Turkey brilliant we have no respect for that Turkey and I don't understand now that your target ever listen to his radio station again these. Because I eat Turkey. Turkey I I don't really know George and big stake last night club. Get Al sitting like they really like cal yeah elks lodge there's every state only inductees last night so. That come apparently eat map I it's just the weirdest thing it really is the funniest video begins so ridiculous. I don't know how one post this happens all the time to all of us. You put proposed do you think it's funny the first porky. You've ever seen in LA fray you know I just funny and then the next thing you know oh my god people are. And. A little disturbing. Effect does this kid did respect the fact that they they just watching this bowl Turkey and the shaken but I went yeah. Little disturbed I. Disturbing when things you don't Turkey and I. Not exactly. That disturbed by the fact that it's a birdie putts compared to the other a more is just the moves it makes it. You they've hit this little psyche I find that disturbing that I find except sit and laugh. Real problem yeah that Vijay is turned out that is dirty game. You can't stop watching this day let's start about that I'm playing right here come on whoa not easy I I honestly I guess. Exhausted because I thought you know how can you just put up by day and Entergy adding some value that evil bitch of the world is amazed seeing is. How people take something sold. Out of context that is used to joke it depicted the and they just get and then what's the argument starts and FaceBook oh my goodness it's a snowball out of control going down hill men's because everybody piles on everybody has an opinion. So this happened on my personal page as well and yesterday this is crazy that would that church in Turkey but yesterday I posted this I said to them with my friends parent teacher conference right. And they said parent teacher conferences are over oh my god those poured teachers at 7 PM to 7 PM twice this week. I feel like they should have a bar in the teacher's lounge that's a long day of those teachers have been 7 AM to 7 PM all kids for twelve hours. Right and Payer and here come the parents complaining and so then my friend Brad wrote. Police they all summer all summer off a week at Thanksgiving. Two weeks at Christmas and spring break spring break as an adult they'll be fine. All pitches today just to keep. And go and piling on that's what this does the I'll defend themselves. It and and I wrote Bradley don't make me you over the head was my big fat red back. Because and edges and it does not members of making a list. In reality my girlfriend she wrote we are everywhere that don't break the hits in just got. You deserve it I you know I mean props on that you do deserve it in twelve hours doing what you do com. My dad did parent teachers conference as a soccer Izzy as a long day yet as I was alone. And it. And don't you think they set the bar at the teacher's lap I think these families our neighbors and you may be allowed to carry a flask Bryant and I think they're a lot angles they can take my guys to ease the stress but hit. At spring break as an adult you can see either. Turkey Turkey it. Go to our FaceBook page if you're offended please don't write yeah I think I had a feeling pretty confident that nobody's gonna leave this radio station. Over the dirt you think they get tired out act and I think you're gonna be in my personal files started AM because I put it on not our page spread and gun. How listen to me. And alleys 1059.