BJ & Jamie: Sean is doing BikeMS tomorrow and he is doing the short route and thats not ok with Bj & Jamie. 6/22

Friday, June 22nd

Sean is going to do the easy route and BJ and Jamie say no way! Your are doing all of it, think about the people who have MS and can’t ride any of it.

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Vijay and Jamie Allison 1059 VA team morning Joseph. A bit disappointed. That he hasn't reached his goal meets you there's an area though there's still time you know he's got to do it can let go to I can't mess dot org I think your way. Yeah I urge and I he has and is goalie that's oh now when I'm talking about how. He was still time go to I mass dot org and you can help shot hit the goalie easily like 300 yards short of his goal at bike and as. Well well well well well how much gonna sit here in the hall you hitting your goal when you're sure short cutting the race to begin a yeah you don't. What do you igniting a short walks in this sport yes I think he and I are talking and he says hey yak at the big viking we get it do in the big in this spike which are very happy for each month. Because you didn't do it for two or three years needs help Greece a lot of money within mass. But this year John tells me that he's decided there's a leg of the race cities going to not do. Well there's a all I hope opportunities funky eight. Producer tornado yeah yeah hold on court cuts won't comment on what I'm half court got into that. And you may not fit. So I'd look did I not NIC children what he's talking about you cannot sit. Out a leg of the race you. Have told everyone you are doing bike you messed that means the entire state just doesn't mean that you are apportioned Shaw and it means all of so. She loves even think she. We're worried we're worried you're not training all the time it utility cheeseburgers you like. You don't know I might add that elegant by golly I guess I'm sure I mean I am DeVon and. That's and I can tell us have not I just there's the reroute app options on Saturday there's the 66 mile. There's actually four but this 6679. As 100 mile option. I'm just this year choosing to do the 66 mile which is still a good ride and not add that and stared thirteen miles over. Horse to threads of lower but he did last year. I did do that last year. Yeah and it was really hard and I think it's expected date it's all of whom are not out but Betty yeah and it nerve without telling jagged. Two walked in here in handcuffs this how short I am on muddy we you're coming up short on the. Acted it good and how it's. Well yeah. Does it get the rest of money you're not held to do it. For us. To hold your ride didn't get into the rest of his body which will do you're doing all of do all of its. I thought. I had I. NATO I don't know five denied shorter have to do the entire race he's doing now. Who. Did he do it now early and Emerson John now needless MS. Would give anything to be able to get on that bike and all I know with that call aluminum back a long. Roll. Anything to be able bodied to do that John yeah. Anything. But their Eli you don't have limits but you're like steel and iron. There it is go to our website at. Charting out how do you pledged the money to get you to your goal Han. Well you can go I too easy to go just a bike MS dot ORG and type my name in any direct my pace. You can go to Alice little 59 dot com on the events page you can donate through there as well. How bad it's week he 11100 dollars. You dude the did thirteen miles of the van. And at yes way yes so you don't have a choice in Seattle I'm yeah I'm Jewish if you look at all the should keep people out. Right exactly so yeah I do I have to do it now I guess you guys have got my guilt meter up so if we hit eleven dollars right now Jack Daniels go over the back solidly. Okay so good bike MS got lowered. It's almost worth me just Clinton's foreign dollars and a hot not hot I thought I you're gonna had always been library and I'll FaceBook live the words to our days of bike as dot org and it tied and sons well again that's bike and then Scott or type in John's well. I feel like I should just go do this for underdogs against the soft and shoots a I just keep it over the nerve of you to walking in the news this. That he does the sheet of paper the raise more money for you after you told me that you're gonna take the hardest part of the it's a you're not gonna do with this that the and I assume that you guys would back me up on that. But no the tipped. I Mehmet vacuum before and I and I I don't know how do attitude that's a total of 79. Miles. On Saturday. And the last part of it is. I'll protect brain can have done it before it is that doesn't. And you engaging dot hello they are as his eyes on the record I'm not foresee him do AV doesn't like yeah I know I'm I don't and that now forcing you to do anything you know I do recognize that the Los. Not a aren't Brasilia I have. I got to ride my brother I. I so we. Are I'm gonna tell that you don't have to do OK okay. Look at there are going to bite you messed dot org putting Sean swallows name of let's get the money and he's in Iraq the I had settled. In and as a Saturday's how many miles would go to the pattern is now 79 miles and Sunday is 71 mile. And after this year I'm sure you'll never ever tell Jamie I thought what are your plans are race ever again. Because we're gonna bust your chops of I had yeah. Yeah if you can't a well I. But does not shaking. When you told me that. And so is eighteen hours at first name last name is name last name is John swallow. Hard and tell us how much you may. I think he will I'm not exactly there and didn't run total well I think so because I'm logged in icy my total yeah and then when you see so of. Yeah well Lou I don't see it yet but I'll look for it I can that would make sure that we went ultimate just getting under fifty dollars. Yeah. And he's in the mornings on Ellis nice nice.