BJ & Jamie: Power ball is getting big. 1/2

Tuesday, January 2nd

The Powerball is getting big.


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PGA NG and aren't you know what a great way to start when he team would be if everything worked well that would work too yeah delay data but hey this is even bigger and bigger than my belly. I'll give me a code word two words okay powerball Pete. 440 Sony stuff on gadgets. And so it's an us too so there's two there's a Mega Millions a million powerball Mega Millions is that. I think 300 entity somewhere in the neighborhood and then power balls 440. Million dollars and the Mecca. The drawings tonight I think yeah. Harold daydream about what I did. Which is weird I never usually think about that stuff back I was laying there afterthought on TV and I was like why would I do and I haven't figured out. So what I do is I get a teacher you know that would it's 90% a school right and I'd have a teacher that traveled with us we travel all over the war. Would you rule would you let people know. That you want. Or would you just disappear. That's a ha look I'd let him now in the dissident. And that's not how would need to go to the Centennial and at a G fiber G four what did the deed. Just Digi key yeah anything GE N word I just. Plain. You would get your own personal plan. I don't Wear it again with the they get gitmo personal plane that may be it good on call yeah. Does hey Larry yeah I read some where Larry just. I doubt I'd be any US I've always agreed at a 51300 million dollars I'd be dead and six month yet we've we've really gotten I just over the top with all those hookers Sparano breaded that toilet with Huckabee but the people around me I wouldn't be good Gibbs I don't think I wouldn't make it longer I wouldn't be good millionaire now he's over indulge in everything. 440. Million dollars for the powerball that drawing is tomorrow night the Tibetan millions written fifty million I think it is in nets the night. So it. Speaking of dying and this is a weird thing so I went I was back home you know there's hope we Lloyd price's right time and when I was back home we sell the coolest vehicle so we thought it was a big old died. Wherever brain Amtrak right and it said Williamson county sheriff's office truck and in the back at a forum will like that you know four Wheeler. Like glue the motorcycle was clearly pulling a trailer she does in the in the bed of the truck right in because this does Dodgers. It looks well cool and to allay some of my. Wouldn't Williams can't get like get swept up four Wheeler think and it said mess intervention. Really bought drug money. It was a totally get that that stuff what notice its use format I don't again. But I'm saying that the reason your question was. When did they get debt meaning how can they afford that he year in our little towns but did you it would draw opening that's which drugs is out. Mainly so sad because what can. Hey we never meant everything I heard the word match. No it was me and like I remember those crazy people that smokes pot and they were like the new users. I remember that but does she really broke my heart and my son said. What's at math investigation. Unit. Will. Start happening. A lot of time so when a lot of cities. The smaller the town of big government problem is Silva. So I am because I it's just such a you sheet in a way that the its manufacture so so you're city now as a match up I. Except got a big back home. But yeah you have the bad I don't look at it but I don't like and try to tiny town they're fighting against and that they're not delivering yet. Yourself like your best truck itself out passages I still haven't ice cream truck hit meth. How weird it selling it to see him around town but it's still small and adorable in your home. I don't have a mail me and we have to go to the post office to get the mail Jamie how small and you don't wanna admit it is but your. Small hometown. Growing up. Given an adult to pick a few best truck in this and. There at Wal-Mart was apple and at its trip. To its. You can stop the beat us and they out there and just so far we've been known here for thirty minutes south of putting eighteen people laid on this point but a pale. Of the that Wal-Mart you gotta stop I know what to start a new year. The immortal. Alex I.