BJ & Jamie: Report says Medical Weed does nothing for pain and PTSD. 8/16

Wednesday, August 16th

BJ has a report that says experts have found that CBDs do nothing for pain management or help with PTSD.


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Vijay and Jamie. All boy this is a new study that's gonna make people mad. Now I'm now are glued to be made. Well I just wanna get this out there was released a couple of days ago but if you're a marijuana user and use it are paying that. Here's a new study that sued boy you know like. A new marijuana study about pain. According to a new study there's absolutely. No evidence that marijuana helps for chronic pain. Or post traumatic stress disorder what so ever. Brit. That's according to a new study. So pain and post traumatic stress disorder cut here's what they haven't picked up Rudy tell you how they did for. They took let's say a thousand people that they don't see how many but let's say powerfully can't make up Norman let's say on let me let me see that article. And I this is a thousand deep the 2000 people. None of them smoke puff them. But they have chronic pain when they take like hammering at their toes without ever know they all. They had chronic pain probably taking painkillers and other drugs that kind but he didn't block. That's sixteen year then. They had the 1000 people to chronic pain. Smoke marijuana. It. So a thousand times over expecting it to be a bit of regret. Mike so so they hate smoke the pot a bit it'll only eat it you're not pot smoker when he goes they smoke not hot. I don't smoke marijuana I don't know is Sally so unlike another not so it's cool kids back to saint sounds so I'm Blake. In our duty again. Yeah took a thousand people and they took rip off a bomb. Hey yeah. Christensen what do you. And that is there an analog to make it stop it twisted them which sealed in only 28%. Of the 1000. I'm only 28%. Said they felt some. Relief. Okay well I have some raising to this missile story. Obviously if you go off of some kind of like it in or some I gathered super strong. That day turned up demeanor road dad triggered him these magnetic media who cover agent of the inner brain. Whatever the cranial cortex. That's a real open payment but it saved in the super strong like that to get any relief from marijuana. He can't go from that took some kind of chronic pain met you know actually gotten whatever it likes and we'd go. Where energy and of course not working. Well according to this study it does nothing it does not do no no no no now the people that believe in medical marijuana are going to be quite upset when this because a great. Hey Rachel. I'm gonna tell you something so you know doctors trying a gu. CNN yeah Aaron should exercise it who Jake. He didn't believe in marijuana is that right and people were mad at him I mean the marijuana users of the world where Madden especially with kids. They used a drops you know the teacher is teaching. Knew that stem cell especially those are moving just to Colorado together kids' medical attention or he wasn't buying what and guess what. Doctor Su and Jay can Jay whatever that. His name is he came here Conrad. Right yeah and he saw these little kids that are having seizures or having all kinds of of medical problems. He walks. And filmed them getting a drop. And being completely fine able to ride a bike. And now he is the biggest proponent who loves marijuana believes that if he even got on CNN and apologized. Read it yet it has captured and I watched it. They said you know lack I was completely wrong I don't judge do you people and now I just watch it with my own eyes and child. That was having seizures that bothered but those droplets in the little kid's mouth and then the next thing you know he's. I have done this guy he's a doctor there that kids are the pace I don't know I don't know I don't know what idea. I'm just giving your study that was released two days ago that says 28% out of a thousand people. They're the only ones is so any effect whatsoever and I'd get this would do the same study they did it again and this time the marijuana wasn't there at the beach he wasn't there right so it wasn't there in 16%. Without the marijuana so they felt better. You know the lead just telling you that it's elegant it may be used smokes and me and maybe you'd be fascinating. Your chest like everybody else cheat and lie when somebody. Would have to study yet to counteract counter a contradicts what ever it is you believe this thing you want to blow it off that suggest that. Hacked me because I told you. When IC said that on television and makes you feel like I have knowledge right even images CNN whenever Chris got that good dad guy or whatever his name is I mean it was amazing I have to be honest for the just like that water that caught on fire from fracking could yeah. Pretty amazing stuff here. I'm knowledge and fracking and medical marijuana. Those are the degrees off I don't care one way or the other okay fracking or Maryland. Well either one people I don't know what would be the marijuana crack for medical use. Hey if it makes you feel better go for it use it I got no problem we'll. I'm not is never hey he's never at bank you know light. And he's always don't yet you know what can be always stone is up cleaning he hasn't made it that's. So there is paint there's still pay trust me. Inch in Morton's on Alex I.