BJ & Jamie - Prince hit on BJ's EX Wife 4/22

Friday, April 22nd

BJ was at a Prince concert and Prince picked up his girlfriend! Prince kicked Kim Kardashian off his stage at a concert and he beat Charlie Murphy in basketball.


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Vijay and Jamie you remember the song. Game Kamal you want I didn't like about parents to be honest well there's a couple of things like about prince and I know you're not to say that isn't dead but I will send. Personal he went through this phase where you weren't allowed to look him in the IB which is so stupid that we were just talking about how are you so stupid he was really bizarre it's like okay we're gonna go into this over prince. But you're not allowed to look him in the I think. What do anything with you I. I get a I'll concert in that table for a 1996 we went to the show. And we were supposed to do some backstage and actually meet him but he Bhutto lost he said no we're not gonna do this but he was a Torre as for what he did concert the city he would go to a nightclub. I don't show up at a nightclub in hampers concert and play already like crazy or play a set below B a player said. Yeah he would get on stage play is set so my ex wife she claims to this day. That prince hit Iraq. Yeah yeah like we were in Tampa. We had a show and I never a morning should do next day or so you don't mean concerts Jamie. Yes and after about two songs on all gun rights so I think I heard one and a half prince songs and I hit the dough right and her friend they decided to go to this nightclub because the record person told us that's where it's gonna go. Sure enough for it shows up he gets on stage who do a couple of songs scraps went nuts she's side stays because you with a record people. H senses aha. That he was pleased solved he was gay it's a little Paisley park dance. Scooted over her way and winked at her and went like this come on up and really has figured she. And that was DJ I can't go with you I can't go to. He came up there hoop and. Now. Which she got home and I remember this is explicitly say can you be shorter or black thought. It. I know and at. Actually he was extremely toxic gay and she was drunk operator which he got how are you know that story's true or not. That story has hung around for twenty something year yeah. I don't know that the print store exactly sure what Indiana feel like there's some holes there sometimes mixes well. Body. I'll I could see him doing it but I don't know who. I don't answer my wife got hey come on up here from France she'd be light of. He'd be out there are so fast no GB like clay that was so yeah. Does that act on the right up there is that John forgive me. Two kids but it didn't seem to fill its yeah. She'd be back up dancer Patrick so fast faster go low freezing through. Well Ed so he did the whole thing EPA recommending I would send his legs I can't stand an artist vague idea all these rules and roses over him that day because there isn't what you mean we're gonna go there we can't look at in the did do is Darren and now a checked. And try to make I can adapt to where it. And then the other thing is that Michael Jackson's on neverland grants. Michael had this big basketball Courtney Love to play with celebrities and ask about brands and so he added special pair of shoes made. For prince that we're high heel basketball shoes. They Wear you remember your hunt them down with anti. Remember those hi Gil they look like tennis shoes elect away each yeah yeah she's and they refer friends and their basketball issues. It's early yeah I was. I don't want to play basketball and these I. You know and I heard a story and the candidates voted for high yield basketball's Shia government help towards that. Don't appeal this court trend. But I did hear this yesterday I think there's this whole bit it to. Eddie Murphy's Brothers and Charlie I think Charlie Murphy Arlen Charlie Murphy does this whole bit about time he went to prison prince's Paisley park. And play basketball and other. And prince kicked his own video on and I feel bad about I don't know but he does this whole bit about how rates kick his butt. Does anyone know for a game of basketball how about you and your friends vs me in the revolution. These days salary he had his helpful we're going gates them I showed some speed and gave to us that left him like this is gone before. They care. Look at them now they still missing boy. Yeah well they know anything about employment but they work. They know what. Don't list the certificates to black out. Handlers and they don't know did you book Rezko this can't go blown. The label. He was crossing K. We've been clicked off well smashed that there. And today. Front but computer blew me darling Nikki. Great gets out with a high value amid. When you purify yourself in the waters of lake minutes Hulk. In your face. Game. Blouses. Easily shot. ME here's a little guy that weighs what eighty pounds Zach he's five foot two. And he took Charlie Murphy debt that. Any other thing is I I think you know and then burst movies is not too with purple rain here in that motorcycle ruined it. I hated that motorcycle. If it back. It was partly. That I didn't gold will yeah. I'm roll bars and decide if it protects access safety. Don't know let's roll bars in the side of his motorcycle that took. A. I don't know Stacey did not that it's anybody like him you know let the motorcycle isn't the easy part is at yeah I saw a picture yesterday he's got a room and parks we look advice. I mean it looks like a Kroger warehouse. Yeah hours and you know safely whenever. And but inside them that it becomes you know his studio was living quarters whatever. But inside the place he's got a room that's got a lot of his memorabilia from a from his career. And the motors go is up on a ledge that's been built into this is suspended in the here. Maria yeah. Last but he still has that problem right motorcycle and anger in the movie for me and look at it. It. Thought I. This is not only say yeah damn thing right after I think granted they got and the lakers some months was right after they they would even do it's blatantly stealing if you're ready right then again remember they have leg and. I saw the purple rain just like. A few months ago actually really it was on cable news. I I don't know the certain movie so I stop on for some weird reason for lending is freaky Friday I did the yeah yeah you know I just duke and down I'm what you get it was looking at it now what that was a corny movie I think hair styles for a horrible and you're right the roll bars on a motorcycle. I mean got a very good movie when you think about it. But I didn't watch the movie in need. I forget how just hot at colonial. Right girl will smoke it when I went to see it because I told it was my first concert in in Saint Louis is that she that he Cheaney. She leaps Sheila eighteen glamorous life right instantly begin actually that. He was a great dramas this is I think I have some Sheila. And because like Alan those two are still open she is good the death she was really got is she's alive. Who died recently at vanity and that was his girlfriend at one time right I think so when she in the moving. I know am I O'Neal was well apple remember her yeah she was the hot girl in the movie that I remember yeah there were hot. This is she'll leave. You're she's an amazing drummer. Water and John. Kinda like that type you would see the blue men group. The way they similar yeah don't think. So they don't pay date you. But here's. Yeah bizarre prince whose whose arm whim let's talk at this point but. But heat that got us talent being Italian island I mean we're not talking you're just playing mariners. He played every instrument you could name like even the piano in a way afloat via. I Donnie was really like huge. And wishing and so does an extra slowdown I think the music that some early. They'd need to say that he can play the guitar or piano I don't know if you complain of flu that the steps. We ran track. Absorb that. I have told you I saw it. Republican no other show says that the. For a reason yeah. CJ into each weekday mornings on Alex. Nice nice.