BJ & Jamie - Puppy Eats Pot at Red Rocks 5/12

Thursday, May 12th

Puppy eats pot that she picked up while her family was walking her at Red Rocks.


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Vijay and Jamie the other thing is joining you know more about this tonight doing press unit adept hop world are yeah. I cheated. Zain did you know. Saying that you are a cobra and king kid on that. You are now he goes the phones he is then when he was a Dorgan. None listening and here. A warning that also a health issue a warning came out yesterday that Colorado vets are treating more and more dogs. That are coming in because the eight pot. I think that's. It's possible free market I think that's that's. A true story because I think that people are leaving stuff out and dodger curious and dogs will eat stuff. The dog or pots on this I had adopt the net debt would eat pot back in the day if he was left around on the table they would scoop it up. And eat and so. Those apartments are on fire over there once yeah. Think you're right that's my bet is that a I resent Zach dogs that show and I'm asking you this has been in your dogs ever gotten into the stash. I had a dog getting into. Some pot one time and he uses dogs get the same side effects as humans are the IZ munchies I don't think they get them into citing its far worse of a cycle active affected -- and affix their brains to work like when it happened at our dot key. Couldn't even lift his head up it was freaky I called the van I was scared to death. Because he was little lethargic couldn't stand up be put him on his lazy just follow her. Somebody blew pot into my cats. Bass yeah that's not cool. And I wasn't close really. Irritated because. As Mac I love my cat but he is just I had the I didn't mean stuff on it was my galaxy yeah. Yeah Brooke I'm reading the story you're showing yeah. Years and a very serious about this okay but they say more more stoned dogs are coming in to the vets and they treat him by giving him not like I beast that kind of trying to get it out of their system but they don't say any thing and hear about it being like deadly New York are really bad for the dog it's just that. But the dogs are coming and that way and I'm just wondering if it's like deadly. I would think that it's not good but in that story I believe that that does say no animals have died. No no they totally get the munchies they do this is pat Tilley is the anti drug profits its effects if I. This story is about a puppy that he spot in red rocks right yes. Hopped in Lakewood recovering tonight after a major health scare the thirteen week old golden doodle went for a walk at red rocks but. By the time the dominant and we came home the puppy was unresponsive so we just that we had tired her out. Coco wasn't the same ability to record at the ER that diagnosis. Was shocked the first thing that they asked me is he smoked trunk and I was taken aback by the question and I said. Now it turns out Coco eight marijuana. And. Coco got into the plot. Yeah while I don't know what DS side effects are good it's a big problem here in town I think I don't. He put it on that and I think Coco saw this little piece. It's this little covered wagon. Yeah didn't predict it yet let's get now right and I don't flag it that way is little is so well. No mood to listen to you take your dog a two redrawn for concert he's been fonts broad. Lot of partners not a lot of moderate block what is it well. Well because that just made me think of that I mean after a concert the place to be is the goal culled red rock exactly people are doll like. Now I dropped my stack. And yeah. Go pick up and rugs on the steps. I'm not going to go high and is there. I I wish them all and they treat you make jewelry and well only. A wallet. It's sad I'm fat. And low numbers and got a producer do we have picnics each image we see more on Alex I.