BJ & Jamie: Roy Halladay was hot dogging his plane before crash 11/9

Thursday, November 9th

 Roy Halladay and the plane crash has new videos surfacing. The designer of the plane was even killed.


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PGA and seem more more news coming out about this Major League pitcher named Rory Holliday who it was from right here it still are better west right. Yep this year. Major League Baseball pitcher for a thirteen years. Very very good Cy Young award winner he was killed in a plane crash he was in a small plane Gulf of Mexico in crashed and now video starting to surface this guy was doing some race stuff in his air. Yeah I don't know what it was doing. He is out over the Gulf of Mexico and according to eyewitnesses they said that he'd been showing up out there. Flying this little T five. It'll prototype airplane two seater. Over the Gulf of Mexico doing these birds are quietly this guy is fiftieth aircraft so it couldn't it's what you guys call it injects keeps her an airplane condit's a jet ski with wings they call it right and a itself what do. And there's been did you go in and we pitched yesterday that there have been other crashes with the particular aircraft. The guy that actually does so our it was killed. I knew to test pilots was he a tennis player he was the designer of the aircraft itself and he was killed by. So Roy is Al over the Gulf of Mexico is he doing east of where he's lying like to feed off the water into heat up being. It's crazy. Here's what they wrote on October 13 I have dreamed about owning at age five since I retired. Real life is so much better than my dreams thank you Kirk and everyone it icon aircraft. He loved this airplane he loved it until I guess he was doing some hot dog and a little bit hot dog which makes sense it's a little airplane Philly can pretty good that Wright is like. Him. Yet if it does make sense but what he was still in hot dogging it at 500 to a thousand feet one think but to be hot. Hot dog and get to feed off the water. Is that a little risky I think Kennedy saw what happened here I mean. I don't blame the guy whatsoever it's just that what he was doing was extremely dangerous but maybe he just needed that to you the need for speed is about. And by the way you were just talk about the designer in the test pilots and now that were killed they were doing the same thing they were flying over lake. Yeah and they are also doing the same thing and they were going you know yeah and then they crashed. These kids. A column kiss and they were teenagers are no teenagers that have the video that all up when I want to look at these kids. They they showed up this is just outside of Tampa Florida they showed out showed up. Out of the Gulf of Mexico at the beach. To watch Roy A for about three or four days in a row because he'd been out there every single day doing the stunts so really so they showed up and they would videotape. And these two guys. Teenagers I think they were there at the morning that he crashed. Until they have it until they have there are no video a listen to this now all they see is obviously they're there and not right there on the scene but they see the plane go down. Yeah airplane crashed earlier. In the number of birdies or we're going towards and he just cracks. Right here in the golf the next. Pain and again today as this is great we saw no pain. In the big number on Macs now literally. Oh it. Oh man. That's crazy her here. Yes. Just out at all balloting I would say. Is that you were talking about this to me out there and you are examples of Misha letting. And that's about it is way different as the dumbest thing an average speed look like you know how it is James and it would just tell them I'll tell them before you take over just let me tell much used to it. He's like you know how it is like to think until that happens we thought it is really comfortable with the airplane and he was good that to start you know showing off a little bit it's like you with gambling. Actually set well. I guess what it's like you don't like you would we were all up there you played quarters that the next thing you know you think you're doing really browser than you start playing the hundred dollar slots. But I did say that are all but people that you very comfortable in the situation and they think that that could become an expert OK so you take more risks and I said to Jamie SE JB it's like you sitting inside a casino. You get to a point where maybe you hit and you think OK I've gotten this down there are got the Randy Shannon checked out the right machine playing wheel of fortune it's it's a great day. And burger. Congratulated you just wonder does. I know better than to play the yet but they ever do machine I build the wheel of fortune in the words so not only did she play why. But she will congregate new doll like other people but I. Right spot at best I can't tactic that but because she think she side so let's get back to speak more you know before you know what she's lost her. It. My dad was but he's and a lot more air with the with my temple what do you think your grade that. That's what we'll look. You know what do what do you think you're really get that. There. Not I don't know but the idea I don't think you're really grant using a really great cooking how that worked out for your son hug when he flight for liked what the he she can. I think you'll just let what yeah. So low didn't here or not they can get on ballot doctor looked and oh yeah well he wasn't in any danger. Helicopter to request that arrived OK. In the mornings on Alex I.