BJ & Jamie: Sean wants the hawks to eat his chickens. 3/1

Thursday, March 1st

Sean had a Hawk fly through his yard yesterday and he really didn’t do anything to stop them from eating his Chickens.


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Each endgame. Art let's get to show us while Clinton is there a simply Jay Wiener bringing this up in Jamie's actions when informed me that his videos out there which is very damaging to him. But Jamie is the one who. Pretty much hit as convinced me that he's not the guys that we think. But he really got. I didn't mention that he did because I've felt like that he was this goody two shoes great relationship everything's hunky dory at home nothing yet nothing ever bothers him that he's mr. perfect mr. perfect on everything. But. It does seem like he's that way at all to me. Because this videos you Rudy on some hawks to Hilliard chip shipments of. I was rooting me. The idea he. Before you hold it down the Ayatollah the audio out yeah so we're getting. Hot and yeah the F five last winning in less like start I was six member omelets number died when you're surprises the he's gonna have a relaying them one lane to. So really you just have five rats in your backyard you know I have several other rats that meticulously does have five useless it is via. That not wraps yeah at 52 campaign it's brought me rats love that I can't seem to get a picture. Sean has been complaining about the sickness in our since they stopped giving giving him makes out okay well. See here when they brought the rats that camera that I can't get there so I think what he would like to say is. This is a bad decision but he can't howdy it was a broke chickens he would have but he had no problem with the rats when he was getting headaches it's all about when he gets okay. That's what it is it's very selfish in that if those chickens immediately eggs to feed his gut. And he does it leave it guzzle water maybe that's what it's come down to because you could play to be short for months about those tickets for not playing mixed Friday after a they're not giving you anything yet. And so therefore you want to NASDAQ phenom. And costing you money. True -- them by big bags of feed and scratch and and and the water out there and that's gotten the problem. And then and cellular and then emptied the rats and treat the score to beat the rat beat the tickets meaning there. Two yesterday's are a bad decision. It was not out yet. Yeah it was I hit the app yesterday idea there were hawks is circling his yard. Sean is rooting them ought to go eased its and in the audio you can hear the war LT was subjected us. Begging for their lots. It Pete is gonna be on and so fast today. Listen to this this is the audio it's quick it but you'll you'll get the message here everybody let's Uga. Are stalked into the hawk yes way onions god what he does start there's certainly in this circling insurgents everybody put together. Connor. At Coopers and aren't. Always. Debit and it's not opt out option it's actually. The my bread is proof positive that shot when not needed yeah. Everybody would together. Ha. We live Coopers and La. This is good that she she has. No. Today deleted ticket Toronto law. You're daddy was in the tree and eat ice and in effect she won the way it did what did you tell me about a okay with. So did you not tell me that your neighbors have chickens have a little moved. Next right have a net because Tony hawks neighbors have deer and over their yard protect their boards and you have nothing. No sizzle out instead for yourself right into yourself and you said the only problem when I. Not his what is that they won't like grabbed the chicken and fly away with a champion. They want who grabbed the children. You know what do I win this are you want it to happen I just want him to fly away when did you get. Didn't want to go out there like I really unfortunate it's. And the only disliked. Every day that I that ticket that's like I am saying okay 88 they are that's like you ever again you're getting is because the hope not likely that people aren't embarrassment. And owners everywhere if you listen up my chickens are my last little bid about the job right now and it's like. I didn't have these tickets went into the hole for days and days that I NS. You know offered tickets to see them you guys can just lay it out what I mean they still need to be fed like a nation via AT&T'S regular. Now ideally would you give them an and you got to give them some more than. Yeah what's your media capital is you don't know what they don't need other markets can be so. Are you glad talent that you have ticket and someone has to come and take our own idol that I didn't know that yet of course that's. I'm needs intending to have it like technically my cap for a week. Look at two different. And Alina it would just come in and be like yep is still I've dad down you know well I think the audio says it'll. We know we're young artists you want him dead mr. just colonel Saunders. People I'd give someone I don't want to be used to do and colleagues and gets it taken it I that's. That's why you call in all that he's one of the bad everybody what you did. Hot. Peppers. In it more on Alex.