BJ & Jamie: Porch Package Bombs in Austin. 3/13

Tuesday, March 13th

Package bomb in Austin. 4 different packages have blown up in the area of Austin they were left on people’s porches overnight and it is not clear if these people were targeted or just chosen randomly. The Police in Austin are saying if you didn’t order anything do not even pick them up.

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Vijay and game and there's a wacky story out of Austin taxes that is scare or. Especially this day and age of Amazon. Police and Austin have a merchant fleet if the package that is delivered to your doorstep looks suspicious in any way. Call 911 an already frantic search for clues ratcheted up as a third package bomb ripped through another name. 75 year old woman badly injured almost. There wasn't a fan base there was guys out of the box and she picked it back it's so should picket they detonated boom exploded. Came after another blast just five miles away before dawn. There would package it. Ernie in the eye of the home. Police say a seventeen year old boy was killed and a woman wounded inside their kitchen. It's unclear whether the victims more targeted. Now fears that a serial bomber may be on the lips the bomber is very specific they know how to make the triggering mechanism they know how to kill. But she is. These apt at Amazon or anything right they were just packages just packages. That's crazy but even with that if you woke up the morning because this is the way it occurred if you woke up the morning and you walk outside let's say you're about to go out the door you seal box. Each guy and god got your address on. What are you gonna go OK EEU might not open it right there but you probably don't reach over pick it up shaky think about it you know saying. Yeah that's exactly what happened as soon as these people touched. And move the box it exploded. It's not opening the box pages touched it. And if things they don't have any kind of leads and they don't know if these people were targeted or anything I mean I know we'll find out something soon hopefully yeah seems like it's his brain and out. And you know they say hey hey you know when it looks suspicious there's a box outside looking at let me tell you if you're married or or you know you got a girl from what from what it and you live together. Often somebody we'll order something you don't tell the other person you AA it's not even that important that you tell so you go outside and you see something addressed to give us say your spouse. You're probably gonna reach over and pick it up. You're like okay we ordered a donor she ordered silent again. There's just a sad story wasn't it about me not having anybody in my life. You don't have to worry about this. There are others out there that. It was not about you would not have to worry about trying to explain I'd like that was appointed me and ha ha a. I have neighbors and they get packages all the time that's very common for us to come home and they'll be a package on the front step and by their door. And all you know we have the standing thing if they're not all will bring it and keep it safe. Because I'd we have led to Wear that they'll drop an office in deals Alison yeah via you know. And certainly that's a that's scary because now that neighborly love them you don't want to be the neighborhoods like you can leave your package and no. This is scary it is scary. I mean and again I call it the package Arab because we're all I think people are getting packages more today than ever before. It's all because of Amazon. They're singing now yours I'm reading this it says that they think it might hate crimes because they took place at homes. African American and Hispanic. Residents. Off that simply a theory though again because I saw the there is SW six cents accent this SXSW. Upping the sell ice. Al west is a it's a kind of the convention slashed concert tea. Progressive I am not really sure what it is. But it's going on you know had apple in order for the weekend and that and they think it may be associated to that but I so the police chief on yesterday. Late yesterday I think maybe you last night and he said that right now we don't know Wheatley had no clue yet been minorities have been killed or injured in this but. They have no. Reason to believe that the victims are selected for any reason whatsoever so they don't well they just have no clue. This could unabomber's back and that's what it's like the unabomber is back. It's crazy this year. And now the item that amazes me you don't stop the porch buyers and. Yeah we. Austin, Texas for George Bryant. Mean to. Read up and grab a jump somebody else's report to be a port Byron Disco and on and what some of so mean so Smart to how they built it is here. Back to sing like an engineer. He has somebody has to know what to do one year because it shall teach you touch and move it in the slightest change. Whom he goes off. We could reach over kind of cute I think it. You barely moving up ultimately you could lead over you couldn't you know even maybe that's what if you walked out your front boarded gust of wind just yeah I'll just. And yes OK. They EU. And he'll explain just wanna make sure that you guys realize what what what this what people are building I exit scare the crap out of everybody. While this hasn't lost that service it's gonna happen anywhere else yet. Words sure here's the problem dear god. Did I haven't stepped up. To think about like this. And regrets. What did you just wiggle but yeah. I won't go any further than pop up that upsets everybody. I just say I hope I. They you don't get to copycat stuff you don't that's all I hope and I. Walked outside in the girl I get it. Home. We move on your. Yeah into weekday mornings on Ellis nice nice.