BJ & Jamie: Prime Delivery Day is today! 7/14

Friday, July 14th

Jamie goes through her Amazon Prime purchases and they will all be delivered today. Bj thinks she has a really silly list of things she could just go down the street and buy. The list has Light bulbs, popcorn, bottled water, shoes and even socks.


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Vijay and Jamie Jamie let's get right at all those presents and gifts in front. It's I just told BJ just so BJ all the stuff that's come in my stride toward evening from Amazon because today is Amazon prime deliberate day yet. Everybody that ordered the couple days ago that the prime day. Your package you show up today and I saw yesterday where today could be one of the biggest. Boxes. That day. Of the year. People that. What I say it protector and would ever thought about why he Dylan putts yes you do that to be able. I'm not trying to do so many people on this pain you feel player you just. And it's not an act and to dissent that. Nobody the thieves would have chain here and witness instantly you know when you think I just planned it's somebody drug and we're pregnant and he heard me say what I just said yep and they said. We'll walk not going to work today well I'm just gonna go steal package as well I didn't think about stealing packages until you descent while some. Just dealing I have clearer. What's sure to be your house. Well I but he here I was. Ridiculous you picks I mean she was Amazon prime time buy this stuff when it's eaten go one mile down the road and get every bit of taking zippers. So I told the Diego I'm so did today. I'm so many packages come in today it's like it's going to be Christmas and he's like really woody get them like what I got light bulbs. This enters story I'll post them because of all the orders yes I got this is an island so far. Today come into my door are light bulbs. Because I always forget to buy light bulbs when I'm at the store every time she orders blue light bulbs on prime day. Don't you forget light bulbs and at the store no I'd make a store list in my thought of I don't. And stylish forget light bulbs in the nice sub prime day it was on sale led bulbs were hunting Osama. Oh my god I need light bulbs can I do it. OK I understand you need to start to your health it is it very dark. I got pushed the dash she knows she gets not as she orders not. From Amazon bang out of the that's hard knocks there in the shell salted the let's let's get the stash of stick deal how much work that has been for people who. Who put these packages on airplanes with people that have two sorties packages people to have to deliver the gas it takes to get it over to your house on the big rock that you UPS driver yeah and you have gotten not just. I guess that's fascia is so dead. In gel with the with the with the ads it says. Yeah. I got that and that I did get some white Ku antenna issues boom right in the. Were you I think they're cute okay of the speaker and it was when he three dollars they were I think I get the sneakers ordering that on OK so far your one for three. I got up and bit block X she orders plastic zeal blog. Because the and it's and I always forget the I always get tickets blood bags and loves it blocked eight. Much gas it takes. To get the zip lock bags over your house on a truck border and always like you blobs of lost bags. Anybody could not put to go to grocery store you this he's that funny poker and a half a cup. I. Pop pop pop pop got a bag loaded. She carries Jamaican feel addicted to zip lock bag on. And two died I gotta tell you I I use them for everything everything everything in the house lodge and I do yeah I think that I buy them right here locally I don't ordered them for me. What they think the jets somewhere. The sale. They they have risen zip block the sale could it piazza went back it was like 33% off. All that's pretty good and is give present medals okay. Now this was expensive. But they weren't Celso I'd buy. Because it's so expensive for EG water. From primarily. From primed and all this could be delivered yea I got feet wired as that water is expensive. Fiji Water as he got a virulent 18% off on people who left 18% 20% off basically the rights fees yes order water water. Heavy water is just to ship straight is free shipping it was yes no. Million out you're missing my point I got a case really adds free shipping on primed and yeah I like it. Ending GeMS like my ass guess what doesn't have to happen I don't have to pick up out and not a -- does shelves but then like cart. Walked up there and iron and but that didn't. My apartment and car that dragon have that out and nobody is gonna trick I don't know steps are stop. Puts him for UPS driver was one of those back braces on efficient effect that this is gonna have to do that today you don't feel bad about that making other people labor all this I think he makes a lot an hour my moms to be at work at UPS and a lot of money via they make great money I think to do to yeah. I don't know to make that they make good money and the benefits are fantastic and all that so it just. On the occasion did you blotter and John. Few racist should do it in the UPS there's no kidding at him and I also got some Smart pop. What's more pop on the top and Melinda ten tees and in order for popcorn. From Amazon. It's the black bag you know the black bags markup on the. The quality and find the ideas guy I think those boxes so hard when there. Just because it's like why are you ordering this up through Amazon. Comes right didn't know it's a bit stick idea. I allowed it I think it's very practical list I like everything on your list and I got Kyle. Sox again did that then rising. Eagle on my socks brilliant but look where I'm where my son Sox are now rankings immoral and it's not so I got a bit like. 44 packages white crew sucks. When he corporate owner of white Christians like this to all those mismatched with the way you win album. 24 crews can all lead to this. He better hurry and got home today. I delivered there when the bar just to raise them I know you don't get that I am panics I elected I am. Yeah. I have when he items coming from him. In June he was telling me yesterday hey. Get this she just figured out how easy it is to return something deploy and she just figured it out. I did because I usually keeps them that yeah and all you do is print data labeled no payments each. And no explanation you don't have to have. Anything defective or you deduced that label told an audience. That ticket to the PS store yet there is amazing thought he had super fantastic I would say the funniest thing I size. One thing I did buy it won't be here today and actually says was just loaded on a boat from China. And as a blue boat jacking with Italy this is a slow vote. Floated the boat from China and the boat is going to Kraft makes green are hot sauce. Obama could get that's fun. Boy did you gotta get two day delivery on that but that's I said yeah that is still in it in the ocean route if you can he's gonna stigma and it was only seven dollars. Albeit I know you're not allowed to know that there are a lot of people that are very excited for their packages to that because so many people ordered on prime day. And it pays lip read. And you said we're looking to be excited and Susan opened the box and it's nuts. Not to let it. Exactly what I said it's an act. In the importance. I.