BJ & Jamie: People Want an Experience for Christmas. 12/7

Thursday, December 7th

Jamie says 40% of people want a Christmas experience.. Jamie saw a monthly gift called the “Man Crate” There are a lot of different boxes to choose from. BJ told Jamie not to buy him the DNA test company because report is that they are fake and are making up results.


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Vijay and Jamie and I I was just in this thing about how 40% of people yet. This Christmas present they want an experience toward Christmas like they won it goes skydiving or they won it. You know other group on that we have are even Allison the perks things that are against. Away like cooking classes stuff like want. I saw this new thing it's brilliant and it's called me and great you know maybe CNET. Yes and I have to use a crowbar opening day I have seen it in read on how. Would you what might amid great yeah. I know she can you explain exactly what it is well every month to get a crate. At your front door threatening to get a crowbar. An open like and a match. Right and then there's different crap and I don't know just off the. God elect those razor he could ordered a short everybody for the door or yeah this time it's a creaking open with a crowbar right like maybe militant. Assuming if it's a great ego out of Figurs good stuff in there and I mean it'll put crappy grades and exactly and don't even one of the only enemy do you have a crowbar. You know we know who. No I don't sledgehammer I get a sledgehammer to busted Credo that I've gotten. So all Smart and these people's part to come up with this yet. The crowbar in the Creighton a crowbar within what you sign up with Craig Kennedy our that he did yeah. It just so bring it every guest to return to think these million dollar ideas. So you could basically having the Holden gimmick here is opening up the great so you can eat anything and you can just put into got a joke yeah Anglican beef jerky grades. So that's what they get so what is it on years in the main grapes. Yes I am looking right now at the jerky dram. Dan let this is is this just an assortment of jerky that comes like bacon jerky while the last in jerky Graham Wallace sonic grainy jerky Graham. So Smart food even batteries Wilson matter and didn't want to Turkey jerky that it's still open up the prayer to flood with a well. And nice making kits yet project creates lack now. It decree would get old after about Julia hall and green and yet you can't you know I have a really great point abs yeah. And I think we gonna put the greats once you get great yet about ten of them in your garage it's like oh he's got to stop yeah great I think I got. Our culture and politics. You know back it off just to my sister was that Harry and some went to Harry and I forgot their name it yes. France in anyway so she would send me that monthly Harry and David stuff yeah oh my god the free would be all client. I wouldn't know it was my passport yeah you know that happens to drive is now. I'll program under remember the old CD clubs but the you can sex clubs allow you to order the Columbia over the Columbia. How some editors of the like that idea that you would start that you would get your first like I don't know what he cassettes what more angled boxes yet. Yeah at least for like a penny you'd get your first like 25. You know complete music collection. But it would never stop to that you could ever get a stop I think. Remember that Wednesday they say steely dean and I had no idea really was not I don't they want. What are 14954. Yeah. And edit that didn't next month you've got another when you've got enough where did they never stop before load you at a 150 dollar bill the analysts that was not gonna too cynical essentials and their parents never knew you signed up towards the and you got grounded its argue bring him back to back ordering you know enforce that stuff that you too broad spending apnea Alia a lot of us that's the first thing we ever got into collections. Yeah did know what I got the latte and got started and everybody that I knew anyway including myself it always. Did with a threatening letter of a lawsuit from the vote. Record company Alina we know again have to my records we do not for some reason these people in this fourteen record. If you can't come up and it appears that. And every person decide that for that stokes was probably there were thirteen fourteen years old yeah. And that's you know that's a prelude let an eight. Inch anymore. I.