BJ & Jamie: Sean is loosing his boobs song. 2/13

Tuesday, February 13th

We need a boob song for Sean because he is going to get a procedure to have them removed. BJ & Jamie are wondering if he is going to keep them once they are removed?


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Vijay endgame I say just put it order in for the and I'm losing my boobs on. We met the idea is actually gonna take them suns blew the way yes yeah we did admitting yesterday Google. Blue white and mr. blue boy was here yesterday Scott saw a lot of window are expected to go in for your first procedure for the move law. Not for a couple weeks you know we just another preliminary you know audio from that point it out of them it means they don't hear that your okay excited and air out. I am pretty excited he exhibited the easiest. To get rid I didn't land route yet because it's all it's all surface that are supposed to. Snubbed to re needle that. Whatever that means man what's your cup size right now. Saying. He wanted to see them as it is an. Coughlin also he polls say people say. We'd like to go because you know you gotta have. I have total current passenger but with how to manage his network is at the circumference is these innocent that in Pakistan as an epidemic goods yeah yeah yeah I'm definitely yeah. Eight BE. But who's been good deed while hole. I'm I'm public option we'll let you do a little as. Guys like thousands of vanity either happened while analysts and a big adventure always wearing a jacket that you can imagine a bigger ball Leon. On you know a little and you all right so where. We're glad we're talking about your son your mid song and yes now let's ideas like around my lady one pitch an idea at 51059 of the theme song should go to a good idea till streak is where I you know like. Like I was doing to man. And marine and I'm glad that good you know but you may Emery is not really that's fine and lose so we're just trying to think a different boobs out okay. And Richard Murphy is working on. And oops I ran that would bar any cigarettes food too old and he's the expert. Says I'm not gonna argue with Richard Murphy productions back there and downloads what I got like the song we can be turned into a parity of losing boobs yet. Just figure it out on your own decision to. A tax I. The question and a do you think any other morning show is asking people to come up with the ideas wearable blast blew reduction. And it's probably safe to say no yeah. Probably I must say it's safe to say how am I didn't see this on the things we're gonna talk about it. If not it was an amendment to clean up in the death of. I'm glad Richard brought it up though yeah stump I thought we were all this I thought your memories yeah it was good and I thought Bob by boats but again. Richard shut down both the idea she's tough cookie man be as well with that big friend. I'd adds that an announcement and announcement. Stripping it means that people get 51059. Will get if we'll get back on them maybe Taylor Swift which way I look. Click to me immediate. Our would you just look about blues legit as big about blue as that got that goal lead out there gnome. Our Booth and don't album. Have to blow leveraging it sure don't see how much still to end Richard duo that's okay. Thank you know that I did not that I know a little bit at that none at all but it. You know I'm my sister had breast reduction surgery room and down and he's. She really did so you know she had that blew my guests like acts or something right now now. So she had breast reduction surgery. And I know that my brother in law when things and he made fun of is that he messed up and I didn't like it when she got a reduction. It's so I'm wondering how she feels like he she get at. Devastated the triplets. Devastated. So when I ask you guessed it you guys gonna handle until the bars and the jars something yet Michelle made on the Allison too far off day and still one room house. A price all pool. Elegantly and that big jar it's going to be a big job again on a brutal enough not I don't know keep prompting that accumulate I need to do it here and there is a. I'm surprised that it's. Important on Alex I.