BJ & Jamie: The Perfect sound to sleep too frying bacon. 2/1

Thursday, February 1st

Bj has found a study that says that scientist have found the perfect sound to use to fall asleep Frying Bacon.  


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Vijay and Jamie are all right so you are saying that I may be way off base here but something's not adding to this they can still adding all right but you know what if you did your comeback kid that's been brilliant. Cut will give me that. I hear a story that it was Kelly JB about. According to research. You know you have these sound machines that you put aside your bad that plays the ocean in the. Water I girlfriend cannot. Go anywhere without that damn thing Hamilton the F word I I does that cause. 53 middle and a monkey on my god it's so ridiculous we literally can't go anywhere without her. Sam machine takes it wither everywhere she goes yeah. By bird secure being crappy. Picking our kids for a double chin the center of the O Jim. All year it to me is mechanical the ways it doesn't sound authentic to me at all because and here. My ear gets caught to the pattern you have and I can hear the mechanical noise and it's like waigel Fermi and makes you crazy. You know I think he could get used to it though and it would now subliminally working for yet it's. A good life the right machine no right. I disagree and you get it this week. Okay no see but here for me there's there's something that makes me go to sleep it's called the Fayette. If I have a fan on in the room I go to sleep faster I really do it is the same sound that way Kawika. It needs to know what do you do in there there's a roared to a status because it and it does step for me so I. And indifference to go to Beaver Creek about the west you know. The next no true story about this at their names. They have a Willie cart in on their cart guess it's not there machine if you expand. Oh bought it. There you know I would love a fan in the room. Span. It's bizarre. That. You bring lots and don't know but take you to go to the west that could be read her eye and that looks a little tacky that's like there doing it with a big blue. We can't let a little girl that little luggage rack your check into a five star hotel in total drag. It doesn't where that's the last I have a friend brings a boxed into the well and I get picked up in a monster truck the four seasons and. Her eggs at. He had to agree airs this study though according to PX parts they have battled the ultimate the number one day. This settled that will put you to sleep in it works for it and maybe badly they are saying and it bacon. Frying. Trying to lose. Forget that terrifies me he. Wasn't terrified that he can I. Am I won't put them here and it for food. Or money young pretty and probably everything I. Evolved from a hidden heart and a fourth fifth. And you can we. And we'll burn it down into. Up 200 pound half you need to tone it down did not spell could get me doubted him though Gary is it that. I think it's important for me that would work for me I like it sounds almost like water which is what I used to go to values free television I defer. It's. True. This download where found us the story they've got a forty seconds or 46 minutes loop of this this bacon fried I have. I have it for everybody to go download on your phone and to give it a try so it proves the fact that bacon is the one work it does give me anxiety. Stick. He's got a terrible ballad yeah he's got to learn how to cook. Went. Now note but ice ice first bring this up to Jamie all the marriage she does that doesn't make sense does it makes sense is Barry could pay. There's two products out there right now where bacon wage shoe so that's what I'm confused there is an actual alarm clock that you put down. Like bacon strips inside giving its okay because it's so process that will go bad just overnight easy putt baked chips in it and then it looks it overnight. And then it wakes up with the smell of bacon in the morning at which evidence a lot. And so yeah crispy bacon smells when when you wake up and then the other way and it's opposes this iPhone bacon alarmed by ask her Meyer. It's a little bait ver eyes thing that you stick on your phone and when your line god goes up again. Well maybe it's because this is different senses. It's what I mean this smell and ones yeah yeah I want to obviously the hearing that he assumed. Food the food. Maybe I'll never honestly if you keep yelling ouch I'm trying to go to when I. Sounds good news editor. The other. I okay. I went wondering why you can't all with a pocket and can my husband tortured me the same thing does take it places. You can't we don't do anything and I'm pretty sure like we're gonna be martyred one night we hear the matter unemployed. Oh no nothing no act. Though that I know Heather Heather Dick there's eight Rourke the same and in the field that breeze all that combination together for some reason it makes me sleep better now I I don't know what it is is just it's I like I can't. And eating out and how would I don't you know. You can we like I. Am and I don't out about how any gonna hear me because that then I'm gonna if I'm currently god. And let me ask you this to them again a ninety minute and bears and a dude does she check it when you guys Levittown. Like an airplane. Now is my. What we'll get wind and it ran a disease that they it's. This brutal. Heat and used moment in the home and even. During an argument might go tooting I I don't. We have all look look look you know I cleaned them on things that. Sounds more like I just stand on his. God forbid you guys get the flight data though that you destroy the fans yeah. How would be terrible. I'll give you another example no matter what would sleeping with the fan on and I it's almost it's not a must but it really helps. I cannot stand to be in my house without DB on. I have had no idea and got I have I can not stand a house it's quiet he actually sleep in a quiet house like. You and the court and it's still likes to every night he like I know not to feel like I'm even I meant when Mueller. We've been someone out to be public call me the economic out of my goblet hairball you live now you know I'm not like I. You know understand what you and I remember what we're soundly. Did that you wouldn't be shocked how many couples sleep in separate rooms because of the band situation. Series. You're not alone not a bad person did did you grow. And. Did you not know about the fans that is before the marriage. No oh now. The kids sing. Yet yeah that's why and number. All that means any judged the country would be on your side you could easily take him for everything it was and it was alive she MI. We'll be sending out my grandma have a great day and say hey I. The ticket now. Jenny I'm never got to follow wouldn't even get you don't know office tells me brief sneak into the importance on Alex I.