BJ & Jamie: Randy Travis Naked DUI arrest. 12/5

Tuesday, December 5th


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BJ and Jamie. I'm sitting here watching this video of hello Randy Travis. Oh my god can you grab that audio nicer to make sure all the afford and stuff for a cardinal the best yards and Randy Travis. It would this happen. I need more than a year thank god pentagon. See it happen in 20120. Hi there because. Used Hilary do you transit. He had a massive stroke remember that's right he had a major areas yelled he's been back in the public. But he had a massive stroke like 2000 through two nevertheless the in Texas in its tried to stop this but in Texas. The sheriff's department down there has released the video. Of country music star Randy Travis. Being arrested in 2012. For a DU. Indeed if it's like you Barre Z it's like oh I. I don't even know what they do this well they released this is Abbie what good did that comes from this. Does he routed just for our regularly apps like OK that's public property. You know should be able to show this. But with the Internet dissing sort of fly around everywhere. Randy Travis is so drunk and completely. Nature of as they have him handcuffed. Carty him all you see everything. That you see everything well they put the little pixel they run their foreign. But other than that Ivins and what it's yours it's Barry barracks in brain damage scrambling for every walk it's. I said I don't watch that quite disturbed by it I'm like gee you. Q does utter FaceBook page consumer ball are actually put it on the annals above nine. BGG Jimmy Page and Allen hospital fund on dot cops whose real wealth will share it over from there right now. So yeah now I can see why the family wanted to try to keep this from being released. Because there is it's no purpose it's not gonna help I am or is Cates are the State's case. It's just. It just makes the poor guy look real real back oh it's terrible I was there aren't released an out of my hand they would fight we will get back to this'll later on in the show but if you haven't seen this video yet. Would show the sheriff's department put out from 2012. But it was five years ago. Ed why they're compelled to portray India's young suffered a stroke and he's like in no doubting out. It did this services these. Oak not cool to act it's really. It's important. I.