BJ & Jamie: The reason men cheat on woman its the womans fault 4/23

Monday, April 23rd

Jamie reads a top 10 list of why guys cheat on their wives, BJ and Sean share their input. Turns out, women do lots of things that turn their spouses to mistresses. Not all guys, of course.


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Vijay endgame and this is a big big day. Hopefully this changes Jamie wide for after ever I hope so this is this is a great fine. I meant. What they did I live my life always saying things like why did they cheat why I don't know why they cheat at it like everything's great why just came up with high income of it. Researchers have come up with a list. Of the ten things that women do that may. And of the hour make many cheap bastards cheat. This is a huge day with huge day because finally it's admitted it you ladies if he thought that you guys have no integrity. The exact and moral purpose and is he if you really boiled it down. You know it was Khloe card dashing and maybe a trip to. Spin those indictments would those five stripper hooker whatever yeah. It was hard or something she did have a either well. I mean I would tell you that some of these guys I am very guilty I'll bet. It happened so. You. Also have to shady as I was targeted to somebody about this. And he and I have both cheated in our relationships and we're really honest about it and I should Steve they actually give your diet and I'm done let's tell each other we're done. But that's cheat on each let's just tell it like I'm delegates onboard and whatever. And we both agree. Because we're adults I'd like when you grow up a good idea that this is a disgrace of an anchor if you argue though that's our. I want to know you think that'll work because we both agreed that we will tell you jealous like wind and we're not into the S. Mower and we won't she will just and do you think that that looked like he is a think do you think that to be able can agree on. No I got a list. I am I don't think so I don't know even the hasn't been cheated got in cheated on others that we are really open about. Like we're never doing that again to somebody. If the I don't know that it's gonna happen. What women do before the end of the floors of the chief yep pretty floors as well may be on our mood swings. He can forget OK aren't I could see a blue Detroit because he gets old. Yeah and so when that you guys go and find a lover they're always after. And a topic that you really are at this though. There's so happy about if you pay your rent stuff like that that helped write that helps that there are always like upbeat happy and jealousy. Drives men crazy they dislike this behavior. It says it's always in like earlier. When you put the phone ringing layer yeah that would be doing Berrian. And disgusting your sex life with friends. Women do the slot young men hate it. I guess live league and groups of girls were like yeah. Yeah and then you guys like Lee you told them one. Yet there's certain things yeah there's are somewhat awful and you don't really talk about it or guys who anyway. But you ladies he has seemed to just jet Chad Chad Chad Chad you just can't stop talking about it. I am getting upset easily. It says you know you men have no idea even what you've done half the time let's say in that you left your fingernail clippings in the sink. And you didn't take up the trash and mistress never have to deal with that reality of you and you'll never hear your mistress them bitch about the tracks that's what makes mr. episode of good that they're great you're right it. Am finding ways to avoid sex. You know if that setback. To music and ready to pay seven. My son's dad. That's tort man after I had my kid you know my dad I didn't even want him around me let alone have and again it's so I feel like. Disturbing answers what to porn you know oh. Boy you. Literally have that. I would add is not just dealt with that's exactly did it dozens. I like Katie relationship builder who's up. I mean yeah for UC paid use suggest he get it out and being a Maxi don't get any better yeah well. And you can tell things were on the el yeah who we didn't make it nothing new that yeah. I have not seen here. Needing constant reassurance flake always seem like my dad is my hair look pretty good idea I just nasty like this is all that we don't feel confident about her looks and so we are begging you all the time. To tell us how pretty we aren't all that I don't mind that Shia unless it's like daily. Okay did then did so report every now and then I don't mind. Yeah did you guys don't even tell us exactly the idea told Italian yeah I look. Yeah and I did this thing around like I got you look really nice when we're gonna go out few really great. Yeah and thank you. What is ready to go physically sick like Pete what did share food restaurants. I guess women wanna share food because leagues until closer to their partner. And and men hate it that we pick up your with. No I I don't wanna share food with usually enough. No we're not like breaking bread together Linda in order yours how order much but left or even take golf what is. Shot with our bonds so does a true story we're angles don't. And everybody got food and our bus really have a cheeseburger and shining the other acts between. Fans might know her brother read a stat book that date yet Deb Berger had bacon on it from wine and a. Hate Condit so it's still yeah we know that whole side was not and I made until he had bitten and and get out that was my payment but then in the ribs a lot of it was. And asking many questions. What kind of question. That's I don't know RC years says I'm too many questions maybe it's because you partnered in sniff out. No luck according to survey 65% of men found his irritating that you keep asking questions. The Glendale where to go but he did win it would it would be where he. Kodak to see you dude there's the look. I really love my boy you just ask a question when she said ask a question yourself about what that was a question Alia. And finally the last thing that may say is theme now what I think number one drum roll seventy. You away and makes you go with a mistress what is it we'd okay your looks and your height. Yes it gaffe gap and it makes you guys really. And insecure it makes you feel undesirable. Image she still am not that kind of you lose confidence it says it's a huge turn off. But you miss just to tell you like oh my god I've never had some decent grade and my god he looks again and I got to my got to my god. But your eighths shall say. In a pundit. What are you girls do that. Otherwise maybe isn't what why do you all because let me tell you and as a guy. I can't even imagine. Any physical trait that you would have that I would bring up. Repeatedly yet you would die. Yeah yeah I would I mean it completely off. What makes for a guy it is I can't generate that persons who pudgy. But now person could use of boobs of they can build wanna say he's that you see what I'm saying or maybe their hair color that you chose his ridiculous. But. Yet you could pick things if you wanted people. Ever go there. Yeah but you'll ladies have little problem doing to us and my. And I can be honest. And kind of me lean again. I've been mean mean I mean mean but like I liked. Well for example remember them we dilemma we all knew a well he had like this ravine in between his eyes yeah like you have. This ballroom. Yeah. Just slams and she did I tell people stuff we can fix together. So I just said listen when I look at UIC is that she monk is wrinkle between your eyes and it makes me crazy because has hair growing. An X I down deep inside their. You know like almost a right rabbits down deep and they're making it really get an okay. So I took to madam get Botox fixed it. Fixed it. Slim I can't she felt better about himself after that have assured. When no it was fervent and get that made him look good for although more zodiac after me exactly. So that drove him to TD yet on the list it is and they should it's really hurtful when women do with their height like they I guess who say things like. I guess it can't really stilettos Jordy. Not just cool. Not a shadow or not that I can Wear these photos your untested at the LA and their inning and they see how that would hurt relationship. But that. But yeah the first involved a guy that is. Short. Shorter then his never get a partner who. You don't wanna be reminded of that yet you you know what it's almost like a site that game you'll play. Try not to be taller than me he's an idea if this is silent gave me a suburb but we don't need to discuss it we don't need to talk about it you don't need to Burt drive it home ET. We are still I don't know does that mean we're the day I said Haig as they get released eleven shorting. Yeah I think it was about my side and what happened to him. That the that the Oprah that exactly but. I like that list up looked like up hopefully that's what she's taught you so that the that doubted an inch and more on Alex I.