BJ & Jamie: Sean caught up in online Auction app. 10/18

Wednesday, October 18th

BJ and Jamie think that sean is being scammed he is using a auction app and and has bought some stuff and is trying to get Jamie involved.  


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Vijay and Jamie are at our producer Sean I'm a little concerned I know I may God's. May not really have a right to be concerned he may be due on to something I don't know preacher I just don't like kind of got roped into this a while back. I think this is another prime example when Dex NATO's good for us because he can't he can be corrected by others not my wrecked okay. So will take its text NATO and EU may know what this is all about so it. Have you heard those commercials about those dating sites where you can go on and buy merchandise Muslim and electronics. But you can't have an unbelievable. Bid prices. Sure the other commercial Portland ports. I want this 55 inch TV for less than thirty dollars. I get is 12100 dollar computer from a hundred dollars and 71 cents. Ideally yeah I got his 349. Dollar mixer for less than 25 dollars. I did unbelievable I've seen the deal dash commercials that one woman she has links to make that are merely the bowl router I effect at at it yeah. It actually got a fifty inch television 130 dollar. Those people on those commercials were real winners yes yeah he did they do stand out no doubt yes you are so she saw. The dogs comes in just a couple of days ago talking about the deals that he and chain that. Have acquired or at least trying to acquire right I. Get on it yeah he's trying to talk team in what what's the name of the company that you're you're working with each solid app that I'm using is top hatter. Top hat top hat. Ani Washington he's like hey you leasing top pattern. And I'm like I don't know if that is as a musical or something and I honestly I didn't know what he said militants betting site. And so Shane against me like twenty dollars every week bracken balanced yeah and they got all kinds of stuff. Yeah now I warned sure and I said look there's a company out there like that cold be easier day. And I joined that sudden I don't know probably a couple of years ago. But then I realized it was someone in their to do the bidding that's a big hit and they make you behind all of these points that he sees points to bid and you gotta keep buying points because what you use to make a bit you know those. So you gotta buy more violently you'll end up. Standing there are. A lot of money in you think he got something like a camera for twenty bucks when really the camera cost about 300 dollars really yeah. I have no doubt that that was part of the skimping out that's what. I experienced and I'm saying that's what's going on with you Sean I just know that's what I experienced I don't know about. I worry about how battered and sometimes that stuff in my opinion if it's too good feature. Listen to his price charts so I was worried and that's why I brought a teen guys because I feel like this such a great deal this is so cool I mean I bought. I dash cam for my car HD gas camp for seven dollars and free shipping have you gotten it yet no they haven't sewn up it's gonna take like thirty days to get here. But my wife bought a whole lot of gold jewelry different sizes. And shall pay four bucks for did you get a although we have gotten anything yet because we just started using I just let the qualities like that's trying to I know I Wii but I. I have changed him. For seven dollars seven dollars and greens yeah. He needs you bid on this he knew he wanted in a bidding I want in a difficult matter the out I won in HDTV. Antenna. It's like one of those anti gravity years wait not a TV now just the TV antenna for two bucks. Tournaments five dollars and shipping. To seven dollars total for my little fancy HDTV antennas those things they don't for like. 79 bucks real little there's Jennifer seven I got for seven to top matters now here's my best buy and the most expensive thing I've got. A brand new kenwood car stereo. Bert ten bucks for the Cuba for the Cuban ten dollar I don't know how many install it but it was only ten blocks and two dollars for ship. You can tell how exciting ideas. Let OK so let me just treated similar view is finally if I would have tried ninety never used top patter. I absolutely love it it's the bomb there's no Biden points you just by the stuff right there I love it I love it. I bought ad projector TV that seems so cool for the TV that I can barely see it on the Walt. I saw that on I am I just purchased five watches and all of them so far work. Yeah. I worry about the lot is because I'm where they may be really really cheap quality. Did you by poets to do is tell you all you just did dollars you just did in bidding if you win the auction then you pay that price that's you don't you don't put your money up front. You don't by any variety credits her or coins or anything like that. And I some says this up I got from top chatter was absolute crap Sean. I'm just I'm I'm I'm good gallery both sides of the cooling out cell was says it's a scam. Many tea mean that we I don't know what that means yeah yeah we need more intimate dinner and. Look I'll say the what I did was beat bees it. And that one. Yeah if it's not really scale my guess is misleading you gotta buy all these big points in order to to be added it just keeps going up so you're gonna have spending more money than what they advertise but nevertheless I mean that's that's that's the racket they run shot. I'm looking at the reviews right now on top pattern people are saying it's a complete rip off I don't know. Call cold shot. You know I said it's it's it's hit less I am a top. I have heard user and that sometimes it's good sometimes it is and it's it's meant you know it's like those oh my gosh I've got some clothes from China. Yeah because all looks a fantastic on my mind right and I it was the same thing like it looked fabulous and it was styled it that it said it was. But it came in the mail and I'm telling you this stuff was a flimsy is material in the tunnel my god I don't India it's awful this is Irene. Always did she have what I make. The higher. Amy that would be I leaned. That's I mean I'm. Joseph Gibbs I don't leave and other countries whose work. I might need I green. I get on top. College sign I. Doubt that I'm not any AT. Yeah hair cut that lady yes. We. Are ready I can't just show dogs settled down I mainly her ex. I know what dude I drank diet ago as I mean. Are you know I ran was the quality of what you purchase worth. It I asked I pot spot watch huge and their great Barry heavy there I'm eighty I right shock when I got a I would say the watches. I'd I'd hate or spread out what why will not. Ask this match I wish. Jokes right yeah I exit the they'll watch it I'd hate seven dollars or Antawn sport or. It would appreciate it and I was tonight's match. And it can doubt and with 600 game and it actually worked and it exit out by outweigh. I on that TV show orders buried alive. Don't know and can't. You don't even. What are they did. You get used merchandise on your till I. And Nintendo or was and they. Went in New York he knew. Every. Brand new. Yeah I was out how much was in the ten though. I like Kate. He doesn't listen. Sure about James. At. Just flipped over by heads all I can I'm excited to eight dollars eight dollar seat down. My. Eight Irene and I was like at eight dollars. Go ahead. And what they want to achieve a ninety dollar or by. Mama I got the deals. You did it to the problem. Shut out oh my god I wish it would probably go and you gonna call me and my present did you do an album you do the half. Out of their hands off it didn't it. Yeah it sounds like he gets great deals are hiring and that's one hell to watch connection you know like you got there and you know. I'm your ironic that job that we got great merchandise and rot Philly that's irritated as. And pass out at you out of you every had seen the ball well the gold and silver coins any of those gold bars I have a great morning. An actual title on. Because that's the next thing I can definitely keep the selling gold bars on here for like 34 bucks apiece times did she tell me showed up this increase. Did them other Missouri actually shut apple. Shawn think about this from it now I doubt I can't tell you about the watches or your car stereo but I can tell you this you can't buy a gold bar that's real for three dollars. Gold because gold is like eliminating all active at this blog that you can't even go barred from three dollar shot they go out of business should entice but it should object. China. I don't feel like that I if you okay I'm gonna tell you when there's a lot of respect to that call I feel like first night guys to get my joke about one leg in a different country excellent al-Qaeda OK I. I am never to cook who put the number two I think that she might be a border. Right could be number three in who in the hell once a Betty do watch a game a couple of fast and I looked and I think that's a solid what what's collection she's got there when the Broncos and Benny boom can't go home am I met. Is important. Now I.