BJ & Jamie: Santa tells kid to lay off Burgers and Fries. 12/9

Friday, December 9th

Santa tells a kid that he needs to lay off the hamburgers and French fries… Sean knows that you never forget when Santa tells you that your fat… he knows.


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Vijay and Jane did you see the story of the little kids that. Santa Claus body change. I saw the headline but I didn't click on I didn't have time what happened. The little kid he gets on Santa's knee any tell Santa what what he wants for a Christmas and then Santa says. All all I can book flurry totally open hamburgers and French Fries. I know sounds like Bill Clinton but. That was 10 o'clock central Bill Clinton is doing he's got to be said to him enough gas pieces hey buddy wanted to lay off the hamburgers and Fries. Is that kid tab eight. Elliott CNN news he was in a trying to help them do well I think Santa was just saying hey you know I don't know who's in net Santa suit I mean it's a mole saying that he could be a doctor looking up this kid's health I don't know. But Santo felt like he was his job it's because his parents are doing at Santa felt like he was his job to give him a little medical advice. To lose some weight. Mean maybe that was the right time. Air and see this kind of fan himself president. I mean this guy eats cookies. Actually every hour the ocean idiot think about she is an aid but yeah. He grew up they didn't hang out with an about it the Nelson is known is all special now wont no we don't like you. Santa could put the you've changed not the same guy you used to make. There might snag girlfriend no guy ever talk during ending got booed implants now here. Well in North Carolina was getting ready to UC Santa Claus with his brother. When he got there though there was nothing jolly about this old saint nick Anthony gets on Santa's lap guests were drawn in an iPod for Christmas what sent the schedule next brought the young guided tears. And I got no range he sick and so often have very different trust and I really do she should Schmidt means nothing awful. I felt all fall on our whole case. Amber and I took this again let me here this sport in North Carolina was getting ready didn't see Santa Claus with his brother and he got it out there's nothing jolly about this old saint nick Anthony gets on Santa's lap and ask for drone in an iPod for Christmas what's at the schedule next brought the young guided tears. I am what I got no range he shouldn't be so nothing handwritten thank trust and I really dishes she's written in all. Go to the playoff thing. Anger it prize pack so mean disrespect to him there's more audio of this kid with a kid says he he's not been able to sleep through throughout for an audience to her I mean yeah now is. That guy really Jack that little boy. So only NN San globes. Same salmon when I was growing up well that's a loss in Atlanta this analyst Santa yeah that's not the real. In a new C you know often used some of the mall and not when we say mall we mean any scorer. Or you know lady strip mall or what ever the same designer hired. Every year you hear or war we are one give Santa Claus a bad day. This guy's giving Santa Claus the real Santa Claus a bad name. What last year Shannon got a brawl. Didn't get a fight last year well. There's been brawls there's good and Jamie there's been liquor brands of one guy you know it Smith under his beard I mean I watched I am just say. I was hiding meth hundreds and I remember that star. You may give Santa Claus a bad name this guy. Probably should have said but he said no we still like that that's gonna affect that child forever oh yeah. Right totally and never forget when Santa tells you your fat. He just down it'll never go away. I don't know that he well well well. Hey what are break away breaking news. When did happen I did he tell you bill. It owns the only. That he said that the man shot you wind come clean and when that happened where were you when I was accused. Saw. I'll call. And already you have cable giant jugs we tell you story kitty can you put it would this accent it's a. I am what I got now saying flu stuff holiday. I think trust and I really just changed written in my judgment that would that's. Some upload to weed out the Kmart out bona story not Ghana where all of Santa's lap and he's a oh boy you're a big bull it. Configure big boy ancient yeah. Yeah I shared days there is boy and I had faced yet yeah and I agree that. It offended me and I'm real sad about oh maybe never forget it yeah. Lafayette patently Shaw they did is I can tell he's not lying to you ready Kmart you can't Spielberg at any. And he said your mind boy ancient English yet. You're a big a jet. Cool think. That's up as he tried to pick me up you know put me out you know I mean yeah. Are brought to story. Up for real helpful. Thought and it. Thanks for sharing shown. Blatant gem written this down his quotable quote. No I mean he sailed so often have very different trust and I really listen she's written and after all for each inch we see more on Alex. I.