BJ & Jamie: Rockies lost and man laughs like a chicken 10/5

Thursday, October 5th

the Rockies lost, Rocktober is over. watching sports can actually cause stress to your heart says new study. a chicken farmer laughs like his chickens.


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Vijay and Jamie. He's got a game that they've got to win. I don't win and Justin yeah you know. A woman just back even bar. As does have in those here I think that says no hope I don't the F say anything. Boy that was ugly it. The Rockies had a chance. And chance and win though they had to win this one game and. They didn't if he didn't see the game last night. Rock holders over and over and. I saw this study just came out and what I. We're living it right into the that you pay and work that is let me just say what you study that we just lost hockey you have a study and. I can't find him I have a kind of memorize the study sheds let's. That watching sports stresses people out. I believe it says that and I came by there and I'm reminded that says. It super duper stresses people out of you urged Iraqis game last night you stressed that it's. Stress. Yet you know any carries over to today because here because I'm a sports fan kept so for me I'm sitting here this morning the playoffs are about to start. You've got the Dodgers you got the Yankees got all the big games in the Rockies have the chance or had a chance to be there and now. We're done it should be. Well all you guys your blinders and girls are doing in your recliner injured given yourself. High blood pressure and you're giving yourself early heart attacks by sit there and that's what it's not. It's so good when you win Beckett. But when you win Jamie the stress is when you lose. They'd see it they said watching it in general no they didn't say win or lose they said when you're watching it. It's more stress when you move well. Earnest but it did talk that is watching in general it stresses the be Jesus out idea and so you are on your have to ask you want some happy news. It's a bit I don't know who by the way the rest W nosy there aren't like you when you watch tennis years haven't you did show me. That's not fun to be a deal. Like you these huge right now it's fun to be around you right now we're dealing. Less so I try to give us a plurality or am I OK okay. What we played so okay what do you plan have you heard the chicken farmers that labs like his own chickens. It's a happy story. I have no you don't forget about baseball folks for and it's over. Okay season is over there won't look it up next year okay. Here's a chicken farmer now granted this is like in the Netherlands or somewhere he doesn't speak English but listen to the guys left now. Imagine if Sean you know you can relate to this shirt chicken farmer yet it's just right. Here's a guy and he has left is identical to his own ticket list. Yeah. Am concept for entertainment. And send does that make you get over the loss last night and I think so am. I just connected. Don't know we re checking with an iron which were that there is no cheeky. This is. I heard ticket in the way background yet but mainland if you hear is him that. Oh and there's not a chicken in that story tax bill that's that's the guy I'm in the last thing. Here and there's no ticket is this is black. You you have to see the video that they were all add up and the Mets but it there that great you can hear some of these standards but the mainland. That you hear in the really loud. That's yeah. Coming up next to me PGA. It's a thousand dollars and again oh yeah got the sea grant got a code word for you. Yeah look good next. Yeah. Yeah. We did more.