BJ & Jamie: Sean Ruined Jamies Love Life or Did he? 2/18

Thursday, March 1st

Bj is convinced that Sean has ruined Jamie’s chances at love.. Her Man Friend from Illinois says he cant come visit because of the meetings he had were canceled and moved to another date. Sean looked up on the venue facebook and they have events going on so he thinks the guy is lying. Today we call the venue and find out that they are still open but yes his event has been canceled, there is NO reschedule date.. AaaHaa! Sean was  Right!!

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Vijay and Jeannie and Alice. 1059. He's changing the lives is now yesterday it would seem fun. Today and blunders include on going to get the bottom of this because I'm on a daily daily site I think Billy Daly has been telling you the truth from the very beginning. And mule you being the person you are do you think he's alive and first. I I just don't act. And this all signs investigate HG I homegrown investigations. John did that I should back K I was disappointed he wasn't gonna come out because. The floods and southern Illinois and made his convention and moved to the date it was supposed to come out here I don't okay. Your calling too early evening on a second we don't want the dispersant and hold it do we explain okay. And I just hung popular. Well yeah you could be carefully thought we just worked out for we cannot let her know that Jamie whites apart this okay so we have to change it around just to date here are here's the deal. There's this guy. I don't know why I'm calling him dearly dearly but taking your medicine and so Delhi daily lives in southern Illinois he would pray not coming out here next week right April sent. April march April. April 7 April sent. But that was march as the weekend after Easter night so he claims are coming out here but dumb but he can't now because you're having flooding issues back in his hometown so a conference he disclose to be a part of has got rescheduled to April set in the coming years because of this conference pulled a place to Libya at is walters' book that Walter. What is it Walker's law. There walkers blown up in southern Illinois. And so that now with everything it's being shipped around they've got to rescheduled conference we yet come out here now or Jamie. Now makes so they said hey I just found out the dead the conference and I had scheduled for this weekend. Because the flooding has been moved to April 7 so I'm not going to be to come out their April 7 run an acrobat K can't take it. And that's where was that yeah okay that's where was that nobody accused anybody of anything at this point the insurer on our produce what it. Decides to put his excellent Google's doodles are working at. To look up Walters bluff if try to outside doubt try to find out what's going are they really close his heat. Thinks that she gave me his friend is being a lot yeah. And then and is investigating. We kind of found out that the caravans going on there is Stephanie got mayor I didn't write you know there was bing. Arabia it's it is tonight. Just because EC a few post is no reason coldest man alive you're. Shooter reached out did he got the full explanation on this they used in a goalie Sean investigative skills. So I wrote him back and I said it's funny that there is a problem this weekend app at Walker's bluff. And he said he wrote back. I is Cheri you. That there is no conference and you can call Melissa this girl live band manager and after yourself it was canceled because the flags. And then they said hey. Good blah oh good good by Chad not even a box it was rock. Yeah have been caught sight caught me. Calling him a lot or don't know I just said it's funny that there's a try. That's calling him a liar and just say I'm just didn't. So we have the phone numbers out that Walker's blossom. The lady. Suppose in this and we got it from Delhi Delhi and so we can call her. We have to do it like we are not investigating him lying or this relationship they we have to pretend that we really are gonna plan a vacation now. I'm an average of first how okay is my name because I'm known back home will call you ruby. Every movie yes BJ ruby show rid of my name judge you got that your Grammy BJ rue didn't wanna talk to watch her name against Stephanie Melissa Melissa but I was close. And then when we get it with our angle we haven't angle we want we are coming to southern Illinois and wanna come over to Walter's book okay. And end and then and isn't that what that we didn't are they open. But I'm coming out of this weekend so where are leaving right now where interest and tourism yet of what we are part of the we were on vacation and we are rejection of their department of tourism beat her of about Walter's place if he does seem clicking cameras we are should go yet. Shaw remember it's BJ ruby in the morning. Don't tell or anything but that's certainly could that are on the air and the bottom line is we're gonna get to the bottom of if this place is open or not see you you know village that has been lying to. Because that most people agree with me he was pretty defensive retaliate said it likes of Jamie sat panic. I would be to let I think got a deep yeah I've ever accused of blah. All I said what I hear there's a problem funny. That's nice setup it's a problem and it's a problem and it's liar like I call him a liar I insinuated. The lie John are we getting anywhere. It's just wringing. Mountain. Top. Groove back at number two we can call street 20 walkers so bluff legacy of a if you call I got a voicemail. Really. The strike yet they don't pregnancy but it's not a bluff you know a blossoming yeah overlooking something a bluff by appear. The water would not get to a bluff. The creek can rise. You know that I know that you've group in the area you know the creeks can be up so decree could be so far and where a bunch of and I don't know title ready to voicemail ball really. Are you wanna try the over a T Walters bluff it's walkers walkers blah that's right. Woodrow walkers and they might be over Colin. I don't see if their opener they just develop more we were leaving Denver right now gambling and where we are excited they're there. Claim we're driving a VW bus it's blue. Trotted to attract will try to prod it we will try to crowd yeah yeah yeah we will see how things are going to. Has cooled with. But with the size but well I'm just you know it's just it's when you're doing this CE have to do it lives you can't pre recorder Dewey of that. Because we want to you don't try to get the bottle let me Regis on our attacks while we're stalling UK it's says that. Sounds like she's being super defensive after being caught totally agree with Alan Jamie I love you but honestly you are kind of psychotic. When I say that at my numbers in the I text that PG AE toll all this yesterday. A bit the woman you guys are calling is probably the other woman he's dating. Home no no what guys could did you view the phone number of the other woman. That would be dumb in itself he's not that dumb he gave you numbers so it's fate. So she's here know the thought it's raining it's going to a voicemail is she she's not answering. I'm any wonder why you're single hash tag Jamie psychotic. Want you to. Oh yeah it's me again. He ought to debt. Jamie here regretted not like Japanese think. So. Yeah. On started is now. You really can't I do because I'd already had Jimmy convinced that guys telling the truth boast. He can't hear John. Chapter you might get stuck nearly a what are your the way you're you know it's still this balancing. The jaunt trip your microphone. With so I can hear you yet you. Walked. Up to speak. Here we go. BJ ruby I agree with your name. Sonya thank you. And again we're getting ready to leave here headed to southern Illinois BJ and ruby show we're gonna be there will be broadcasting live from I think we're gonna try out Walker's. Bluff and journalists. Can't. Setting her right. You're doing good duty. The couple different game and don't. He's right and you're gonna try to sit on this art childhood to this time it and do you Dora the whole. I can't Sonia who sold off. It's been apoplectic let's not miss Saigon last time I didn't and we got. To put your zone and we got to find out if I said it may Walters will cause your kids today. Good morning Sonia. Pace aren't. Yet it's BJ at ruby in Denver. Well a little. It was at the phone down on the counter and basically it is do you know yeah second so she can do that yet so it's not your. If you're there it's BJ rubio over in Denver and we're headed to southern Illinois had a couple of but tourism questions asked. Hey you work over it to all Walker's gloves. I. I'm what's business like these days. At early. Are you guys some are you guys closed beyond that he didn't getting a lot of rain. Well we are close. Down cute that kicking and imagine that we are moving up by perpetuating cycle and on and carrying karaoke night going on the lieutenant general. But but. I'll let let let's say a banker's convention. Is a civil and. Well. Yet in moved to April 7 I think it was because we're in the banking industry to we do radio and thank you. So I think he was moved to April 7 is a threat because I think we're coming back out for that. Yeah why are you doing. And we must soldiers going to and the wall and 66. Or seven yeah right where we go at it we're leading this morning will be out there in the next and a few hours here. I tomorrow for sure and you likened the polar lip deal like polar with Iowa hello this route regardless I don't little. I. Polar Whipple is that hamburger joint on the planet now back in my day they ever really fifteen seats I'll go there tomorrow while they are. Yeah a lot of their logo. And solar zone I hear nothing but great things that there's a guy that lives in your city that I eat is absolutely the best in the world these things Bob white. He's a great man you know him. May she get to know if he's a really nice guy I will look like it's nice. I would know what I want to find ourselves in April 7. That do we come back up the banking committee. You know what it not on my calendar yet. Ruby. Back. I saw it you have been such a help wait let me just clarify there's no banking it. It moon. Title insurance. Convention for the weekend of the seventh. I I can't you know my calendar just yes. Definitely didn't try to have an updated. Yeah they just haven't updated it yet but we know for a fact that that you had to move some things and and that's one of them they got mode right. Are sought to land to be back out there on the seventh because I got a feeling that's when it is it son you've been so healthy. Know how helpful and it. But I'm an attorney and I. Really and I they're gonna leave right now we're getting in her car is crab orchard great now. You let highest tablet to grade now. I do not you who live really it isn't over is it over thirteen. Now OK it's raining now listen. Hit it off. Next I yet that crap what you can affect us but the body rather. All the bodies. Of money that big all right so that we looked forward to seeing you tomorrow. Thank you thank you so much all right we are the became rupiah morning show here in Denver color. She's gone. In my I just know my god he showed you total apology to help keep this thing got cute isn't she just said it. It's been little and yes but CDS verified and it's a bit of tennis it doesn't matter to Kirk elder has not been updated it's been moved this guy was not lie. I was okay. Out of seven flat. He's scheduled date it would be on this get a good deal I thought. You reschedule listen guys can get all problem all the way I know just because her sense of the bottom line is on the IU he. Gage got logistics guy that's gonna call the drinks and. Actually need to be orders should actually be ordered I would you shot it's got on the buck does huge debt which it was canceled I just that it was moved to the seventh like this will be brilliant I would say this. He also told her no events of any kinder going on at lockers bum and song it just verified they've got a lot gone on yeah several facilities yet they're moving your body goes I saw how. High ground out. I home. You know I don't try my that is if he could greatest love story there industrialised. I've done everything I can't. Black and white reggae at this and I've tried everything. I got you dating. And more on Alex I.