BJ & Jamie: Pink and the Broncos fired some coaches. 1/2

Tuesday, January 2nd

Jamie is worried about Pink -  Broncos talk They fired 6 coaches but not the head coach.           


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Vijay and Jamie Allison a fund management jobs and yet I'm worried about paint. Ward about. Well you know what I'm worried about this this album. Young. Wise it. Do instead of and we're not there I don't keep up with being yeah I I was just thinking about how as is. That's the only hit off the album sales in you know it really is on it's it's a little bit of a bummer when your big the end of someone yeah. And then they've got a new project on the way in in the project comes out and it's not so that's Arabs and that's a good in this way I felt. When zaireans project and now. I'm a huge fan you know from one direction yet again from one direction. A my favorite and Indy did this new project except that one little thing he did there about you know deputy shades of the and so yeah. Hmmm except without what it really didn't fly. I didn't but I ended it by. You know how idea no idea what does I was sick about this Jesse I don't know why and it just has liked. He may and none to orgasm and it goes see here an. And I love her I am a huge fan but boy it can't it's not enough to ground to its web. Party has flu huge smashing heads of her new album and be glad to what you're mocking me now I yeah I got lucky on. And weird sad thing your paying years. What is it that captain. Yet collaboration. Between people insane. I'd be you know Albright. Well you know stole the show would it would Taylor Swift and it was Zain. She did warm. That was the big hit it now than in the same stuff is yet so right so we need Zain and Hank Aaron and sorry I know we have so much stuff I do us. That's the thing about being offered to wait until I bring anything else that you really like wet at times and Allah. Well I suck but oh what do you think about this whole thing with the Denver Broncos and announced it. They keep the head coach Vance Joseph yeah right yeah but they fire. This. Our coaches that's basically turning over everybody underneath it. Really as a shock at all that I have to say because I thought he was gone. Because he came out that press conference and he is like and doctor John yet so I'm like yeah yeah talk Doug actually inspired. He'd be pretty out of each those slip for an ice if you think practically out but now what happens. It's like they. Did all these other backs I don't get. I don't aren't completely. They perplexed on this because he you'd like six other okay. This ET this guy winning and they rented out six people traveling it was his fault he Whitney had an interview with John Elway abbey and this is the way I am perceiving them I don't know what idea I'd go ahead do you want getting up arguably going. Each character and connections to eighteen Freeman. He or to prop them you know Bob Denton who together threatening confident. A million bucks from photographed this guy is so dumb doesn't know what a quarterback he would have been on the defensive coordinator. Role like. Roy got here row I didn't even put their people on the field how does some by these other people are to blame done this. Our game plan John I got a game plan. It still. Leave you again I'm sure he's a great guy. Feel like shouldn't. Feel like. I don't know I think analog up the ball up I know this when you aren't that big losers is Bobby big time nothing she. Embarrassing losers Harrison you need to get rid of your leader yet. There is one guy that Portland thing out here in the end you know Brit on sports station or not. But here's hoping that the coach did that we just found that paint you into it hit the drug 'cause I can collect hundreds sport's age there is one player on the team and I think is. He was my kids I'm not sure okay but there was one player on the team Jamie. This guy like. It deems it a row. Dropped putts. It didn't vocal and the other team got it in scored touchdowns and we kept loose. 'cause this guy get cut out there drop the ball okay you dropped the second time. It's about. Don't you bitch to guy that he never sees daylight outside that nobody did you have one job what the I which I think is David Wood into at the guy literally win. On the field it did all or don't forget that partly big super couple you'd think they brought in that gets what he did. I huge block panel. I. A moment and it just. This is good you know there in a bar and had not argue. Yeah don't they. Get fired on a holiday Snooki. It sucks to lose your job right around Christmas and new year do you I don't like this the right move people I don't feel like this the right move. Doug Johns Joseph you're looking like a problem debate back to that all say in all the players love they so love Camilla did not say panel. It happened right thing to say mini states via product guy sucks he's that slowed the worst coach merit what are you being murdered abroad and are you got traded it. But it's a rough guess that was. What we're TV bar graph. Question so what is set to the press what I did seem a little sketchy to me they were like so what do you think about the JD does is d'antoni does. Yeah I'm not gonna say anything this is not my job it's John Owens. We felt like he was saying Mike. John elite so our guys if you wanna comment on this five little fog and text in it was wide open when he eighteen. Woody team unity can bronco talk. Yeah I think have brought this up afford do you think what's more volatile. People it radio careers TV careers or football players come peers and coaches all does not get blown out every other. It really I mean yeah I think I think it's gotta be between radio and on television. Or car salesman. Whale that is good when I had. That's turnover part amnesia card soon have a mandate that is big six months yeah yeah yeah I think he's come back to the car dealership like where's Larry and I got his verdict after seven children now that guy you bought the car for you at ease and it wouldn't go back most of that in most gays know you're so it's car dealerships I think it's the end in football pro sports. I just pray that they disagree Torre didn't think about those that's wonderful but you know. There's just like that not a lot of longevity I want to chat show am. Oh with a blind girl big boobs she has like six kids. I'll be tardy for the party Kate plus eight. Negotiate a no she. Let it yeah. She where we eggs earnings am told to eat. Oh yeah. What about her if she's married or been destroying what about her. Anyway he cried he cried on the show because it's into his NFL career was crying all. Yeah because we don't know I think that would be if they lose that whole thing about everybody screaming and yellow and hormonal stuff. And now are now that just home with eight weeks and they're like. There's not the crowd of 50000 people to know where his Jersey. That's true true it's got to be so depressing because a lot of times these people leave the league in there like 3032 years old. I mean that's young really young but in the NFL in about their student has old exactly and then you can't decide it knew what he did. If you QB Troy Aikman and get in a move fuel rubble is putting out to pack your he has gone he just go home and cry to your life legal calendar back there exactly man. Mother ain't got the Sports Radio Alice what do 59. Jake Jake. Talk hockey pucks back. Into the importance on Alex.