BJ & Jamie: Powerball $450 millon won by one person story of a lottory winner. 3/19

Monday, March 19th

One winner of the Powerball wins $450Million.. it was won back east and it all goes to one person. There is a story of a guy who won 19 Million he split with his Exwife and now he is totally broke and hooked on a $4,000 an month heroin addiction. His first purchase was a Gold PT Cruiser.  He now lives in a garage and has just been arrested for robbing 10 banks.     

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Vijay and Jane did you see the power ball. I'm so happy I. I yeah I didn't win again acted. One big winner 455. Million dollars in Pennsylvania thing. It's a stink and they see is. How did they have what I saw it their way is one million dollar winner in Santa Monica that matched the five or whatever so they won a million dollars as an Monica back. Wind up being asked winner. And that's happened with a half a billion dollars like three times in a row now. One letter and Harris. 400 odd million. It do you spend an immediate threat for one keep playing and I didn't mean. There was nobody dies of property and ordinarily do you know that's TV show that at the lottery ruined my life did you see the story out of weakened the former lottery winner in California not from Asia dispersed is not made the show yet. This line at 119. Million dollars. Yeah. This person he's won nineteen million dollars in the California law lottery Indy is broke is a joke as we speak. He went on heroin. He's right I have the article right here he won nineteen million in 98. But T had to give half of that to act like OK fine I get it that's mine okay so what's that that's. Nine million. It's nine point five that he gets to keep. Right then let's just say even after taxes or what it can I don't know if that was tech so let's just take so now we have four maybe five yeah. About four or five million dollars now I have taken retire I mean I wouldn't have lake and extravagant life. Like a nice little place down down. Answer not frightened for the rest and I think. I think I could I think we all can do you budget after budget right in black and Adam and and you have to work while he bought a gold PT cruiser. City. But we'll let me tell you support a candidate in the mean when you see some but it is just more than nineteen million dollar in person they hit keep at least six million or so a day after taxes ex wife and everything but the very first purchase you make. Is a golden. PT cruiser. That's aside it is designed that's a side that this person doesn't know what to do this month or so they're meeting student. And that was it that I think everybody she is seen as. I got there right there PT cruiser he also spent 4000. Dollars a month on heroin that's going to be assigned BJ 4000 dollar a word on here and I am I. PT cruiser the bigger side. I think. Would probably about yeah. That's us. Yeah okay I give it to you well lately he's been living in a bit anger it's okay. The browser I had where's the PT cruiser barge oblivion that he forfeited the vehicle outside it's gone. But now he has been busted doing black. Robbing banks that's right rob. So that guy is out of money. Going through an error with India PT cruiser in doubt this sleeping in abandoned buildings and did decided to get money back he'd robbed banks in the California. Or in Los angels area ten of them and it got four degree and at least elegant. Can rock for east either way I don't I want do you ever watch the lottery homes. It's a show where they don't. Well it's a show where gay guy I like the gay guy as far as naming them touted anyway assassination of there in houses to this that just won the lottery. Yeah and all big and so let's say that they will end. Mahmoud I don't know three million dollars work after taxes all that they're gonna back I have about a million and a half and then they go in there and then by the 900000 dollar oops and I. You let. So low you yeah because that's what 80% of the money just when you sunk into our. It's outlived what they don't understand this doesn't ever had a house like this before but the bigger the house to morehouse you get. The more than make hit and it's good that property tax. He impressed the a 900000 dollar home was gonna cost him property taxes in the upkeep it he got to figure it's gotten really good faucets and stuff inside the house right yeah. Up with a double wide hiding it well I mean if I find one point five million dollars election. I would never I am nine and 2000 and no I mean I just would not do enough and it makes it Cray get a feel like that said that I the realtor. That whatever decorator. Can lead them to the more expensive house and because on the TV show they always get the mark spent about Vienna. I think if I had OK let's see I get one point six million. After taxes. I feel like I'm that guy that might have. Mike sell everything to sell everything. 01 pair of shorts and one T shirt live on the beach ghost of Rica where they actually go to Arizona with us you know. The man went and a weekend who can lead a weakened in Arizona did and he had a pair of shorts flip flops into shorts that hit that day. Packed like yeah you do yeah and it was it was acted a dog carrier yet. Well it awful lag that wasn't nosed dog care. It was yeah but it looks like to duffel bag which is the state Malia picked the wrong the 1 done now that morning it was dark and have a archivist argued it would include Roman size at all here's here's some luggage and and I grabbed it it was a dodgy character by god on earth element to shoot an air that it brushed off we went and then. Every day in Arizona and a furry shirt on. Them. Yeah we make fun of you by Deepak. Our school headed for an impact that's the. I I. I'm still unclear if Arizona nobody cares and here's none of which there are some more anyway so they got that we didn't win the lottery because what we know now is that Magellan. It does that lady that collected. Hers last week she is to remain anonymous. Now so she doesn't have people pounding her because you got to figure desert wind Portland fifty to imagine the people that are gonna come out of the woodwork if you want that law lottery and powerball. I know I mean you you're gonna be still harassed when Jordan name gets out there. From everybody you've ever known in life. But you know something that these million millionaires like double quadruple millionaire. I'll. I don't know what it's like to be Smart you just happy like you just excited happy you know you go to coals gets in and have a new culture nets tonight. And like at night. Articles. Think so caught up in the lifestyle. You know the millionaire millionaire lifestyle and start like spin and took my friends when they sold their company for under million dollar yeah. It's from night to war in a room. Even though many guard Jodie his leg surgery lying she's big line. Nope but now I know it hasn't been very expensive and they probably has a wine cellar and they they do this world and lunch for the legs they don't know what they're swirling. I don't even know what are split. I decided not to use the term let it breathe. They haven't they detainee into earlier that can you know they they report that saying the F. Cantor right now whatever it the united breaking got to look at wide Brees who to a new record breach. And don't watch in the legs under the gloves are your saying that people like you meeting. Producer Sean are happier in life the Bill Gates. Then in the make friends like you can't eat. I'll try. I compete against Michael shirts each in importance on Alex.