BJ & Jamie: Sean singing anthem at Englewood High School. 10/6

Friday, October 6th

Sean is singing the National Anthem for Englewood High School. He is worried that someone may kneel for his singing.    


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Vijay and seemed all right it's all going to be five iron jawed but it is fraud hotline yeah okay. So here's the thing it's an on the staff member Inglewood schools were super excited about judging it's I don't. The National Anthem die yes and let everybody greens and this is not. You're fight if found your singing and and people taken the it's not that's their own am. Their fight yeah they're having with them so you know right with their issues and and so you just can single body yet that's their own inward struggle yet that's lenses are not just their protests just yet. It's their protests is there sting nets yet so whatever they went out. I'm that you're job is what job and that is to honor America with that. Dry you know that Barack and end but I wanna. I'm kinda guys takes everything personally not a means I feel like. That's a narcissus and I still lags and National Anthem and then nailing his value it's not it's because they're protesting meet personally you can trick no I don't know existing. OK narcissistic I'm a bit on the early in the NFL because you don't exactly like there are all. And I have a really bad thing to tell you Sean to. There. Never mind ultimately by the way Shawn and attend high school kids I don't I was requested that you don't Wear those those stars and stripes yoga pants the actor that's animals dressed appropriately the the high school students Kennedy don't go out there on the crap I know high school students dress now it is I got this baggy pants. Short sure. He can't bear to go over at the I don't know it's affecting. You know election and acting parts I think that was phase two yeah acting peppered him where oh yeah. An inch a square road just ladies really skinny Jean sweetness and weird. You know my parents and all my assets. Or Ronald no no no matter skiddie Jesus or what your assets. Our. So actually is so good luck in straight housing strong and and how do you like the handling new meaning naming me. Community news. It's going to be real well you'll think it's going to be very didn't equipment and Jimmy don't encourage him to send it. Our way here is it good singer I just bad for you because I feel like it's. His friend break any play and I know what it's like people is product in the pros in base what he's he was primarily. Minor really great and it got called up one day to pitch in the pros assembling them run and it was a big deal. Mean did you guys have heard about him in any way he grew up here and attached to creek. Not all that stuff. But this guy is he's hanging in time to the fact that he never we really. Will mean he says he was a property is proffered. Yeah you know and then back to minors. Playing cemented this story like yeah. Could it end what might have been in these alleys doing stuff with. Based names them but it's behind the scenes like these can have jock strap since who in Washington home. You know it likes racing you never reached that pinnacle that critical that he had in his mind now what he sees no clue how this. And it's so sad. And I feel like we should all I'm like she made that C dean. And so could well still be like a rock star. Kind of got that close. And kinda cool some real I mean he sold ally. In the restaurant no garage you didn't really well tomorrow. It's not like the god the minor league semi LaMont is that it close you know. It did I do looked. Was that close I mean granted avenue it's fun with a it was a hobby but not close. I was kinda cool. Folks to walk into. Well tomorrow so he performs at the garage. And record label blue label and exceeding a Wii and independent label the west it. Machinists so why are so all of her music. It was shade of publishing. That went secret and it. Wasn't that close. Read more on Alex I.