Bj & Jamie: Pit bulls in the news. Three shot down by LAPD 5/11 (AUDIO)

Thursday, May 11th

Three Pitbulls shot dead by LAPD for attacking man walking his two dogs. Bj rescued a pitbull from being hit but says it was a big mistake. The pit bull attacked his other dogs, had one of his dogs in the death grip.

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I know you don't like this but there were three. It poll stories yesterday. Yesterday I want you know we go over the cycles that they're clowns out there in the class. How stories with just crazy last year into this year and now it's airplanes at the airports on air. Planes everybody's fighting here you've got people being beaten and dragged. Album an airplane those stories are everywhere now and now in the past couple of days. Pit bulls are back in the news and I know what you feel about Kimi but I am valuations spring. Is. That things personal town. Of Harrison. I may issue with good ol' owners of the world. What happened they picketed me where was this was this year dollars and in the California California area. What he's. And pupils. The. And people picking you because you said on the air and had pit bulls scare you. Yes I said is. We have an honest discussion here with our heat. He let me tell you there were three story just forget what it was and then I don't know the story lines. When they picketed. Besides that dog hater he's yeah he's a dog hair. So I'm here and others and said. There are not nice they. Merely years did it suits them. I have totally believe her dental lasers. I have to believe that most people within dog owners don't do this dog you can get them. I have to bully it's the only an octagon I have to there are designed is that it's notre stuck to dogs have to look look I. Have to believe that most dog owners and lovers of old dogs. Believe that you have a hot and reliability with a painful OK I think that's a gift that. I don't know how you can argue that when you see all these stories and stories. Yes six month old kid. And the parents got a pit bull with this baby seat I don't understand people would have python's in the house was small kids on our Daily Beast you know I don't. They did is this can this is not gonna go well slithering BJ. CNN news python swallowed a baby. We've seen it before and really. Wrapped around to kill kids here won't you can't you definitely want it let it play with that but I don't know I don't know if not out to attempt this off the owners of pit bulls well we have to keep the people end and a very safe place she got to be extremely responsible but it does turn out there with most of. Debbie he got a Chihuahua in your little curious other horrible. If you got a yacht let's say a Border Collie in your little careless every now and then he sneaks out of your house that you gotta go round him up north. We don't end up with somebody may somewhere. About I don't know. Now let me tell I'm gonna go ahead beyond the bowl people bandwagon and I'll tell you why because we had a neighbor had a dog in shady and does this get it was. It was legal it was a little dog any tour of that attic. Dogs didn't naked bike you don't yeah. To me is that the play. There's a difference between the dog that bites you wouldn't maybe get us pitcher do when you gotta get sewn up and there. Or already got to get a shot or whatever is the only update doc didn't know once that I. And the teacher and it's the only her. Parents. I'll stop and look my defense is this I love dogs. I have four dogs Jamie. I love dogs. Man's best friend. Know you love dogs and I mean you tell us regulation but you're also. A little what's it called a jaded town seventy. So I'm going home so let me just I think true story. The reason why BJ is a little jaded on this story is because he had a personal experience with a pebble. And so therefore what all you know is what you know personally I thought that was good. Not just what I know personally go everything that I see. When I know personally here's here's the sort so I'm going home and that in this dogs out the road dogs can hit by car ethic and it's of people. I didn't realize it when I first saw the dark side pull over because some dog not Merck. It's I'd pull all of our and I I took the dog in the dog actually comes to. And I'm not well and then I noticed it's a bit ball. But you know what the dogs in danger right now so I teach the dog I throw my car that's that she loves dogs the company and hit I did that. With Boise. That was one of the biggest mistakes ever made a lot. Why why why. So I get home I take the dog put it inside to bring it inside the house I call animal services they have found this dog does it wasn't tag nothing. So I call but why I'm on the phone this dog. Acts. But tax every one of my dogs it's a big melee. And this dog has my Border Collie by the road to Indy it's just screaming. And this thing had a death grip. I literally had to beat. This dog off. This other dog I mean I hit this dog isn't this your fault her for saving it done in bringing into a pack of dogs. I could have brought home another breed of dog in that incident would not passionately and a degree. It and they might have gotten a little snippy with the each other and they might have gotten a little bit. But not to the degree of death grip because that's a different ballgame folks and I witnessed and I'm like okay this is that I'll never deal list can. Please I don't have a dunk. But I am weird because on Saturday mornings sometimes I just lay there with a little bit maybe about getting over to what Alex dog whisperer. I feel like in her hand and give us. What you've done well I would've brought into this. Well first off well I shouldn't have any eyes slowly tried introduced him. Still. It's not what I took the house of dogs were in the house brought him and afterwards. Well what what went well Caesar Milan is malign and never done it that way. God mean damn well it looked at the political season and would never okay so you take the dog. And control. You need to have dug on the Asian joke and Earl right. That's a schism an all time at all fine and all talk and you get it it's facing barked back that he's just. I'd love that's. That's all you have to start doing that you begin to assess at this. Point oh. Yeah it's sort of I. Kelly. Text data was just beat the crap on me right now but you know what I don't care I don't really care I don't care because when these things are in the news what must post did just ignore it it's just ignore people are dying. He got you guys cops showing up yesterday and last night shooting threes dogs in the street because these dogs were more people I give me a break is what I weigh in really what scares me about that you guys for the because I watch onetime attack where this dog in the streets in New York to have you seen that when we know my god it is so violent it's more about. And it will stop and that's the scary part about that breed in my personal thing I think in the breed is good it's good that when it's bad exactly it's dead that's. All we're saying they were saying that if you got one you have a huge responsibility. And liability. That's guys I mean that is just comments it's. And so you're not we don't see it that way the nerve pulling yourself you really are an apparent. Having any dot you do have a sacred and the guardian I'm a veterinarian I spent and built a year yeah I am up. I am a pit bull owner. I do about the breed. I will say today that it you look at the exit expect you do need. On the highest rate of eight. Wounding people are bite into it and it went laboratory single retriever. My guess would be dead but the highest death rate would be without. Yet the most vicious. I think the most amount like public side so if I. A Labrador. Don't know Kelly Kelly Kelly. You have the other stat. What dog causes the worst injuries often don't understand what you're saying it's a lab Betemit today it would make the news. Story actually Wear a Labrador went. No none at Cali Kalish. Look. There in the last two days there have been three till four people stories three or four how do you explain that. Because they've public I don't like I will say that the to bite wounds that I have gotten in my ten years ripping up that are from ultra Labrador I just yeah. Not saying that the breed it doesn't in that aspect hate Don responsibility I would never say that. Haven't seen any news articles death by laugh at me either me I mean that's where I didn't. I don't know what you're saying our our week is it. Well let me let me let me finish so here's what she's trying to say is that I got bit by lab it wouldn't make the news if I got bit. It would make the news that's her point. What you Kelly is is that I I think I understand Hussein and for sure I get it because they have bad rap but on to say that Vijay has a point which is three violent attacks by. Iowa pit bulls went ending in death and those weren't labs yesterday. And you and you can't can't tell me. That if dorks were three events that ended that vitally wins Labrador you wouldn't be in the knows it would be in the news. You're yourself. Connie. We. Are being staged anything you do you are buried at. The funeral. Well is being. Well. I I am an owner and actually not every. Lot of speculation. It there may have a different breed at all. All right thank god and they're extremely safe fun time. I have I look at the American boat dock our nation that they are why. And my car it ultra ultra and from a life he had eight EHE epilepsy and it. I and it got economy were or miss the point here at the point is why is it why is it every time he read a story. It has got to do with something that ends a very tragically when it comes to dogs why is it always of people seems. Because you didn't tell you wanna. Politic. Because I don't I don't read enough to see other dogs 'cause they're out there I've just not seeing the stories that's it I'm jaded. Because I picked the publications actually just deal would pit bull death of expected a religion it is it's liberals are unbelievable that they from a shelf. I eat quiche and no I totally agree with you Abbie I figured it. Like I gotta they are you about that I Egypt get angry I hurried out. And she said that our highest great advice eat or whatever it. With Latin. It's because a lot out there at war holds and there are more of them and their grandchildren more and they clay. That it's ridiculous to say that they are more ambitious and by people who are and that ball. She added as a response C edit Amber's our ability and me ready to make its liability. And I don't eat Mac and had a responsibility. How many well a bigger responsibility Abbott. It's so I'm not. I love dogs I look I'm not seeing you should know what he just he got to take it serious OK can I just. Deep. Or Michelle connect negative art can I hold. And offers an inside me and I need to have a talk with Canada TV. The just humanize him a piece of sentiment is what this is what happened to me last. Okay Gary Phelan in the end of the cat right and so so are pretty soon they're got signs aren't looking into what I'm saying is they keen exe. What you and I seen. Because they see what they see and there's no it's like at trump Hillary carving. There's no changing. Them changing minds and unanimous all can agree on is so it's just one of the things leisure time. All have our opinions maybe sorry sight distance we're keeping an eye on this okay just keep it and everything I said I don't really believe in the. Envelope peoples'. I'm Smart I'm getting charged panic in the street you can share in it Richard I'm a couple. She. It's all good it's thank huge day for talking down here a great you need to buy census. Appreciated. And Alex.