BJ & Jamie: Sean on the hunt for the Camera Pervert he wants the reward. 8/2

Wednesday, August 2nd

A man was seen putting a camera in the women’s bathroom in our building and there is a $2,000 reward and Sean is on the case and is going to get that money and find that guy Jim Hooley talks to us about the story and gives us more details.          


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Vijay and Jamie Sean swallows our producer is on a mission. Yen this this is kind of sad but exciting for the money very exciting we just found out about 2000 dollar reward. Challenges in a little. While I go yeah oh yeah this is an update. Folks are superb in our building well there was a superb yeah. Herbs that are building with a book look who I'm talking about one specific personnel. Who got busted. Who we don't know who the guy hit. He got busted here at our building putting a camera in the women's restroom. Which is a little weird to begin with the right that just. How are you people that wanna see a grumpy. Old who is is we are. Our radio company has about three floors here in this building and one of the floors that is our the company's floor. Is where this is Kirk one of our boys walked in and here's a guy. Our co worker she and Heidi she she's so Smart because I don't think I would've done what she did so. Our co worker locked in a sudden this guy and she she knows everybody here in Sheila what would veto any is like I haven't yet editor. I mean I. OK and then she noticed that the air fresh third thing that edge escorts everywhere throughout his staying in was off the wall aren't. Actually we have the news report about it not oh we did that we learn to yet. Employees at a building in the tech center discovered a camera in the women's restroom she and authorities are now offering a reward for information that helps find him. Proximity lens Greg nieto following case and you intent wrecked. Denver police say this man is wanted for invasion of privacy and the most private of places the bathroom. Accused of sticking a camera in the ladies' room of this building on south Cyrix news off camera and employee tells me late this afternoon. That was her coworker who walked in on the suspect on the fourth floor that coal car walking in the women's restroom right as a suspect was walking out. The suspects said that he was the janitors she knew that couldn't be right but the real red flag which walking that the stalled the air freshener ordinarily up on the wall was down below. Camera apparently hidden behind that air freshener. But now with this picture public. The suspect can no longer blend. Into the crowd you don't know this Kurt Hanson rotten luck he can you do this strategy because. And I think you alluded to this Jamie but the absolute worst person. It frees nightmares walking on him was this particular employ our co worker because she is lack also. Yes yes and she went called police then and there and I are yet that is care friends. She knows everything going on in this building she's watching everybody can pin this was the absolute worst the worst person they could walk in on him because she's gonna investigate. And so then they have they have picture of our building on fox thirty land in their journal I am a report right here this morning about ominous and keep it. And after you heard earlier BJ in sun energy I don't know what is going up and that is so giddy about it is it's like the other guys. We know corporate Asarco worker. It's amazing to me that we live right here we work in that crime capital of the city and seems like this parking lot for some reason in this building is like a crime met it and I love I love Africa could cause because I just I you know I watch a lot of credit. I showed me and I love those crime show's end so. When this occurs here it just keep DB from. When a guy puts a camera and a girl's bathroom hitting it doesn't have to be that I got. Yeah. I don't look I've got giddy over the stolen car from the prostitute for my gut I got giddy over the bit and she prostitution is a misuse exactly. And. Here's his daughter this morning governments used blood but. But you sends. Girlfriend in the masseuse not a breath. No I did not. Because we tracked down this masseuse in buried parlor a bar and cool thing it's as if and I remember. So it doesn't matter where they. New menu at noon cold facts is that Koreas are just yes. Bryce what's yeah super gas wells that you know that has been yes but it. Tried and has a track I think we tracked it down do we not the end and I think madam hands EU. Anatomy and yeah after we have Cha and that's exactly what I did a full investigation I'll remember it hit. We went on there so you play so well. Yeah. I'd get a coupon so clearly to this blood would this particular crime here there's two dollar reward because it spot is Kirk. So here's the deal we posted the picture of the guy in our building on the FaceBook page. And and he was in our bathrooms and is it when SE CP and so that's fantastic. So I wish I now because diesels for money yet. He's like America has 2000 dollars and sit well I didn't notice as I know it's 2000 I'll just how hard can impeach Clinton. What he's like can't we do that Google image matched. Can't we start with that the image match because he watches that show on MTV fishing show them where they Google face match identified so we try has a FaceBook page. So sure isn't there now working on the show and a living with a show. He's over there trying to be detectives. He and a bounty hunter so he'd then he Whitney got a leather vest on he got that finger those gloves on and they got the blonde wig. And with a mole Andy Andy calls himself. Song and dogs well. You mean he's on the case to get a 2000 dollar we have any episode arch on. Weirdly OK we'll what I figured out so far I've I've got his picture on the screen shot on my phone have been going around Sony to people on different floors between the breaks you know. Trying to narrow down because you can see in the picture he's dressed rather nicely which tells me. He works in this building well he you know. And maybe it's just sent via the so I feel like you don't. I was I was I was volunteered I nativity at halftime. You're the perfect that. Just turn yourself after. What's your what's your suggestion. He does wore this W don't think so now he works in one of the Jason. Any use this building as his stomping grounds where he's gonna go play in the camera you don't point the camera you're on any herb knows act. You don't put it in the building monarchy and go the expert witness. I am the end I haven't thought about where if I were going to plant a camera. In a built I would go out the door in over to that building Ingle do it over the I wouldn't do it here where I work. I well OK it was announced. The next break I'll render the building and today in that building and watch people coming going to get it didn't tomorrow go to that building over there and you may even get over your to the Mary I mean you might work there. Yeah there's no he'll tell Jason building the deal is he was so stupid he turned the camera towards himself before you put it into the wall. And so there's I honestly is Sears family portrait picture of him it's a good. It's good it's a great self it's a great it's invest something and never got Kim Kardashian quality when you Booker ran the gamut there is teach you get a picture of yourself please. And sell it before it put it into the wall and so if you're having tips. 33 Tony to Alice costs on up yeah because he really needs is two grand. And this is among stocks OK he's around us any does seem to have some nice glasses. Hanging from his bullies and he he has like a little bit of a button shirt with tea John. And it looks like take out which leads me to believe he has expendable tax to go eat out. Maybe that's what he was Kerry you know can't that's what that camera sandy have a sandwich I had to think well okay. That's where he's got the camera. When he thinks it. He's not a very good detective let it I don't even watch. Any stage in his you don't get secret I'm sure you don't have cable. Well die. My shows I can help you this I'm really calculate how we hear the criminals always return to the scene of the crime and he wants some more action. Yes so he's gonna come back with the second camera. After you've had that greeted the picture taken of you can't come out he's not gonna probably do it here but he's going to do the camera thing again in another building. Anybody out and I and I hate to even put this in your head. But I feel like I've seen this guy. You go on with. Well because when you look familiar yeah. Very familiar like a Barbie or something I don't know I know it doesn't say I don't like this in our heads. Tim he that guy looks super familiar. Is it just a familiar panel the complaints or consent is that. I don't know like some is making me like I feel like I knowing. The men are to be looking at in here on the screen because I saw him earlier pro on the TV made exit. So familiar the more icy at the more familiar it's just too many yeah but but I do agree this guy. This picture that's taken go to our FaceBook page and take a look at I'm telling you there's somebody that's listing to our show right now. Pulled look at his picture in your gonna say all mine guys I know that night. This guy in all joking to decide. This guy is walking to a bathroom here in our building fourth floor our company and was busted installing a camera in the women's restroom and there's a 2000 dollar reward and people are looking for this guy. The cops. And EP. That's weird. That is we you know it is we take just weird to go away camera. I you know what spaghetti. Jane Jane Seymour on Alex I.