BJ & Jamie: Santa Comforts Dying Boy 12/15

Thursday, December 15th

There are rumors that this story may be inaccurate, but my goodness is it a tear-jerker. "Santa" is called to the ICU to comfort a 5 year old boy who is terminally ill.


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Vijay and Jamie so I think you thought this Santa Claus story was a hoax from the very beginning of well I didn't. Actually read the whole thing because it was too much of a tear jerking story and I know a lot of you heard about insists she and a classic said. That he was summoned to a hospital and because. That's mainly related to keep it private there there. The feeling name in the child a five year olds. They called and said that dying wish of this little five year old is to see Santa before they pass and Societe came there at that takes into. Came there and them. And held the five year old. And then the five year old passed away any I forgot some of his quotes but something like. Oh what was it it was like some great quote. You know tell tell Jesus CN something I forgot what that in closing words that's what he said he said to let the baby and now that. And so I kept taken. You know. If I had my Nissan and gotten them uniting the thing about that if he's having his last moments nobody is holding my child but me. At via CNN or whatever and if I know that my eighth my son is is having labored breath that breathing and yes tell heaven you're my number one else. Right that's what he said thanks on. You said tell heaven you're my number one else does what he said he told the child in the child closed its eyes and pat. Here's what Santa Claus says he said I size up the situation and I've told everyone if you think you're gonna lose it please leave the room pricey crying I'm gonna break down to and can't do my job. When he describes the situation peace and are wrapped my arms around the kids. Before to say anything he'd died right there. Let him steady he just kept hugging in the holy holding on to him every one else other room realized what was happening here inside the room. So his mother rainy and she was screaming no no no not yet. I handed her son back to her. Than an hour left. And now they're saying Nana they can be fair fact. So they're not gonna see him behind bars so what do you think what do you think do you think. There's a possibility this is true well I believed him when it first happened except for the fact that I'm hanging. You know again but labored breathing because I've been with two people have passed away pearl and my mom. And you and you know when it's when it's happening and so. When it's happening. To me because it it it does take a while but you know and it's happening. And I just can't imagine this in here. And let's just so many tubes and wires and all that stuff you bet but let me at least with my mom she just died at home. Says she didn't have anything honor battling with pearl. She had all this apparatus on or at the hospital because. You know let's have those ads I don't know how you hold that baby. Now aren't so this all started. The newspaper there in Knoxville Tennessee. They got a phone call from somebody that wanted to remain anonymous and they said hey do you know about the same applause it went to this hospital whose kid died. It's stodgy cowboy. Gash the Santa Claus didn't contact he didn't reach out. So they reach out to Santa Claus and says hey is this true they found out who the guy was his name's Eric Schmidt. Manson. And he said glut that's between me and of them. The damage contacted me at the kid they don't want their names out they don't want any information out they don't want anything out I'm gonna say anything so they ran with the story that this actually happened. Well now they've checked all the hospitals in different areas around that Knoxville area and they can't find a five year old boy. That this story it could've happened to you know I'm not cynical and found somebody that died I I don't know who fully what it is did you see any can't be verified. The Santa clauses saying look. This is between me in the them not the newspaper not the media he's older guy I just don't see what the Santa Claus has to dean. But making up this story. It is so maybe he is protected in the family maybe it was a you don't our way and they just haven't found the right hospital who knows I mean it still could be true. Just because the newspaper can't verify. That's why it's now being. Question and being called possibly a hoax. Yeah well I can't yeah and it's in this thing it's what they did they can't find anything to back it up and now they're attracting. Look I wish I ask you don't see where the Santa Claus bit of fits in any way. By making up the story. Moon I think I forget how can I get the motives in the green did. That goes for these parents that are busted all the time saying their kid has cancer and don't bake sales and while police car washes and stuff to raise money and the kids actually well it and not even sick I get that that's greed. That's just war to greed. Corrupt this into gains nothing by gained fame he did gained fame over the weekend. I mean everybody knew women never make a mile bilateral and crazy. I I agree with you Don and I'm him still standing by the story angry like what is that up nice and easy by the story. It's true I'm not going to tell you the assembly is they told me they didn't want it out there for. My lips are sealed unseen costs. So he in told other interviews he has continued to hold his position as stand by as a cat however the editors have now at the new as the new Centennial. Has done and additional investigation. And they can't verify so link in the storage. Financing in a mine brand. Because the I don't know what we love and do so many times it doesn't shockingly real late me I guess the content is is heartbreaking because. Why would you do that but isn't there was out woman who also. Didn't she say she got beat up because she was Muslim. You know whether that is up to me say that turned out to me faith turned out that she was just late getting home pastor curfew solution there dead Jews out drunk with a boyfriend. If she's supposed to drink according to their religion. And so therefore she made a bowl story about being attacked by trumping loving. Hoodlums at subway. So. And that turned out to be completely fake. Somebody on to extensive BJ he's butchered that story that there wasn't entire conversation between syndicate we said that. The same and the kid did have a conversation before he died. Yeah I said look yeah yeah I was just describing. What happened as a kid was passing the way the kid it basically pin and he expired and we get the same to indicate did have a conversation I even mentioned that you know he tells something about tell. Alcatel have been in my number one now be exactly I. From the gig was with him for awhile. They said. They said that the hospitals are allowed to release the information that's why did Centennial can't find any information out because we can't release you know I. I'm not ready to call listing fake yet I think the right thing would do is that the family should come forward to back him up. You would think so spray but nothing now. Now that's a missing part of the story to wears his family unless it is stole one and out there. At all. Yeah yeah because of their child I don't know but again. It's the only weird thing I thought and I think that every mom can relate to me if you know that your child is having their last breaths on this planet. You're holding them there and your arm to CNN is not getting my kit you know that they're with me. As you know I mean fake new stories have been a big deal lately. And how these fake stories get out there people do being either making up a story or whatever duping someone in the name run would like a media outlet. They're pieces like crazy so it's a big thing right now. And so this. At this time falls you know in that long timeframe here of where everything's question because even though so tragic it was a bit kind of a beautiful story. You know get us here a jerk and ask you this story when I first saw it on FaceBook it was so devastating and I think you just set this. I agree. Yeah because I live I can't find him and I thought to myself OK I get it I don't have to reach out after because it is to use I Gary's I didn't really eat right. At best in this thing and all I was just like a while that's that's sad that's really sad that a five year old boy dies this post Christmas or dies at all. But this course Christmas Santa Claus would be it's I didn't read the story but now I'm reading and Ahmad while I don't know what relief. I'll end it and that. I didn't. Analysts. I guess Jason and I like you know I don't say that can that's not really gets you never I never I never. Ever tracking that state until I teach in a week day mornings on Ellis I.