BJ & Jamie: Scientist say the end is near for real. 11/14

Tuesday, November 14th

Jamie is freaking out because 16,000 scientists have signed a petition and document saying that he End of the world is near. We will run out of water soon and the Ocean and Seas are dying. There is a huge island of trash in the water and they are calling them Dead Zones. Nearly 300 million archers of forest have been cut down. Carbon Emmisions and human population has grown by 50%. And a huge Earthquake will hit California.  


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Vijay and dream and here you go in your and one of those kicks the world does it. I'm. And I think as their plane nobody really don't know I'm wrong when you regardless 151000. Scientists are saying it I'm saying. When you when you see stuff like this you just go into edit. That's 151000 scientists have Filipinos sometimes another 151000 so it is that door may have been Barack. 151000 scientists from around the world of signed a terrifying letter warning people that the apocalypse is coming. Right. He had a lot so I sodas and I started reading some of their reasons why they think this. Kinda boring goodies they knowledge oh yeah probably expect it like you know like that. Yellowstone park that that the big mountain there on the explosion that we expect that that that's the kind of stuff I expect you know where she'll list like. We're gonna run out of fresh water to astound me it's kind of important that. That would feels bower and and we have water run our ideal. Run them okay and I'm also the scene is becoming having dead zones. Did you see yesterday in the Bahamas that big plastic island that's holding by the vomit. Like I mean it's been out in the ocean there's there's what did you pay into a plastic island that's into the end. I've never seen one this bred by the Bahamas and it's a huge. Huge I mean it's miles long. But they don't they try to avoid that area when you go Obama's they. If you'll scuba diving and snorkeling in turn drive around it because it only is it. And I remain as I am business and yet is fair when you sealed trash or. So these are called dead zones in the ocean is places where little can live because of pollution. And that by the way has increased by 75%. Really couldn't. Nearly three and take this and nearly 300 million acres of forests have been cut down 300. And no we had 300 million acres of. Worse wealth that's the case why is there another story that there's not enough Christmas trees. Because there's none of industries gonna tell him all that ought to cut it that we should be available. Lately I see completely down okay. Let's see here carbon emissions an average temperatures have shown continued significant increase. Human population has risen by 35%. Yeah. Powerful new pull it. These are. I don't see these being in the time I you know I think these are scary eerie. It's as basically our biggest danger is not being of either drink because we having farmland or anything to drink. Let this thing is like can I know those rappers you. Haven't weakened a supplies is really what I wanna do either. If you aren't. I have probably in my pantry yen could probably have a deferred good couple months why haven't they Halloween it is some of Turk says this because I bought stuff I don't use attitude but didn't want. And so if your degree at different Britain goes down or whatever you India and turn on your Foster parent does nothing to pump in bottled water I have water did you begin I have water I've got black and cayenne is a bottle blog I've got to finish my idea bottled water really did you. And after your dogs and then you probably three cases already yeah. I look bottled water but he's in attempts against the apparent problem of the plastic and yeah that's fine with I don't have a problem. If it felt a I love the Bahamas that drive around the trash and and I don't have to see it moral good and you just look at the Atlanta. And it and at some of it it's pretty sad. And it said it's reasonably just plastic body confused because of drinking a lot of water lots of plastic spoke Italian every quarter guidance works and sports loves sports it's fifteen draw 151000 scientists signed this letter audit took to circulate the letter. Yeah at Canada the Walhalla of the big Al's signatures I'd had a pregnant one batter. And did you see the and it is on his ground and gloom and doom and destruction the thing is they're expected them and California now now. Not huge line. A Luna yeah that grandiose Sodom and gun window. Which is supposed to arrive well they've had hit me any swarm of earthquakes in the last day. Ten little shaky baking things and that's a freak out cursor to the big one. So any minute now. And you get a second California is just don't fall off aren't out yet united way you're listening on the app in California. Mostly seem Francisco so this attacks text 8051059. As soon as you feel the big what I'm liquids and little swarm JB says it any moment now that Randy miles it would make a prediction Imus at 3 PM tonight. I'm gonna save before 730 really yeah. I'm gonna go would just the right. Right now ray and Allen Allen. That they that didn't happen in the importance on Alex I.