BJ & Jamie: Powerball Fire Jamie wants snow. 3/8

Thursday, March 8th

No one won the Powerball last night. There is no cause of the huge fire down town yet. There was a guy grilling right around the corner from the fire. Last week a guy blew up his car with his aerosol deodorant.  Jamie is jealous of the East Coast and all their snow.


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PGA NG game a game and getting cash onion. You have a little bit like because powerball pizza out he says Wanda she's going to collect that he's considered somebody to break our knees. It's its argument if you are two powerball is behind right and another. Ten bucks. Yet ten dollars. I have but no ET fifteen he's got to get in next with what I have now nobody won last night and he didn't what is it 385. Million dollar. I've got to get in so. Little boy I'm about two dollar short if I am Al and a dollar that's all you guys have really didn't show on a short any cash on yeah. Come now I don't know but he. Simpson sadly I asked him if an election what's up. I never have catch up I never put about oh that's run us that's right. Are you still are he's still on your. Barlow who what is you gave you the Atlantic. Allotment and I'm like I don't know it CNN now all. On non don't have any cash you don't do anything right now and Leon allowance right yeah before I had been on an allowance that now we're not really. It. Just getting out of the at the horse actually at any any easy realizing right. Not sign an allowance is actually getting so big you know just cut off it'll be allowed to ask you you're lucky in the quarter with a dunce and yet. And I but I just wasting my allowance on candy and little down and nothing anyways this way it's it's being used her more. Important. I keep the lights on the racquet right. A horrible governments are asked yeah OK yeah RBIs went up at that Jack and yet 85 million here on my guys. I don't know I feel like I feel like shot at the smartly definitely everytime we play is just a waste of money yeah. A tough and it's. That you're his line in the higher balls. I actually feel like I mean honestly appearance and that he doesn't go get him well he's been accused of that and so yesterday he set out pictures are latest figures I did all he emailed everyone pitches because now they're accusing him of actually just pocketing your money for pictures of them actually with the purchase there are. I don't know those are legit tickets are not those could be tickets from a year ago because you don't really see the Daytona five I don't. The Ponzi scheme going on and I. And we did get big troubles of kids in need of them the ticket if it yet so it did immediately showed up to its 385 million dollars. And then yeah. Will be great big wiggle it back to fire against I don't know why it started and then they're asking for witnesses to actually call a special hotline. Might have been a guy and grill. Hold it right the multiple I have to show you that got by the got there grills a guy like really gives me. Asterisk if I can get permission suppose that picture via fire raging over here in this guy's brilliant and lead got leaders on the grill until we get the law from that fire is. Yeah ash. He needs and they even stronger Red Cross forum for that too because so many people's houses burned out that's the yeah and displaced into more hands too because didn't like the fire chief for something on I saw earlier this morning and it's could see it so patrols so fast he's like it's worked. He had to look at the end it's a construction site. Any kid at heart to offer like we're seeing in that sense I mean you know you never ate just about everything ought to construction site it's gonna be flammable right you seem like to add this junior implicate recommended in Europe that will not sleep then. They've recommended you not sleep with labeling you know that as sheep moisturizer from Australia Italy and Alan I think it's a limb when. Don't know what ignited and what these guys are definitely the hi guys and it's not in a two man I'm completely dried out and moisture eyes linoleum. And added to him and two and done little to. I. Maybe it didn't board. No slacker. Collar attitude is right it's collar rat I'm sure slacker does a Smart. Smart Smart Smart at Colorado you need to moisture anyway that's different Oprah. So well they said stop you messed up lately and because even a little spark to get to a buyer and a is that pretty and it. Last week bit crazy story to remember the story last week of the guy putting on the deodorant. Now now did you see that sort out. There's a guy sitting in his car Agassi was preparing for some meeting her something. I thought he was like. Good jewelry today so he went to put on deodorant and SEC Brady was spray right sure and yes he sprayed the aerosol Indians call our eyes. Any immediately put down near assault team are aerosol can't. Lit up a cigarette in his car exploded. On the field bloop double to topple the car that was still float around and yeah blew the car apart. In order Khartoum that it blew the doors right off this is Vijay do is fire safety tips this morning on March 8 at the nineteen but not 1915. 22 and I guess. They're saying stay away from that area this morning to the fire happened yesterday and it's just been downtown area of the eighteenth the end three letters that I do. And Edmond from Ed did that I don't. So public this guy right here right by the fire he's gorilla in this part of ridiculous. I like. Well. Like an advertisement or sadly I don't know the way he's standing there though he's completely blocked from the fire yeah I can't even though. Those fires going audience hears about a sirens maybe he doesn't know you're right. Can plot the east it's like these at a building you're probably out of those 67 stories. And he's probably on the third level in the entire building is between him in the fire so he's out on his patio Grilli and he may not even though there's fire in Atlanta. But Simpson. I. As a beautiful. I. Very nice isn't as I am jealous of these ghost did you see that snow but did hi I had the bearish. That's completely went there and I wondered one you know it's like yeah I'm over it now the value yeah I don't want it now I'd I'd be you know what we need the moisture okay we need the moisture urged carrier yeah. Yeah I look look look we needed editor I get it but I don't really what won them ready for spring I'm ready to move forward. No it's time to set your clocks and spring forward I'm ready to go. And in ads like one yeah we should have the time change in the snowstorm in the same weekend. I just up plus it's not fair rate locked. How soon it weird food that you have left at your entry certain parts of New York you know New Jersey they got up to three feet of snow yesterday. I. Jealousy that alas in the got another one on the way for the week. I've got to put my track in the form into I have that new Jeep in I'm glad to put it Portland. All youth. Except for when you go up in Iowa the children of snow you know not like just regular drive and marine who. So it works so you know you buy something that they're that you want to you know get out and do things with detainees delicate conditions to do it like that not that Ferrari and it grade the end of this April. Don't know the talking more like you wash your car your rate is Alanis Morissette song went. Does I mean. It is ironic isn't it. There Iran grants that that's what are we doing today I don't know what the hell I don't know round today what's going on but it's important on Alex. I.