BJ & Jamie: Scientology is a crazy cult. 9/13

Wednesday, September 13th

Leah Remini’s Scientologist show is scary and Jamie says someone needs to do something.


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Vijay and Jamie. Boy killed Al ready to go the boy I'm watching Lira and your dad. How well he really I think why I'm so angry about it why psychology. Is and I know I've told the story a million times that it just still it it irritated me so much that they. They put duct tape over my mouth basically when I was in Los Angeles Zune when I got called into the office and they sent me down and said that the radio stations and you can not talk about Scientology's. Our John Travolta because they we got a phone call and they're gonna yank million dollars worth appetizer. Same thing here and we've made a couple of statements you're near back when Howard was here right and he and I had to go through sensitivity training. I didn't know that it's addictive to the these are intelligent people came here to build it and they may ask the man said you can't not talk about this again yes we get. You. Make I am mad with Google but I'm not watching because it does make you angry and I did he honestly Jamie show. Is a little disturbing. Would I not did anything easy graphically. As far as you know the abuse or what ever they don't show any. Choose the way they explain what's going on. So last night so I'm sitting there watching Stevie Wonder do blind jokes. And I look through FaceBook NIC we're Jimmy says signed college of what seemingly gotten done and I knew my day today would be held up. Just saying. I I mean I. I can only do what I can do it on this radio station that it kinda. It's just it's I think everybody when you watch this I don't it's so frustrating. Let's so Obama adds it's so frustrating to watch because. These two they they don't intuit and they don't know that it's one last little you know. Note of the born into it. Less than your little you know that little can call free. Coach thanks. It was built with what. I did I don't let those guys as gently as he urged to think just are so well last night he what was the tipping point. What did you see that case in June over the edge what caused that most. That it costs. Money. It's out until my religion is for. I can just. I just read the Bible and go to the church must give ten publicized idea if you're skipping don't shout out to dollar nobody keeps you out right now they don't do you know and they'll all your doors is allowed in the church right right now taking Q what should do to the person who at. Don't we get the next month but don't tell I architect. The void is even if you're poor credit. Well this is a place that you you basically get and you can't skip out on on that offerings and each level is that you're going to be a good person. Cost you 101000 dollars to level level up level up there rate card yes. They have a race car Scientology's yes it is called the bridge you get better treatment on the bridge the more you give them you're gonna be a better human being on the bridge if you buy out that Britain played a minute so if you give a thousand dollars the hunt and I come on top you argue 151000. Dollars well actually a better person. First you have to do by the thousand dollar I'm a good person package OK everything everybody has the same packages of a good person bad. But you have more money than me until I'm still over here in that you know Alan I'm not clear yet. Whatever that phases and so because I have enough money until now I take credit cards and mortgages and second mortgages and all this stuff and they show. He didn't footage inside one of that for the salespeople you know as a salespeople tell these people that Scientologist you need to buy you need to buy team would you want totaled you know it's. In our world of salvation or whatever back Africa with the words. How is is not illegal led so they could disappear amidst the most part that's what it's turned to. It so they didn't swing and it took its. It's stimulus package is and so it's you by app that the charts right by appear to hear me now. And then Celine britney's mom got to the highest points. And and then they found out that there was so twelve and thirteen does and even books or anything for the brits. You're supposed to cash items twelve and thirteen bids it's nothing there there's nothing there's nothing and then. She bought in the nothing gets Biden did nothing against some cash but it did she's been to the these. A million dollar I have to and only on the bridge part not all the other stuff I half million for the bridge to celebrate and then they put the charts a different monies. For a different kind of like parties and and if you're going to be. At this take whatever is all the stuff so so it's. She's like Utley and britney's money let 2.5 million bucks or something. While it is time talent just to be a part of the fold yeah. An arm the weirdest part two is that they tell everybody because there's no twelve and thirteen. That they need to go back and biting them parts of the bridge again and start over because there are comments in the wrong parts of the book. I know as a I'm more I know is he ever so don't look at you follow let me the behind okay. And then our our share Bible cost. 30000 dollars because the game we all but it will read it is fantastic. And then our preacher comes up and says hey your Bible adds commas in the wrong spots I need you to go back by another 30000 dollar an idol because there's no more promising. Because in this room is so common in America. It out here to swear it consume this is great it sounds crazy you know I don't understand I I've watched a little bit in the early release of and I don't understand how this continues I really don't because you've got all these colts that's have been out in Utah on different places. That have been busted I mean just completely busted by the way because the way they are treating their their people and basically Holden and captives tell. Brain washing and in doing all this right and they happened to us in the past and prosecute. You know forget that one at Jefferies god I watched the whole thing on him and he went to prison because he was marrying like twelve year old girls and crap like that it's just crazy stuff. What designed. Luigi thing. It's appearing to brutally remedies show. He's just as crazy. Thing in. All it needs to be looked. Daddy end. Investigated and that way they're doing that now and I told you this last time is through the kids stories. Because the kids don't get any help that just dumped up put you at these places and they and with her. And she's been on the air for what three years now in two years and. Our anyway. It's been out there long enough in cheese show's second season she showed some of the abuse it and had people interviewed and let me tell you. Scientology's basically has not denied any of this. Because Leo revenue goes out and finds the truth she finds actual people that suffered under their pro. Rev Wright but they're laying low right now I have to say are they as usual well usually they come out like we know that I'm show. I don't know who now they read a statement the day and Aaliyah really all been kicked to the current that he meant the witnesses are ardently MO we know psychology. Because you know having come after us yeah. And you know they they say all the stuff and and they started pitching your back against the while we can't say that they're just stared disputes. It is almost like they're exposed. They know it in the best thing to do was not react. But yeah I have a little clip from it again it's Lee rim these Scientologist on Amy and then then it's on you know Tuesday night that you're a little clip. For us to do tours of this we wanted to do something that could cult these people underneath this time I want to die I want to die when I was playing first idea. I want ten not mind. You gave me not at thirteen years old. Did you think that this is okay for me. These people are doing extreme things. And yeah need to be held accountable. That's disturbing in itself. Who goes to in I think you've kind of said this earlier. Who goes to a regular church who is a part of any religion I don't care what it is part of a religion in your using those terms. I want the dot I wanted to do this I wanted to do this over the in my life. That church. To church camp but then it leaves me in their for years. Rob Wittman didn't know contact him anywhere else that your best player out. Now we got to go home for a week at it and weird like that hit. Screen I'd opt. In the importance on Alex.