BJ & Jamie: Roseanne Reboot ratings were huge 3/29 (Audio)

Thursday, March 29th


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BJ endgame well I'm wearing my Roseanne for president T shirt. Yeah the ratings she. Didn't she hit yesterday Jamie look at this she had did yesterday she won't run for president and a patent yet she's she's written before. She did you know it was before she threw her name in the half but yesterday she made the comment that maybe it's maybe assert the there are other America loves her maybe it's her I've got a rose in progress it's easier putt. If you are these made up guys. I like. Thirteen million watched him. That's crazy it's eighteen million do you realize in this day and age with the L everything that's out there would Netflix and fluid streaming and everything to get eighteen million people to watch a sitcom is absolutely phenomenal yeah. To get everybody together once auto reboot of something that was you know is it that stopped in 1997 had a ten year round and you you're gonna re do the same cast and you get eighteen milieu. That's crazy I was at my friend Kelly he does morning show in Kansas City yes and that he posted was that he took calls from people in Kansas that the al-Qaeda. They did and that's it it's. He's not dead I was shocked that my entire audience did it well that's a bad bad screener jobs by his producer I think it. The group of people on the air he said everybody get real. Back and that was weird chance that it won't play. I could see in New York or Los and then I got a lot of sub basement yesterday I want I don't hate it but I really loved it yeah a lot of that part of evil yes. Well you know as a bit of proof is in the bloody we'll find out what happens over the next few weeks but when you think about it though. Are they an eighteen point two million watching Roseanne. The reboot of American Idol their premier was only twelve million acting is over. I just say it that you would think that a sitcom would not beat out something like a music show. Show I heard Sam hill talk about American Idol yesterday and she said that death England seeing Katy Perry told the girls or were there wasn't enough slots more than. That it was a group a girl group for whatever that was like three of them there's really slots for duke and they all are crying. If she's I was really mean. That TV period money. Action news I can see it was horrible to block and snarling Lionel Richards or Richardson. I completely separate is is a good guy but at TD I mean she's a dabble I'm junket that we actually have a clip of John Goodman and he talks about issued ratings on Brazilian apparently all he gave me it's. Oh number one his parents. John congratulations. Men. Did you expect that kind of success. People site that might be a little bit political and how would you respond to that. Got it easy easy as political enough like really just south politics of sorts of things yes. It is this sort of artistic. These are respected we need to see like like in middle America type family who might be more inclined to vote for trump what we're not at Oakland. The head of the Finley in this. Room hurriedly. I don't know we'll see it. He's gonna die at home go home. Very core enthusiasts well I get. It. This of this terrible act. This sounds like he doesn't give a date night I had heard that Clinton's snapped up. Allen here and defeated it and I think that's what I. Lazio while the job. That that's huge ratings yet there is an old team and then again you know second week third week Shari T should put up the weakest they teasing what's the next step so I get to watch. Yeah it's in the first no it's right on the main page of the year you know whenever one demand. It is yeah yeah and then I'll check it government have generally weaken the out just yet we knew we want to. I think she she she pleaded yesterday that the next episodes going to be about how she's got a troubled. Teen age granddaughter is it. You saw her yes yes like OK yeah cheese crumbled darlings daughters he was kind of feisty and upper steps she's gonna shake her up. I mean it is a real family crap that first day and for how. I think an idea how I I think what's funny enough given away for you because immediately John Goodman dealing with them the fact that. That his grandson. Is when you call it wouldn't. And trans. Gender. Two instead he can't see Annika these old school the I can remember you still like John good I try to let. And you can't. Pretty delicate. Not that they didn't you let that thing I don't have my apologies. Each inch we see more on Alex I.