BJ & Jamie: Scarlet letter license plates for DUIs. 11/7

Tuesday, November 7th

 The Colorado State Patrol took a poll asking if there should be a ‘Scarlet Letter’ license plate for people who have had a DUI. There would be an indicator on your plate showing you were convicted.


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Vijay and Jamie and let me tell our. I was gonna ask your question because I iPod is very acoustic. It in I was wondering if it's on the ballot today you see if I am a bit and and I guess we all aren't to a degree. A bit. Little ignorant of what's on the ballots not me I'm all about Douglas can I schools body I though I know but I'm just asking him asking questions. Are you familiar with this thing called the scarlet letter I think it is for license plates. That if you've ever been convicted of a anybody know what's it supposed what's its they want him they want to. Put a I think it's so adaptable letter like. I don't know it's like deep for drunk. A little anti day you see I. Yeah by our age alcohol oh we UCL license plate to start with. You know that person's been convicted of a deal yeah. It's a weird little letters that everybody would know it would just. Jamie I'm not sure I'm not sure but but it's called I saw this yesterday. And it's called the scarlet letter. I don't know Scarlett the color. I don't really know and so that's why I was bringing it up like okay what he's so because. Well I judge people though I have to tell you anything gets well I mean. And I know listen I know what happens to people and I know some dimes is an accident now that's up and but boy I sure would judge. In the parking I would. I feel like it's enemy because and I know happens to people I know people get him. And you know you got your reply and you drove in whatever but guys feel like a cat person I would really judge you. Look I don't the key or any different than most people like the most people are going to judge the person in the news. Driving a car with a scarlet letter in knowing that they had a DUI at one time. And estimation Minnesota does this they use a W on your license plate for DY and they come whiskey plates. God I don't Ohio does they do they passed last year yeah and what's that I didn't know Minnesota ya. I have a light beer bottle and it. I'm not I don't. It may well for liquor. If they got the Al Roker my eye were noticing how many Al license plate say email isn't. But we don't know kids. It's nothing at school you know emea and we always takes pictures of an island in a plate of. And there's so many what does that mean I have no idea Astros have heard of me and don't be able thing is that you know was licensed for our children did you find if the scarlet. And. I knew I was all I can start at Gerald RIE. That's a good idea 303222542330322. Alice they are contemplating that here in Colorado and he got a DUI in the past to target the scarlet letter on your license plate so other people like Jamie why can judge you I well I am sorry if they Gerald. Are they hit a terrible idea because I have a do you live my wife doesn't but both of our vehicles registered in both army and why should she get punished. Yes then what if you have teenagers you know it's kind of big diamond school they're like oh my god your dad's alcohol and it's. What they need or did you pass judgment on me let me let me. I know that some of his senior my dad an alcoholic like I was your teenage daughter look this is so far that's Gerald. Because eight is according to that takes video Minnesota does I know for a fact Ohio doesn't so it's not that far fetched it's just beat us. I moved. Let me break company volume of the State's captains are we have to talk to. Get drunk driving right now are eating it up a but the. I drop my kid to school. Say no dad didn't know what happened. Here there'll not to understand it from what did they understand thousand girls. The amount you understand that daddy did something wrong here like. He should have been on the real yeah it was the F the yeah. Well you pick well Waldo what you get at scarlet letter. How. Yeah yeah. It's important part buddy Gerald let's look at it we just look that far and prepare the Pacific cartel backing you who you know is going nowhere and feel bad Virginia deleted it and I did do. But it is yardage but get this on the ballot are I don't have to tell that to know it's not on the ballot it's the Colorado state patrol put up by the their Twitter they did a poll. I trying to find out what they thought he would think about it of the 350 people voted about 40%. Said that the plates should be issued after first Eli. So that's pretty big well you see it. I listened to go I know but it's the highest number I mean 38 said he should happen at only for repeat offenders. 1% those kinds of plates should never be issued and only seven said he should only be issued them under circumstance. School pick up lines going to be VA and does not hold my eyes. Ought to be lighter topic of the debris on the no breeze he'll have so many kids walking home it hits after a big idea. As BJ JB don't forget next Maroon 5 tickets each week day mornings on Alex I.