BJ & Jamie: Sarah Sanders thrown out of a restaurant. 6/25

Monday, June 25th

Sarah Sanders and 17 of her family and friends were thrown out of a restaurant because she works for the POTUS.

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Vijay and Jamie I want to hear this voice you're in other storied program that we can about the Sarah Huckabee Sanders Huckabee Sanders Lara. Then came back and every right up you know she got out of that restaurant in just a cell Washington Alexandra Virginia or something yeah they say the voicemail on there. Is even more like. They they don't want any one. That works for Donald Trump the coverage if you're just rocked the but I doubt heard this art checked is that this is the voice bill of the restaurant if you called the restaurant. To make a reservation and guest. Shortly. Belt if you smell. To order Woodward of yeah also Steven wood is so much effort you know some down. And out of business voicemail I I do like though that. They said that the waiter tweeted out this he said. I just served Sara Huntley Candice for a total of two minutes of farm owner kicked her out went seven of her other family members. Her actions because she just got up as a token I understand and she just left her actions saying. Far more about. And a bout that her than I mean not me wiped. I always do my best to treat people including those a discreet with respectfully will continue do is that she did it would like. It's on the bet you I think I would have a antipathy of road at least a played herself and went right in some preview. It's more quietly they said was seven or family members left. And now and now I guess people who are supporting her Argo stigma placed so let's say you called restaurant let's say you are gonna call up we're gonna go to dinner or or playing the joking at least at Morton's the it it we're gonna bring five people were deciding to table for six OK at 745 to die. It and they don't show. So they're able to get out the entire restaurant and not go away so the people are taken McCall's just voicemail they don't notebook do not to book. I guess to close their doors Saturday night Jim because they said there was so much media attention around. A voice bill on who would you call to make a reservation like that. Crazy but at table seventeen police had. A good time and I can't figure crazy. Jane Seymour on Alex. I.